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“Attitudes and Biases: The Potential of Deaf Children” video

Video Description:

Carrie Lou, a white woman with long brown hair, wearing a black shirt and gold dangling earrings sits in front of a shelf full of a variety of plants and some red flowers.  She signs.


High school is a time where deaf people, deaf young people specifically start building their hopes and dreams for their future. It’s where they identify their goals and work towards what they want to become. But as happens too often, sadly, the adults in their lives may not believe in their potential to achieve their dreams. I know this all too well as a deaf person who grew up in the deaf community, in the deaf education system - I’ve seen many stories from friends of mine who were told by their parents or teachers or VR counselors that their dreams were impossible to achieve. Research shows that having adults who believe in the potential of deaf children makes a difference.


A teal circle animates as Carrie Lou fades.  Two banners appear with the text “Attitudes and Biases: The Potential of Deaf Children.”

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