Yes games need to have these setting adjusted on a game to game basis. (Deadzone, Sensitivity, and a Run Threshold) The run threshold is used for Click to Run Games. (Touchpad/thumstick or any other button used to run.) It presses and holds the button when running full speed on the Omni. The Y-Axis also needs to be reversed for the Omni apparently. I also thought about having a spam button while running setting for games with a dash mechanic. However my testing with Sairento proved it to be unnecessary. However it may be a nice feature in a future game.

These settings work decently in most games I have tried but not all. (They could use fine tuning for each game and possibly even each user.)

Run_Threshold = 600 ## For Click to Run Games (lower number=less physical effort required)

Deadzone_X = 3 ## Left/Right Strafe (Increase=Less Responce - Decrease=More Responce)

Deadzone_Y = 135 ## Forward/Backward Movement (Increase=Less Responce - Decrease=More Responce)

Sensitivity_X = 0.003 ## Left/Right Strafe Speed (Increase=More Responce - Decrease=Less Responce)

Sensitivity_Y = 0.005 ## Forward/Backward Movement Speed (Increase=More Responce - Decrease=Less Responce)

These shouldn't ever need adjusting for the Omni but probably for other DirectInput controllers they would.

Axis_direction_X = 1

Axis_direction_Y = -1

If you put something together for testing, I'll test it out for you. My coding skills are not great..  :p