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TpT For Schools Beta User Agreement (published)
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TpT for Schools User Agreement

Welcome to TpT for Schools!

TpT for Schools unlocks great new features for connecting schools with their teachers and bringing curriculum planning and collaboration to TpT.

This TpT for Schools User Agreement (the “Schools Agreement”) is entered into between Teacher Synergy LLC (“Teachers Pay Teachers”, “TpT”) and the Organization that you represent, and governs use of TpT for Schools by the Organization and each of its members. By using TpT for Schools, you and your Organization agree to this Agreement, as well as the TpT Terms of Service and Privacy Policy (collectively, the “Agreement”). Your Organization is responsible for ensuring that you and all participating members of your Organization agree and abide by the terms of this Agreement. If the Organization doesn’t agree to any of the terms of this Agreement, please do not use the Service.

All capitalized terms not otherwise defined herein have the same meaning as set forth in the Agreement.


Organization Membership. An organization (such as a school or other educational institution) may create a collaborative account on TpT for Schools (“Organization Account”). Organization Accounts may be opened only by individuals with authority to bind the Organization to the Agreement. By creating an Organization Account, you’re representing that you’re an agent of the Organization and that you’re authorized to act on behalf of the Organization.

Organization Accounts enjoy many of the same features as other TpT Members, as well as some additional features for communicating with other members, managing purchases, and managing account access by other members of your organization. Organization Accounts are owned by the Organization and may be controlled and administered by one or more Organization Account managers (“Organization Manager”).

New and existing Members of TpT can be invited to link their personal TpT account to an Organization Account and will be added to the Organization’s roster as an “Organization Member.”

Removal of Members and Managers. Organization Members or Managers may be removed from an Organization at any time by the Organization, or by TpT.

The Organization is responsible for removing Members who should no longer have access to the Organization Account, for example if the Member has left the employ of the Organization or if the Organization has reason to know that the Member has violated the Agreement in their use of the Organization Account.  

Once removed, Organization Members will no longer have access to any Distributed Licenses claimed by the account, can no longer submit Resource requests to that Organization, and can no longer access the Organization’s library or other Organization Account features.

Similarly, once removed, Organization Managers no longer have access to the Organization’s library, request list, or any other Organization Account features including receiving and approving Resource requests, distributing Resource Licenses, or making purchases on behalf of the Organization.

If you’d no longer like to be an Organization Member or Manager, email us at or submit a request through our Contact Us page and we’ll be happy to help with that.

Account Termination. The Organization or TpT may terminate this Schools Agreement at any time upon written notice. Upon termination, all Members and Managers will be removed from the Organization Account, and Members will not longer have access Organization account features, including the Organization’s library of purchases and Distributed Licenses. All warranty disclaimers, TpT’s limitation of liability, and the confidentiality provisions survive this Schools Agreement.

To terminate an Organization Account, the Organization Account Manager or another authorized representative of the Organization may contact us at or submit a request through our Contact Us page and we’ll be happy to help with that.


Organization Managers may:


Organization Members may:

Additional privileges may be added at the Organization or Organization Manager’s discretion. Resources purchased and shared by the Organization belong to the Organization and may be removed from a Member’s or Manager’s account at any time.

Your Personal TpT Account. Your personal TpT account remains your own. This means that only you have access to the Resources you’ve purchased on your own, and any free downloads you’ve added to your account. Your Organization will not see or have access to your personal information or purchases.  


Organizations are responsible for paying for purchases placed from the Organization Account. TpT’s Refund Policy applies to those purchases. Purchased licenses that have not been claimed or claimed licenses that have not been downloaded are eligible for a refund. All other refund requests will be reviewed in accordance with the exceptions outlined in our Refund Policy.


All Resources purchased on TpT are licensed to you by the Seller for limited and individual use in accordance with the provisions of our Terms of Service.

Using TpT for Schools, an Organization Manager has the ability to distribute Licensed Content to an Organization Member for that Member’s individual use (“Distributed License”). The Organization must purchase a separate Individual License for each Organization Member to whom Licensed Content will be distributed. A Distributed License is downloadable directly from the Organization Member’s TpT account and may be removed from that Member’s account upon request (please contact TpT for assistance).

Unless otherwise permitted by the Seller or TpT, Resources may not be posted publicly or otherwise made available online, may not be distributed to Members in excess of the number of licenses purchased, and licenses are not transferable. This means Licensed Content may not be reallocated from one Organization Member to another unless permitted by the Seller or TpT.

We may make additional license types available at our discretion and with consent of the Seller. License types, prices, and availability may vary. The options presented at checkout are the only options available to you at any given time.



Any TpT credits earned for leaving Feedback will be added to the TpT account of the Organization Manager who made the purchase and can be used towards future Organization purchases.


The Service and all related information are TpT’s Confidential Information. You may use the Confidential Information only for the purpose of evaluating and providing feedback on the Service. You agree that you won’t disclose or copy any Confidential Information, and, if asked in writing, you’ll return or destroy it. You may disclose Confidential Information to your employees, including those using the TpT for Schools service, only if your employees are bound to restrictions at least as protective of the Confidential Information as those in this Agreement. Confidential Information doesn’t include information that (i) is generally known or available to the public, through no act or omission of yours; (ii) was known, without restriction, prior to receiving it from us; (iii) is rightfully acquired from a third party who has the right to disclose it without restriction; or (iv) is independently developed.


When you use TpT for Schools, Organization Account activity such as the Organization Member roster, the Organization’s library of Resources, and Resource requests will be visible to other Organization Members and Managers. Please review our Privacy Policy for additional details on how we collect, use, and share information.

Linking your Account. To connect to an Organization, you’ll be asked to provide or confirm your first and last name, and your role. This information will be shared with your Organization, added to your Organization’s member roster, and may be visible to other Organization Members or Managers.

Requesting Resources. Members can submit Resource requests which will be received by email by the Organization Manager and will be visible to other other Organization Members as part of the Organization’s list of pending requests.  

Receiving Resources. The Organization, via the Organization Manager, may distribute Resource Licenses to Members. Other Members and Managers may be able to see the Resource License recipient, claimed status, and whether the Resource License has been downloaded.

Purchases. All purchases placed by an Organization Manager will be added to the Organization’s shared library which is visible to all other Organization Members and Managers.

Last Revised 6/23/2017