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Roman Le Négrate

av Joan Fuster, 16, 1-1

46400 Cullera, Valencia

+34 662 37 37 60

Senior developer (Ruby, Go)

Academic background

2005 ─ 2007

University diploma in technological sciences


High school diploma in science


French (mother tongue), English (fluent), Spanish (fluent)

Professional background

jan 2018 ─ today

Cryptocurrency trader

Cryptocurrency trading bot

  • Fully autonomous, configurable limits
  • Multi-strategy
  • Backtestable

Ruby, InfluxDB

jul 2006 ─ today


  • scat: decentralized, trustless backup tool in Go ─ flexible data input, distribution and resistance to corruption
  • Narrowly-scoped automation tools
  • Assorted libs

Ruby, Go, Bash, Crystal

jan 2014 ─ dec 2017

Permanent → Freelance

Senior Ruby developer

  • Gradual, transparent transition from in-house file servers to Google Cloud: high-performance, high-reliability, fully configurable and extensible HTTP server in Go, migration tasks, custom CarrierWave adapter
  • Gradual, transparent transition from CarrierWave thumbnail generation to a high-performance, high-reliability, fully configurable and extensible backend process in Go, maintaining Sidekiq compatibility
  • Custom Rails-based CMS components for the public website, package tracking backend, third-party shopping API
  • Industrial printing provisioning, sanity-check reports
  • Single-page app prototype for an upcoming photo printing service, designed with high-scalability in mind

Go, Rails, Sinatra, Knockout.js, Sidekiq, browserify, gulp.js

apr 2009 ─ jul 2013

Rothschild HDF Investment Solutions (previously HDF Finance)

Freelance → Permanent

Lead Ruby developer

  • Centralized Single-Sign-On web app (and API) for all internal apps
  • Front- and middle-office internal web app for investment management and monitoring  Rails, then rewritten as a single-page app + Node backend
  • Infrastructure incident tracking web app
  • Project planning web app
  • Two client relationship management web apps for institutions and individuals sharing common code: modular dashboard, multi-layer navigation, investment stats and reports, document store, company-wide search engine
  • Public website rewrite from PHP to Rails with stock charts, modular navigation, intranet section for internal docs
  • Cron task- and error-reporting monitoring as a web app, API and message bus endpoint
  • Mailing-list management web app: segregated recipient groups, per-client delivery tracking, modular template-based, SMTP server load mitigation with multi-server round-robin
  • Internal document management web app: file-content indexed search, lazy thumbnail generation

    Rails, Node, express, MySQL, MongoDB, memcache, RabbitMQ, jQuery, Backbone, Highcharts, require.js, page.js, state_machine, Ferret, Highcharts, ImageMagick

jul 2007 ─ apr 2009



VPS hosting system with fine-grained resource configuration

  • Automated server provisioning among pools of server hardware
  • Automated clustered web app deployment (a la Heroku)
  • Back-office dashboard for hardware resource allotment monitoring
  • Automated invoicing and renewal notices

Rails, MySQL, Net::SSH, Capistrano

dec 2007 ─ dec 2008

Institut des Vaisseaux et du Sang


Self-hosted server maintenance, reliable app deployment, backup automation

Gentoo Linux, Ruby, Capistrano

jun ─ dec 2007

Institut des Vaisseaux et du Sang


Double-blind experiment management web app

  • Results history database
  • Mass-patient profile import from past e-mails
  • Fax sending and tracking

Rails, MySQL

apr ─ jun 2007

Nuxos Group
Pre-graduation intern

Contributions to backend tools for an online e-book store (Eyrolles editions)


jun ─ aug 2003



Free shared web hosting (single-server LAMP stack)

  • Fine-grained traffic and disk-space quotas, free subdomain, custom domains
  • E-mail hosting: webmail, catchall, forwarding
  • Per-website traffic stats
  • Account management interface for users with detailed quota stats; admin interface for managing accounts
  • Waiting list: case-by-case account validation

PHP5 (OO), MySQL, Debian, Apache