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Responsible Use Policy Grades: K-5 2020-21        


Technology is a vital part of the Clayton Ridge School District curriculum, and because of that, the Internet and computers are made available to staff and students. Although students will be under teacher supervision, it is not always possible to constantly monitor student remote access or use5                                

We not only want to protect our students, but protect and maintain our equipment as well. As a result, students and parents must acknowledge that they have read and understood this policy. This form must be signed and returned to the school before the student is granted access to school technology.


• All students in grades K through 5 are granted 1:1 access to a laptop computer or an iPad for instructional purposes as intended by the classroom teacher. Students in grades PK will be granted limited access to classroom iPads for learning.


 Students will be issued a school email address for school communications as needed for learning, Google Docs use and classroom expectations. Students should use their email accounts to communicate with their classmates, teachers, or other school community members about school related topics only. Students are not allowed to check personal email and other personal accounts (such as chat, gaming and other) on school devices unless authorized by a teacher or tech support.


• Student access to a school device (computer or iPad) may be revoked at any time for misconduct or misuse as deemed by school officials.


• Any technology brought into the school from home is required to abide by the District Acceptable Use Policy. This includes but not limited to: iPads, iPods, music players, smart phones, smart watches, robots, cell phones, personal computers, cameras, and/or tablets.


• It is the responsibility of the student to report all accidents, malfunctions and/or equipment problems immediately. Any damage caused by misuse or mistreatment of computer/device equipment will be replaced at the cost of the responsible student/parent.


• Students are not allowed to access, download or send materials from inappropriate or offensive Internet sites. School authorities will determine the offensive nature of such materials. This also includes: photos, music and video files.


• Students may not trespass, alter, or erase another’s, classroom work, assignments or computer/iPad files intended for instructional purposes. In addition, students should NEVER grant access or authorize others to their personal work or individual passwords other than CR faculty.


• Students may not use computer hardware, software or apps from home on school computers.

• Students will comply with Clayton Ridge video conferencing and remote learning expectations & guidelines.


• Students are expected to responsibly use all school devices, the Internet, and any technology equipment. The positive practice of digital citizenship will be taught and reinforced throughout the school year with all students through classroom work and PBIS expectations.


• Students are not allowed to access social networking tools or websites during the school day without teacher supervision. Any access or use of social networks will be used solely to promote school communications and learning purposes.


• School devices are not intended for playing non-educational computer apps or games. Only the classroom teacher will designate times for game playing activities using specific and indicated educational sites.


• Students must obey copyright laws. All students must never reproduce, send or publish copyrighted material without proper written permission and approval from the owner.

• Students will not take photos or record video of any student, teacher or administrator unless it is part of a school project or they have the permission of the classroom teacher and others involved.


• Students are encouraged to NEVER disclose personal identity information on the web. This includes: full name, addresses, physical appearance, family members, email address, phone numbers, Social Security Number, passwords, pictures of yourself or friends, name of school, etc....

• Students and their families are financially responsible for up to full cost if damage occurs to the laptop and/or iPad.


• Students may, with teacher permission, print what they need to complete assignments. Students may be asked to pay for copies printed without permission.


• Users understand that information stored and transmitted either synchronously (real-time or streaming) or asynchronously (delayed, e.g. email messages, message boards, etc.) including but not limited to; documents, video, pictures, chat logs, social networks, web tools (e.g. blogs, wikis, etc.) and music on the district’s web servers, networking system, laptops, iPads are not considered private at any time and are subject to monitoring by school officials.


• The student and their parents must opt out, if they wish to prohibit the direct use of video, pictures, or chat logs for school news and professional development of teachers and staff. Please inform office personnel if the individual does not want their student work, participation in school activities, or special projects shared for the purpose of improving our school and public relations.                        

Remember: Using the school devices such as laptops, iPads and Internet access provided by the school is a privilege! All student work and files can be monitored and regulated at any given time.

Inappropriate use of this privilege or any infraction of the policy may result in the loss of device access.


Clayton Ridge Internet and Computer/iPadMacintosh Downloads:818A0764-B459-49DE-8BF0-19F734D40449:eagle_head_394.pdf

Responsible Use Policy          Grades: K-5 

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Updated 5/15/2020