Catch and Release the Seed!!!! 

Saturday, November 9 2019

Fayette County Lake

Second stop for the 2019/2020 season was Fayette Co. Lake.

7 teams/14 anglers braved the 40 degree morning cold which had a wind chill in the mid to low 30s. Clear skies gave way to a very nice day with temperatures quickly rising into the high 60s. The water looked to be near 2 feet low with temperatures ranging from 68 on the north end to near 80 in the discharge. It had been reported that in late September a “Fish Kill” had taken place with prolonged high water temperatures being the culprit but, the water having a blue/green tinge to it that gave the water less than a foot of visibility suggests either an algae bloom has occurred or maybe the LCRA has poisoned the grass to prevent clogging their inlets which is a normal occurrence on power plant lakes. In either case, decaying plant material depletes the water of oxygen as it decays. All this could explain the fish kill and why all but 2 club members struggled to catch fish and not one fish exceeding 4 1/2 pounds was caught. Whatever the reason for the fish kill, it is a sad event which could have a very negative impact on one of the best bass lakes in the state of Texas. Only one limit of fish was

caught by none other than Landon Winton who was teamed with Tommy Yester who had 4 fish. They collected $210 for their efforts. There were 26 fish caught with a total weight of 65.34 lbs giving an average of 2.51 lbs/fish. No “Over” fish being weighed results in another Big Bass Pot carry-over, with a pay out that should exceed $200 next month.

Another small issue has been discovered with our new points spreadsheet. Points will be posted as soon as the issue is resolved. Once you receive the points sheet pay special attention to where you are positioned and how important the part of attending club meetings plays on your points each month!!

And For the Results:

1st Place 

Tommy Yester and Landon Winton

9 fish--22.89 lbs

2nd Place

Doug Bird and Casey Childers

4 Fish--10.48 lbs

3rd Place

Ed Holloway and Todd Ford

4 Fish--10.11 lbs

Big Bass

Doug Bird

4.31 lbs


We Basshunters are always striving to be better Fisherman, but more importantly, we are also striving to be better stewards of the sport.

To that end we have always supported the future of the sport by having a youth club in addition to our adults. We hope through mentoring our youth we can embed a love for this sport as deep as ours.

Our next event will be our 3rd Paper Tournament in a row on Decker (WE Long) on December 7th. We invite any and all people who are looking to join a great bass club to come to our December 2nd meeting.