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375. For my 77 days, my writing goal is ambitious.  3,000+ words a day.  I have the time, but do I have the discipline.  On good days, this could take 3 hours.  On bad days, it could take 6 or more.

376. In my case, 77 days is enough to control my diet and reverse diabetes, set up the online business to support my travels anywhere in the world, and to be free of my current spouse and set free to chase potential mail order brides from Southeast Asia to Eastern Europe.

377. Rituals can help reprogram your mind by taking thought and negative self-doubt out of the picture.  You just do.  Not think.  The key is repetition.  Some people believe in affirmations.  I think they’re bullshit.  People write out and repeat phrases like “I’m a millionaire” or “I’m wealthy”.  Fake it until you make it. Do you think you can trick your mind into believing this bullshit?  Do you want to spend your valuable time lying to yourself?  I have seen one book on afformations.  Noah St. John.  Afformations are affirmations turned on their head by asking questions.  Instead of saying “I am healthy”, you ask yourself “Why am I so healthy?”  Then your brain goes to work coming up with the answers.  You can see for yourself here by checking out the Afformations Solution.

378. I personally like Ho’oponopono.  I ran into it in some touchy-feely weekend retreat with my soon to be ex-wife.  I like saying the cleansing mantras while I go for a walk.  Combined with deep breathing, walks are now intense.


379. I lived in Asia for over 10 years as a young man.  I wanted to go there ever since I saw Nancy Kwan star in the movie “The World of Suzie Wong”.  Spent 10 years there.


380. The World of Suzie Wong is a bullshit fantasy, but so what?  It got me to Asia.  In the old days, Wan Chai was still called the Suzie Wong District, but I think it has since been gentrified.  From what I can tell, land prices in Hong Kong have remade the old red light district.  It was a blast in the 70s and 80s.

381. Most Eastern philosophies like Buddhism help individuals become aware.  For the golden few, you may obtain enlightenment.  We want to be led by our prime inner purpose.

382. Perfect video for setting up skype on your chromebook. -

383. I started going through the videos for Destroy Diabetes.  In one of them, the guy talks about carbohydrate superfoods that are okay to include.  To my pleasant surprise, watermelon is included.  The program uses more real food that I would normally eat.  If it works as expected, this is lifetime eating.

384. Impatience is the biggest obstacle when starting a new plan.  I have read through this one twice and it’s completely doable, not like those vegan alkaline fantasies that have insufficient nutrients and could only be good for a temporary fix.

385. I have switched back to black coffee.  I’m going to miss Bailey’s creamers.  Also, when you give up the creamers, you have to start buying better coffee.  Without the flavor masking, the real taste of the coffee comes out.

386. I debate setting up harsh rituals or just going with the flow.  As long as the rituals are seen as works in progress at the beginning, and are developed into a life altering system of stoic proportions, I can go with it.  Also, I can’t achieve my health, wealth, and relationship goals without some self-imposed structure.  If I can wake up at 3:33, work for 4 hours with standing and traction, and eat healthy, I have a good day under my belt before most people arrive at work.


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