Millhouse Manastorm


Forged with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton


Millhouse Manastorm is a small gnome with big aspirations. Originally found trapped in Arcatraz, he was mistakenly released by Warden Mellichar and agreed to join up with the adventurers (or adventurer) to finish the fight after being insulted by the blood elf.

Following this, the wily gnome laid low for awhile, showing himself again during an overheard conversation with a member of the Twilight’s Hammer. In short, he joined a cult. Whether he knew what he was doing or not, adventurers were tasked with taking him down. In combat, he summoned up a new spell, “Impending Doooooom!” Before this most powerful of magics could be cast, Corborus, a massive gyreworm, killed him.

Or so we thought.

In Pandaria, he was a member of the brawler’s guild, and in Draenor, he assured everyone he’d changed, asked for assistance acquiring a piece of equipment for a “humanitarian” project, and then joined players’ garrisons.

In the most recent expansion, Legion, Manastorm was captured by the Burning Legion while looking for the Nightborne Soulstone. Locked away, he was freed by Kalecgos and the Archmage of Tirisgarde. When denied his prize after helping secure victory for those that freed him, he stumbled away in tears, crying, “You’re not my friends anymore.”

As of today, he is found in Hearthstone as a two cost, four health, four defense card with a battlecry that makes all enemy spells free to cast during the next turn.

Jeff’s Choices




        Millhouse Manastorm

Trait- “Conjure Water”

Millhouse can activate this ability to conjure water and regain mana on the battlefield. When activated he must remain still, and would be a target for the enemy, but a large percentage of his mana will be regenerated  by this process without returning to the Hall of storms or visiting the healing fountain.

Mount- Brawler's Burly Basilisk

Q- “Dooooooooom!”

Millhouse will place a power crystal on the battlefield that pulses damage to all enemies in the area. Each time that it deals damage to an enemy it will gain a stack of “Power Overwhelming” and increase the damage that each pulse deals. When the power crystal reaches 10 stacks it will explode dealing massive damage to all enemies that are in range. The crystal can be destroyed before it reached 10 stacks the explosion will not happen.

W- “Arcane Intellect”

When arcane intellect is activated Millhouse will be able to study a target and learn their weaknesses. He points and clicks on a target and they are marked with Arcane Intellect and will take increased damage from all of Millhouse's abilities and basic attacks. If the target is inside the Power crystal they will count as “2 stacks” each time they are hit with a power overwhelming explosion.

E- “Get Off!”

Millhouse will magically push all heroes that are in range of this AoE circle around him away from him. They are pushed in the direction of his power crystal. If there is no power crystal active Millhouse cannot use this ability.

Heroic 1- “I'm gonna light you up, sweet cheeks!"

When activated Millhouse will unleash all of his mighty power on the nexus. He will stand still and begin to cast fireballs at all targets in range, friend or foe. Misshouse will continue to cast these fireballs until he is defeated or a hero is killed. Fireballs will fire every 2 seconds until someone goes down.

Heroic 2- “Manastorm's Duplicator”

An item that can be used in World of Warcraft to transform your toon into Millhouse for a short amount of time-- this item makes its way to Heroes of the Storm with this heroic ability. When activated, All players in range of this AoE spell that Millhouse casts will transform their look into a duplicate Millhouse Manastorm. They keep all of their same abilities and attributes, but just look like Millhouse. Also their icon the minimap is replaced with the Millhouse icon.

Specialty Skin: “Dobby” House Elf from Harry Potter OR Garden Gnome

Dance: Freeze Dance… Just stand frozen in place and blinks.

Kristen’s Choices


        Gnome man’s brand.






A Little Power

Because Manastorm is so powerful, his talents are delayed one level. To recognize his painfully slow windup, his cooldowns and cast times are very long at the start of the game. These decrease in length as the game goes on.


        Super Rare Mount

Be it Deathcharger or Sea Turtle, Manastorm refuses to ride into battle on anything less than befitting such a powerful and mighty gnome.



A self-cleanse that makes Manastorm unstoppable and increases his movement speed.



Manastorm’s main mode of damage, he shoots out a bolt of shadow energy that deals immediate damage as well as damage over time. If the target has already been hit by one, the damage is increased when they are hit by another, stacking up to three times.



This curse infects a target enemy Hero with a debuff only Manastorm can see. When activated again, shadow damage explodes from the target Hero, hurting all enemies in range and knocking them out with a very brief stun.


Impending  Doooooom!

Delivers a strike so diabolical, it is unable to be described accurately in text. Affected targets will similarly be unlikely to have understood the full effect of this spell as its blinding brilliance washes over them like tidal wave of devastation.

10 minute cast time.


        Power Overwhelming

Manastorm is no stranger to infusing himself with arcane powers to grow... stronger. With Power Overwhelming, he loads himself up with power. This increases the damage he inflicts to enemies. The longer he performs this, the higher the bonus damage.


        Millhouse Mana-swarm

Seeking to be greater than mere pests, insects have banded together using the arcane arts to produce Millhouse Mana-swarm the Gnat-turally Talented!



        “You Can’t Touch This” - M. C. Hammer

Gnomes love their thrusts and spanks almost as much as they love their own genius.