New features:

Mevo Full Integration - take full control over Mevo from Studio: edit and crop the camera’s view, change frame rate, resolution, and much more. Please make sure to update your Mevo’s firmware to 1.13.29 to enable this.

Color correction - adjust your cameras’ color settings and balance colors between multiple cameras with color monitors.

Audio Filters - improve your sound quality with a built-in limiter, equalizer, compressor and noise gate.

Stinger transition - switch between inputs with a short and effective video animation.

Dip to color - create dynamic color fade transitions between cameras.

Onboarding Guide - a guide that helps first-time users navigate Studio.


→ Use emojis in your broadcast: paste them into GFX or display emojis from your viewers’ Facebook and YouTube comments and Tweets.

→ Create custom names for backup and save-to-file recordings.

→ Simplified Input Settings - add, remove, adjust, reorder, and monitor all inputs right from the main Studio interface in an intuitive and seamless way.

→ Added an indicator for when the inputs are configured to delay and sync with each other.

Bug fixes:

→ Fixed a bug that caused Studio to crash after toggling a browser input’s width/height.

→ Fixed a bug causing no video to appear when using a local screen input.

→ Fixed a bug where the internal multiview disappeared from the Studio interface after connecting an external display.

→ Fixed a bug where Twitch’s "Game name" and "Stream title" fields didn’t work.

→ Fixed a bug where Twitch’s "Don't archive broadcast" toggle does not work. 

→ Fixed a bug that caused Studio to freeze (UI blocked by spinner) when attempting to start broadcasting to an RTMP server with a wrong address.

→ Fixed a bug that caused Studio to crash after changing the time on the system. 

→ Fixed a bug where RGB inputs were not cropped properly. 

→ Fixed a bug where a PTZ camera couldn’t be controlled via NDI.

→ Fixed a bug that caused a crash in the RTMP server when bad data was received.

→ Fixed a bug which caused some audio files to become corrupt after being transcoded.

→ Fixed a bug where a Dropbox URL wouldn’t open to the correct page. 

→ Fixed a bug where Studio would freeze when switching between window and fullscreen mode while streaming.

→ Fixed a bug causing transcoding to not work properly after the project format had been changed.

→ Fixed a bug causing the inability to bring in a stream from a  Livestream Event.