World of Warcraft/Hearthstone

Forged with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton


Long feared by the Alliance and only whispered fearfully amongst the Horde, there is one creature in Azeroth that remains an indomitable foe capable of felling hundreds, if not thousands, of foes.

His name - Hogger.

Leader of the Riverpaw gnolls and more formally known as the Scourge of Elwynn forest, there are no records of how many humans this beast has slain as so few have lived to tell the tale.

Jeff’s Choices


Auto- Attack Assassin

Trait- “Elite”

Hogger is know as the first elite enemy that players have the opportunity of facing as Alliance in Warcraft. The fantasy for Hogger in the Nexus would need to have an elite “Feel” and this trait will work towards that goal. Hogger’s trait “Elite” would start Hogger as a level 2 character in Heroes and he would spend the game one level ahead of the other heroes on the battlefield. That being said, to offset this massive advantage It would take the Hogger player an additional level to choose their talents- Hogger would select talents at 5,8,11 and so on. With this trait Hogger would be a deadly “auto attack” hero and would use this level advantage to become a mega-assassin in the nexus.

Mount-  Hyena

Q- “Pounce”

When this ability is activated it has a one second activation time. During this time Hogger will get down and prepare to pounce on a target. After Hogger in the position to pounce it can be activated a second time, causing Hogger to pounce on a targeted enemy and deal a large amount of damage to them.

W- “Gnaw”

Hogger smashes his huge paw down on an enemy hero in melee range pinning them to the ground. During this time the enemy player is stunned for a short amount of time while Hogger gnaws at them from above. Hogger is not able to use basic attacks during this phase.

E- “Never go hungry again...”

Hogger can select a location on the battlefield to call on a gnoll to prepare to ambush the enemy. This Gnoll runs in and once they reach the location will get into the pounce position. The first enemy hero that comes into range, the gnoll will pounce on them and deal damage to the player. Once the initial pounce damage is done the gnoll disappears and the ability will go on a cool down. This ability can be used to set up an ambush for the enemy team, and with when combined with Hogger’s own attacks can be a deadly trap for players.

Heroic 1- “Howl”

Hogger will reach out to the sides, pull his head toward the sky and howl loudly giving the player a buff that increases the damage dealt by Hogger’s basic attacks for a short amount of time. This heroic doesn't seem very “heroic,” but because of Hoggers trait this is a very powerful ability that gives him even more of a damage advantage over his enemy.

Heroic 2- “Ambush”

When this heroic is activated Hogger is able to call in 2 gnoll friends to help him in the fight. These Gnolls will act just like his other ability “Never go hungry again…” but will allow him to place 2 more for a total of 3 Gnolls ambushing at once. With the proper planning this heroic can be a very powerful way to ambush an enemy team or give the advantage in a team fight.

Specialty Skin

        “Ed the Hyena from The Lion King.”


“Who Let the Dogs Out” Dance

Kristen’s Choices






A God Amongst Gnolls

Hogger cannot die unless he himself has taken down at least five enemy Heroes. It’s the sacrifice one must pay to such a legendary and destructive force from Azeroth.


        Runs on all fours.


Head Butt

When fighting an enemy Hero, Hogger can headbutt them, stunning and dealing damage to the target. After the stun ends, they are dazed, allowing them to move but not attack.


Release the Hounds

Leader of a tribe, Hogger has an army he can command. When activated, three Riverpaw Gnolls join the fray, attacking the target Hogger is attacking.


Rushing Charge

Not one to enjoy watching his prey escape, Hogger increases his movement speed as he charges after his prey. If he reaches them before the speed boost ends, he stuns them. In addition, his first basic attack following this hit does extra damage.


Vicious Slice

Hogger is finally done with head butting and is now ready to attack with his axe. Flailing madly, Hogger does increased basic attack damage and additional ability damage. If hit, the target bleeds for a brief period of time. This works like poison except the damage ticks occur instantly rather than having a countdown bar.


        Gnoll Daze

We all are familiar with what happens should a gnoll escape your grasp - it comes back with more gnolls. True to tradition, Hogger will activate this ability and run away for a short period of time. If not killed, he will then turn around and re-engage, but this time aided by friends. Every few seconds Hogger continues to fight a single target, a small gnoll jumps onto that Hero, reducing their movement speed. This continues until movement is stopped entirely, Hogger dies, the enemy Hero dies or Hogger stops attacking that Hero.


        Not Lion King Hyenas

Your choice between Banzay, Shenzer and Eddie.


        Break-Laugh Dance

Rolls onto his back laughing and spinning.