Conference Sponsorship

Announcing the 2018 Autism Conference, hosted by the Matthew Reardon Center for Autism in Savannah, GA. This year’s conference will be one day, featuring keynote speaker Lydia X.Z. Brown. Join us as we learn how to strengthen supports throughout the lives of individuals with autism, and how to pave a way for neurodiversity both in education, workplace, and life.

Your sponsorship will help us cover the following: *Scholarships for 20 attendees; *Lunch for attendees; *reduced registration fees for teens and young adults.

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Please send logo files, and complete program advertisement files to: Faye Montgomery, Advocacy Director, fmontgomery@matthewreardon.org. All files must be received by February 5th, 2018.

The Matthew Reardon Center for Autism is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. Contributions are deductible according to IRS regulations.