Finished ”Quantified logic” course from RAISE website (at the time, EA Hotel’s main resource into AI Safety)

Finished Python tutorial


Started  “Introduction to set theory” from RAISE website

Started  “Introduction to probability” from RAISE website

Attended Linda’s AI Safety workshop at the hotel.


Explored Python through pygame

Started my own small Python project (an automatic organizer to assist me in my work).


Finished Python programming introduction” course

Read Max Tegmark’s book Life 3.0.


Learned about API’s and how to build one using Django

Volunteered to build an API for a rationality project.


Studied API’s using Django from diverse sources (books, youtube tutorials, and Django online documentation).

Explored IBM Specialization on Data Science (completed one out of 9 courses).

Read “Introducing Statistics: a Graphic Guide.”



Logistics:Organizing arrangements for Brexit presettlement and to start university in the UK.

Researched different universities and courses available. Applied for funding.



Studied Django REST framework.

Watched the Scientific Thinking and Communication Masterclass.

 I followed tutorials on MIMO (How to use API’s, Networks, ML, AI, Big Data, Cybersecurity, How to make a website) to help me figure out what I like to study at university.

Studied Careerfoundry FREE 6 day UX Design course, 

Studied UX Fundamentals ,

Read articles on ux/ui.

Read Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug

Started the Udemy course UX Research & UI Design  (studied 12% so far)



Finished the “Don’t Make Me Think” book,

continued the Udemy course UX Research & UI Design  and the additional articles (25%),

Studied Designing the User Interface.

For the API project, I’m still working with 3 books on Django,

Learned about virtual environments

 40% of the API’s backend seems to be ready in small pieces,

Studied about the Linux operating system and had to re-learn the command line basics.

To advance through Django for API’s book I needed the MIMO  tutorials on JavaScript, HTML, Cookies, and React.

For university, I studied the preparatory materials (some basic maths and an online course on Open Learn: Being an OU Student).

Reading John Yates’s Mind Illuminated book (30%) and Punished by Rewards book (50%).


Started studying for the university Introduction to computing and information technology 1, 

Had my first version of the API performing a GET.

Started my role as Interim Operations Manager at the CEEALAR.



In May and June my focus was more on university,

I did 20% of a drawing course on Udemy

Started to work on an Django API course(currently at 15%).

I took part in a 6 week program of collaborative communication




Finished Introduction to computing and information technology 1” with distinction (92%),

 I also enrolled into the second module with the OU.

 Since September I enrolled into a one year program of collaborative communication




Working through block 1 and block 2 of  “Introduction to computing and information technology 2” module at university. Continue to attend the one-year course of Collaborative Communication.





Continued with block 2 of  “Introduction to computing and information technology 2” module.

Finished Block 3 of “Introduction to computing and information technology 2” module.

Continued with the one year course in Collaborative Communication( aka Nonviolent Communication).

Participated in a one-day workshop (9 hours long) on Nonviolent Communication.

Finished Block 1 of  “Design Thinking - Creativity for 21st centurymodule at university.

Read Human Compatible- Stuart Russell.

Read Design is a job-Mike M.

Read Inspired- Marty Cagan

Read The the faces of innovation-Tom Kelley

Read Before Happiness-Shawn Achor

Read The gifts of imperfection-Brene Brown

Read Jung an introduction to his psychology-Frieda Fordham

Read Introducing Game Theory: A Graphic Guide- worked on how Game Theory and Pareto Efficiency overlap with collaborative communication

Participated in an “Ethics in Design” conference










Jan 2022


Business/ Economics:

Currently reading: The Economics Book- Niall Kishtainy

Currently going through the material of B100 Business module of 60 credits from Open University and studying Operations Management book by Nigel Slack

Working with Build a brand in 30 days book

Going through a Fire Marshal Course


Participated in a conference  Crafting UX Portfolio

Participated in a conference Design For Agile

Participated in a conference on Continuous Product Discovery in UX design

Participated in a conference on How to Communicate With Typography

Continue the 60 credits module of OU: U101: Design Thinking


Signed up for Fugue Foundation Node Validator Grant

Finished the MIT Blockchain and Money course

Currently reading: The Pragmatic Programmer 2nd Edition

Collaborative Communication:

Working on designing a board game to help people experience and learn conflict resolution more effectively

Continue the one year long course in collaborative communication

Enrolled in a foundation course of Internal Family Systems

Enrolled in second year 60 credit  Design Essentials module at university, interrupted my studies in November

Continued my studies in Internal Family Systems Therapy and Collaborative Communication

Joined Plot Twisters project

Reading The design of everyday things - Don Norman

Reading Articulating design decisions - Tom Greever

Read The five dysfunctions of a team - Patrick Lencioni

Read Designing your life - Bill Burnett & Dave Evans

Reading HTML&CSS -Jon Duckett

Started Full Stack Web Development Course 

Started How to Build Habit-Forming products Course

Organized a Design Thinking workshop at the hotel

Enrolled in UX Design Programme (university credit rated at 90 credits by Glasgow Caledonian University)

Enrolled in Service Design: How to Design Integrated Service Experiences

Enrolled in AI Product Management Specialization from Duke University