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11-09-21 Minutes
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Board Meeting November 9, 2021

  1.  Call to Order: 6:38pm – Ed Gaede
  2.  Invocation  - Dan Schaffer
  3.  Pledge of Allegiance – Ed Gaede
  4.  Roll Call – Marc Sandall, Karen Lopeteguy, Mayde Hurley, Paul Burzychp, Dan Schaffer, Ed Gaede, Walter Grainger, Jeff Hurley, David Williams, Justina Howell
  5.  Establish Quorum: Yes, Ed Gaede
  6.  Introduction of guest(s): Holly Kuntz, Wendy Ward
  7.  Motions to approve October 12th, 2021 Board Meeting Minutes / Vote: 1st Dan Schaffer, 2nd Walter Grainger      
  8.  October 2021 Financial Report / Motions to Approve / Vote: 1st Mayde Hurley, 2nd Paul Burzychp
  9.  Action Items from past meetings
  1.  New Business / Upcoming Events / Future Committee Meetings: David Williams friend estimated $15,000 for bronze eagle
  2.  Open call for new thoughts / ideas: Event Calendar for committee to see presentations that Ed and other committee members are doing.
  3.  Adjourn Meeting / Next board meeting Tuesday, December 14th, 2021: 8:25pm

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