1.        Purpose

This policy has been developed to maintain an inventory of up-to-date textbooks and an adequate level of storage space.

2.        Guidelines

All textbooks that are no longer used in the basic instructional program are to be disposed of in the following sequence:

  1. Professional staff members may retain copies for reference purposes.

  1. Vendors are to be contacted to determine if they are interested in purchasing the obsolete textbooks.

  1. After adequately notifying the students and parents/guardians of the availability of the textbooks, interested students will be allowed to take one (1) copy of each for their personal use.

  1. All remaining copies will be either sold or placed in the trash disposal container.

When disposing of obsolete textbooks, the inside cover will be properly stamped to indicate that the textbooks are out-of-date and no longer used by the Governor Mifflin School District.

A report will be submitted to the central administration and reported to the Board on a regular basis which indicates the title(s), author(s), copyright date(s), publisher, quantity of obsolete books and method of disposition.

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