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Daisy Car Design
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Daisy Mechanical Engineering Badge 3


We’re excited you’ll be joining us for Daisy Mechanical Engineering Badge 3.  We’ll be designing our own cars in this workshop.  We’ll be taking a look at some really cool vehicles and then deciding what type of vehicle we’d like to design.

We want your Daisy to have choices, so she’ll need some recyclables and craft materials at hand.  Here are some ideas:

Body of the car:

Recycled Cardboard

Small boxes or plastic containers or bottles we could add wheels to

A fun toy we could add wheels to

Wheels and axles:

BBQ skewers paired with straws work really well.

Wheels: heavy cardboard, or several layers of cardboard glued together make good wheels.  Think small rather than larger, so tracing around a small, bathroom sized cup would be good.

Craft materials:

If you have a low-temp hot glue gun, it might be a good time to try with very supervised use.

Masking Tape (duct tape will work, but is sometimes frustrating for young hands, so your Daisy may need extra help)

Markers, stickers, washy tape, sequins, whatever your car needs to make it stand out!

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