Educational Acronym Listing

AASA                American Association of School Administrators

ACT                American College Test

ADA                Americans with Disabilities Act

ADA                Average Daily Attendance

ADM                 Average Daily Membership

AFT                 American Federation of teachers

ASCD                Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

ASD                Achievement School District

ASFSA        American School Food Service Association

AYP                Adequate Yearly Progress

BEP                Basic Education Program

BOE                Board of Education

BP                Blood Pressure (clinic note)

CEP                Community Eligibility Provision

CFU                Checks For Understanding

CIP                Capital Improvement Plan

CORE                Centers of Regional Excellence

CRT                Criterion-Referenced Test

CSH                Coordinated School Health

CTE                Career and Technical Education

CCSS                Common Core State Standards

DCS                Department of Children’s Services

DOE                Department of Education

DRA                Developmental Reading Assessment

D2D                District to District

EAP                Employee Assistance Program (through Partners for Health)

ECLC                Early Childhood Learning Center

EEOC                Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

EIA                Education Improvement Act

EIS                Educational Information System

EL                English Learner Student

EOC                End of Course Testing

ePLAN        Tennessee’s Electronic Planning and Grants Management System

EPP                Educator Preparation Program

EPSO                Early Post-Secondary Opportunities

ERP                Emergency Response Plan

ESEA                Elementary and Secondary Education Act

ESSA                Every Student Succeeds Act

ETS                Educational Testing Service

FAPE                Free Appropriate Public Education

FERPA        Family Education Rights and Privacy Act

FMLA                Family Medical Leave Act

FRC                Family Resource Center

FTTT                First to the Top

GAFE         Google Apps for Education

GASL                Governor’s Academy for School Leadership

GLE                Grade Level Expectations

H                Home (sent home from clinic)

HEP                Homeless Education Program

HIC                Health Information Card

IA                Instructional Assistant

IEA                Individual Education Account

IEKCS        Innovative Educators of Kingsport City Schools

ISCB                Innovative Solutions to Classroom Behaviors (KCS Cohort)

IHP                Individualized Healthcare Plan  

IQ                Intelligent Quotient

KEA                Kingsport Education Association

KSAC                Kingsport Supervisor Administrators Council

LEA                Local Education Agency

LIFT                Leading Innovation for Tennessee Education

LMS                Learning Management System

MOU/MOA        Memorandum of Understanding/Agreement

M-V                McKinney-Vento (Homeless Assistance Act)

NAEHCY        National Association for the Education of Homeless Children & Youth

NAEP                National Assessment of Educational Progress

NAESP        National Association of Elementary School Principals

NASBE        National Association of State Boards of Education

NASSP        National Association of Secondary School Principals

NCATE        National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education

NCHE                National Center for Homeless Education

NCLB                No Child Left Behind (replaced with ESSA)

NCTM                National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

NEA                National Education Association

NIE                National Institute of Education

NLCHP        National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty

NRT                Norm Referenced Test

NSBA                National School Boards Association

NSPRA        National School Public Relations Association

OCR                 Office of Civil Rights

OSHA                Occupational Safety and Health Administration

PAR                Personnel Activity Report

PET                Professional Educators of Tennessee

PL                Professional Learning

PLC                Professional Learning Communities

PLTW                Project Lead the Way

POS                Point of Contact (foster care)

POS                Program of Studies

PTA                Parent-Teacher Association

PTSA                Parent-Teacher-Student Association

PTO                Parent-Teacher Organization

RTC                Return to Class (from clinic)

RTI                Response to Intervention

RTI2                Response to Intervention and Instruction

RTTT                Race to the Top Grant Program

RUP                Responsible Use Policy

SAT                Scholastic Aptitude Test

SCOPE        Student Congress on Policies in Education

SCORE        State Collaborative on Reforming Education

SIP                School Improvement Plan

SIS                Student Information System

SNS                School Nutrition Services

SOO                School of Origin

SPI                Student Performance Indicators

SREB                Southern Regional Education Board

SRO                School Resource Officer

SSO                School Support Organizations

STE                State Board of Education

STEM                Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

STEAM        Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics

STREAM        Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art and Mathematics

TABS                Tennessee Association of Board Secretaries

TACIR        Tennessee Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations

TAESP        Tennessee Association of Elementary School Principals

TASBO        Tennessee Association of School Business Officials

TASC                Tennessee Association of School Communicators

TASL                Tennessee Academy of School Leaders

TASL                Tennessee Academy of School Librarians

TASSA        Tennessee Association for School and Administration

TBR                Tennessee Board of Regents

TCA                Tennessee Code Annotated

TCAP                Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program

TCAT                Tennessee College of Applied Technology

TCSPP        Tennessee Comprehensive System-wide Planning Process

TDOE                Tennessee Department of Education

TEA                Tennessee Education Association

TEAC                Teacher Evaluation Advisory Committee

TEIS                Tennessee Early Intervention System

THEC                Tennessee Higher Education Commission

TIP                Truancy Intervention Program

TLA                Teacher Leader Academy

TNCPE        Tennessee Center for Performance Excellence

TNELC        Tennessee Electronic Learning Center

TNReady        Tennessee Ready Assessment Program

TNTP                The New Teacher Project

TOSS                Tennessee Organization of School Superintendents

TSBA                Tennessee School Boards Association

TSIPP                Tennessee School Improvement Planning Process

TSPMA        Tennessee School Plant Management Association

TVAAS        Tennessee Value Added Assessment System

WBL                Work Based Learning

Special Education

ADD                Attention Deficient Disorder

ADHD                Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder

BIP                Behavior Intervention Plan

DD                Developmental Delay

ED                Emotional Disturbance

FBA                Functional Behavior Assessment

FD                Functional Delay

HI                Hearing Impaired

ID                Intellectual Disability

IDEA                Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

IEP                Individualized Education Plan

IG                Intellectually Gifted

LI                Language Impaired

MD                Multiple Disabilities

OI                Orthopedic Impairments

OHI                Other Health Impairments

SI                Speech Impairments

SLD                Specific Learning Disability

SST                Student Support Team

TBI                Traumatic Brain Injury

VI                Visually Impaired