Solution or Sympathy - IPAL 2018

Other Solution or Sympathy topics we didn’t get to (feel free to respond in the blog comments, below!):

  1. I’ve been at my new position for a few years now, and I feel like I’ve stalled out on getting new instructors from my liaison areas to invite me for instruction. Any recommendations for how to increase my instruction numbers?
  2. Do you have blocked time each week for instruction prep?
  3. How do you battle student apathy?
  4. I’d like some better ideas for formative assessment tools/activities to be used in one-shots, semester-long classes, or embedded projects.
  5. How do we get instructors to give us more than 20-30 minutes? And as us to cover multiple things in that time period. This gives us no time to do interactive activities.
  6. We tend to see students multiple times throughout their college career and often get “I’ve seen/done this before,” even if we plan new activities. Any tips on keeping instruction fresh and students engaged?
  7. Implementing proprietary (Credo) IL videos or creating your own - sustainability and marketing...