YM Express - Tell your story, Imran

I have been pretending that a few words and ideas meant I had accomplished something. Today, day 2368 since I wrote what I've come to call the YM Mandate on August 10th 2013, I have to be honest and say that all my words,  files and conversations still haven't amounted to a single action for anyone's good.

Therefore, YieldMore.org is only a statement of intention. A dream. I hope I dont have to wait 16 years like Mirra did!

So I set out to daily be my best self in the hope that someday it will all amount to something. Like Douglas Adams said, future uncertain.

2 friends helped me realise that YM is only a structure, it has no soul. A part of that is because I've been a passive bystander, sometimes absentee in my own life. More self love and self awareness is needed.

That Charter can be read here. https://legacy.yieldmore.org/brother

Let us not forget the numbers of our bright ones and the effulgence of Our Mother!

I can be contacted in my capacities as an apprentice listener (someday counselor), writer, ideator, programmer and volunteer.

I'd like to be friends with you and work for a brighter tomorrow. Can we work together?

I try and be online every morning at 8.30 am India Time at


I can also be contacted on hangouts / gmail at yieldmore@cselian.com or WhatsApp at +919841223313


Imran Ali Namazi

Ideator, YieldMore.org,

2nd Feb 2020

YieldMore - General Introduction - Jan 2020


The YieldMore.org network is filled with people passionate about genuinely helping one another and YOU, our visitor. Still at an early development stage, people will, in time, visit the website for

Now, in 2020, 6 years after Imran had a revelation, we’ve the following goals

  1. To become a hub where people come for ideas and initiatives (movements)
  2. To guide the formation and operation of Joyland Centers
  3. To be known as a place to find people willing to help with ones various problems
  4. To earn revenue from promotion and grooming of the “conscious marketplace”
  5. To trigger donations to causes including ours
  6. To find backing by big organizations so we can grow better, but in a very disruptive way
  7. To be known as a place where people are of paramount importance and integrationism is the watchword

Do visit:

At this stage, we want to give educators, healers, social workers and charity organizations a place to compare notes, create profiles about the work they do and publish their articles in our Journal.

We are also looking for curators, volunteers, coordinators and promoters (both online and offline) to help us take things forward.

Those of you who are interested in building community centers are of special interest to us as we want to try out the idea of “Joyland” in them.

We hope that by April 2020, our numbers will have swelled and that our ventures (link not yet active) will have taken off

Do get in touch on

Yours Genially,

Imran Ali Namazi

Ideator, YieldMore.org

30 Jan 2020

Joyland / Joyful Earth Welcome Note - Feb 2020

Be sure of one thing, the world is becoming a better and more beautiful place as we evolve. The Jagat Kula (world family) is growing as we explore inner dimensions and discover the source of joy / peace / contentment / love. Yes, there is enough love around to make the world go not only round, but transform into a Heavenly Abode where Sat - Chit - Ananda (Existence - Consciousness - Bliss) manifests more spontaneously.

Take a silent moment to contemplate it and in an August Rush, you will feel the love and become one with the music. We urge you all to discover the deep pleasure of letting go [of your cares] and following the creative flow.

There will be (as there have been always) places on Earth that seem otherworldly. Where the ambience is pregnant with the promise of a moment and a dream fulfilled. Fulfilled with a moment’s worth of distance run, for that the art, to live fully and consciously IN THE MOMENT.

Long ponder just who you want to be. Feel perplexed, baffled, dissuaded and despondent in your “trapped today” but then shake off the malady and come back to life, overcoming obstacles and gaining confidence - with ease.

Reach out and touch people, build relationships, be kind to yourself and the rest will follow. Learn acceptance and courage, finding serenity as you slowly step away from your past selves and radiate peace and goodwill.

Ours is a Joyful Earth, so go build a Joyland Center fill it with Divine and Desired Things. Remember, you’ve spent your whole life becoming who you are, ask yourself was the journey worth it.

Become a force for good in this World, we have after all, one life to live, one life to give and so much to share. There is hope to be found, just LOOK AROUND.

Go now, marry the inspiration with ACTION, for Truth Alone Triumphs.

Remember, when you need help, close your eyes and picture a Celestial Being giving you the hope, resolve and intuition you need to go on.

Ours is a wonderful world, let go of the nightmares and become the force.

We have after all to remember the strength of our numbers, the numbers of our Bright Ones and the Effulgence of Our Mother.

Very Very Lovingly,

Imran Ali Namazi

Coimbatore, 16th Feb 2020

Cry Liberty and Integrationism

Dear Brothers and Sisters of India, in the name of the collective wisdom of the universe, I beseech you not to identify as originators of it. It's divisive and not in keeping with its true spirit.

Ideology was intended to expand consciousness and liberate, not breed infighting. Our greatest strength has always been our gifting of Jnana freely for the common good. Such was the character of JC Bose and Nikola Tesla.

The vast ocean of truth lies before us, to be tested and put to the soul's uses. The voyage is of self discovery and joy in each other's uniqueness.

The "Anthem of Humanity" that was Khalil Gibran's Gospel showed no preference to race or colour. He and other Exceptional Beings like him came to show us that another world is possible, that we can build a World Without Hate.

There is no religion that has not contributed to the beauty of the whole. Let's not malign or disfigure that beauty. Let us venerate, hallow and cherish it. Live by its principles, inspired by those who understood it's true spirit.

Let a spirit of oneness consume us, purge our ill feeling and take hold, making us ONE WORLD.

We can, and soon. The choice is ours. Face yourself in the mirror and sincerely apologize for being swayed by the dark forces out of ignorance or hatred.

Then look at your neighbour and let love pour from your heart. Look at your wife and put to rest the fear brimming there that your children will not survive a World War. Look at your children and tell them you will strive earnestly to make their world a better place.

And lastly, look at your leaders and tell them you sense the wind of change in the air. That you will toil beside them to eliminate hunger, poverty, cruelty and all disadvantages or disparity.

I do not mean to address only my fellow Indians, I have always identified as a world citizen but I find it especially painful that a country that has not waged war with any other in 10,000 years should be on the brink of Civil War. Stop protesting. Start acting, and living the truth, for only then you shall become the flame that burns away all untruths.

Remember, it's only love that can conquer. Go love someone, show them you care.

Imran Ali Namazi


16th Feb 2020

YieldMore - Collaborator Introduction - Jan 2020

Good Day One and All,

We are YieldMore.org, gearing up for the new decade by building on our plans from yester-year viz.:

This will involve parents and teachers in a joint - discovery / dialogue / dissemination exercise whereby they learn of new programs and techniques and work to establish the school / college flavours of joyland both in schools and in / near their houses.

As per this document, the PIN consists of the conscious marketplace, advertisers, closed groups / the general public of beneficiaries. We are presently trying to build the programs for the conscious marketplace here.

Joyland is a physical place for programs to be conducted on healing, education, self growth etc. Each center is to be operated by a group of consultants from the marketplace in as many flavours (AS link) as possible.

Most of you close friends here I would be thrilled to have you as part of the core group. Join us on WhatsApp here. To also answer as many questions in this FAQ (currently empty).

We will know that our following on social media is expanding when people start using our yieldmore.org/conversations/ *1 - the Goodwill Exchange (currently empty) feature to quickly post on matters close to their heart. This conversation starter, by managing hashtags properly, should serve as a Forum, Classifieds and a Favour Bank.

*1 - This feature needs content and to be finished developing

To expand this document (currently empty) which was foreseen here in Jan 2019. And expand on the Legacy Heal Channel

In the following pages are more letters for Individual Groups (like education institutions etc)

Warm regards,

Imran Ali Namazi

9th Jan 2020

YieldMore - PACT Invitation - [in progress]

First described here, PACT, the #EducationForum is an acronym representing the 4 pillars of the education system viz: Parent | Administrator | Child | Teacher.

We now invite teachers and parents of a school to form groups and meet regularly together and share their insights / activities with other groups across the pact network. The idea is for them to

For more information on how to setup a Chapter / Center and what value PACT adds to the education sector see The Definitive PACT Guide (currently empty).

Running Joyland as part of PACT in your School