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Certified Angel Intuitive
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Certified Angel Intuitive

It’s Almost Time!

I know many of you have been eagerly anticipating this and the time has finally arrived! The next round of Certified Angel Intuitive training is almost here, and I can't wait to share it with you.

Inside FSF we are offering the chance to become a Certified Angel Intuitive so you can use this qualification in your professional practice with clients or simply to offer guidance to friends and family.

We are starting in May and I have opened up space for 20 empaths/healers who want to become Certified Angel Intuitives to join us.



What is covered in the training?

You’ll learn how to:

- Connect with the Angels, Archangels, discover their roles and responsibilities and how they can support you.

- Protect your energy to enhance your mood, your energy levels and your life.

- Discover how to get clear & unmistakable signs from your Angels.

- Learn how to work with Angel cards to gain insight, clarity and answers to your questions.

- Discover how to interpret Angel numbers and their meaning.

- Practice working with others to give Angel readings and gain confidence in your abilities.

What do I get when I sign up?

You’ll get full access to all the on-demand classes and resources inside Fiercely Spiritual Family so you can:

* Get step-by-step training walking you through EXACTLY how to get clear Angel guidance without questioning if it’s real or not.

* Identify hidden beliefs blocking your connection to the Angels.

* You'll discover my unique approach to mastering Angel communication so you can begin to access hidden wisdom and knowledge.

* Learn to effortlessly raise your vibration and experience more peace and ease in your life.

You will also get:

1. You will get immediate access to detailed training that guides you through all FOUR phases of the Angel Guidance Roadmap (My proven process to get clear Angel guidance).

2. Experience live group ceremonies with Sandra and other group members (2 live sessions via Zoom each month).

3. Join the private community and connect with other like minded members - with the opportunity to work together and practice Angel readings with each other.

4. Get meditation downloads and worksheets.

5. Access the Angel Guidance Meditation Library with 90+ guided Angel meditations

6. Receive 12 months of support with Sandra so you can ask questions and receive ongoing guidance & advice.

7. AND you’ll get additional support from our Fiercely Spiritual Mentors, the graduates who are Certified Angel Intuitives.

You’ll also get access to the Angel Intuitive Certification assessments at the end of each phase of the training and upon successful completion you’ll graduate as a Certified Angel Intuitive.

Do I need any qualifications to join?

There are no criteria other than a deep desire to connect with your Angels and guides and the desire to learn.

Whether you’re an empath who wants to grow your connection to your Angels and guides or you’re a healer who would love to offer Angel messages and guidance to your clients, this course will give you all the knowledge, processes and tips you need to confidently communicate with the Angels.