Rubric for scoring DPSF Pilot Grants

Proposal Name: _______________________________________

DPS school(s): __________________________________________

Amount requested: ____________________________________

Rater Name: __________________________________________

Recommendation: ____________________________________




1 (does not at all meet criteria) to 5 (fully meets criteria)


Transformative. Proposal demonstrates potential to create meaningful, systemic change for a DPS school or group of students (i.e., could be scaled to reach more students than those directly involved in proposed project)

Equitable. Proposal demonstrates how it will provide resources, support and/or opportunity for historically marginalized, under resourced students who face systemic inequities  

Sustainable. Proposal demonstrates potential to continue or have lasting impacts after the end of the grant period

Feasible. Proposed work seems feasible to complete and meet desired outcome within the described timeframe and funds requested

For student experience:

Demonstrates student ownership and interest in the proposed project/experience

For parent engagement:

Demonstrates commitment and involvement from parents

For professional learning:

Demonstrates commitment from a variety of educators and school leadership (must have principal support)

Total score (total score provides guidance for the overall recommendation)

Guidance for using rubric scores to determine application selection:

When there are applications of the same high score that exceed the available amount of funds available, the review team will use these additional considerations to select projects for funding: