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1st Six Weeks


Political and Economic Regions in the US.

Physical characteristics such as landform, climate and vegetation for each region

Creating a map of important physical features and regions with mapping elements

2nd Six Weeks


Three Branches Overview

Judicial Branch

*Mock Trial

Legislative Branch

*Passing a Law

Executive Branch 

3rd Six Weeks


Causes of the American Revolution

Boston Massacre

Boston Tea Party

American Revolution

Patriots Vs. Loyalist


4th Six Weeks


Westward Expansion

Louisiana Purchase

Expedition of Lewis and Clark

Manifest Destiny

Civil War

Identify the accomplishments and contributions of key African American individuals

5th Six Weeks


Identifying major industries of colonial America

Supply and Demand

6th Six Weeks


Explain various patriotic symbols, including Uncle Sam; national celebrations such as Labor Day; and political symbols such as the donkey and elephant

Sing/recite “The Star-Spangled Banner”

Recite/explain the Pledge of Allegiance

Explain the significance of important landmarks

Identify past and present Presidents