October 24, 2017

Dear Kiva Community,  

At our last Board meeting, the Children's Kiva Montessori School Board of Directors unanimously voted to approve the acquisition of the property on 2306 and 2310 East Empire for our 2017-2018 school year.  This was by far one of the most difficult decisions this Board has faced.  The Board has spent countless hours, tears, sweat, and sleepless nights in determining a new location for our students that best supports Montessori education. In addition, many of you have dedicated your time and efforts to determine a new location.  We believed that this location would best fit our immediate needs for the next stage in our growth.

However, it was not to be.  It appears that another party has entered into a purchase-and-sale agreement for that property, and it is no longer available.  Your Board will continue to evaluate our options for next year with the goal of providing our students with a quality Montessori education.

As we move forward, the Board plans to continue to work to build our “dream” location.  We plan to write a Letter of Intent to apply for the BEST grant in February 2018.  We hope that this letter of intent is accepted and that our school will be invited to apply for this funding opportunity to begin the process of building a state-of-the-art school over the next several years.  A capital campaign can take three to five years or more.  Until then, we will continue to work to meet our interim needs.  

We are committed to working in furtherance of our school’s Mission and Vision to provide all of the resources to ensure that students have the best Montessori education possible.  We express our gratitude to all of the amazing parents and community members that have helped us uncover and investigate every option in the County.

We will provide additional details as they become available.  As always, if you have questions please feel free to reach out to us at bod@kivacharter.org.


Children’s Kiva Montessori School Board of Directors