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Northbrook Financial Initial Meeting Agenda
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Free Financial Consultation Agenda

  1. Getting Started
  1. What is on your mind and what brought you to us?
  2. What are you looking to accomplish? (specific goal or help identifying a goal)
  3. Have you worked with a Financial Planner (or other advisor) before?
  4. How confident are you in your current strategies? (Investment, Tax, Insurance, etc.)

  1. What are the services and costs*?
  1. Integrated Financial Planning - Would you like some clarity on your complicated financial picture? You get an Integrated Financial Plan covering all aspects of your financial life
  1. Includes reviews of your Investments, Cash Flow, Insurance, Retirement & Estate
  2. $1,000 onboarding & $3,000/yr for Individuals or $3,600/yr for Couples (paid monthly)**
  1. Investment Management - Do you need help managing your investment accounts?
  1. We create a personalized investment strategy and manage your portfolio for you
  2. We handle Investment Reviews, Asset Allocation, Account Location and Tax Coordination
  3. Annual fee based on Assets Under Management (fee schedule)**
  1. Tax Preparation - Do you want us to complete your tax returns?
  1. $600 for Individuals and $900 for couples, increasing with complexity

  1. What is the Financial Planning process?
  1. Month 1: 2 Meetings where we Onboard, Organize and Prioritize
  2. Months 2 to 4: Monthly Meetings - Get things done! (Cash Flow, Tax & Investment Recommendations)
  3. Months 4+: Annual Meeting Calendar - review and evaluate as life changes
  4. We are always available if/when there is something you would like to discuss

  1. What are our next steps if we want to move forward?
  1. Schedule your Onboarding meeting here

* Fees increase based on complexity

** 50% discount for Financial Planning clients with >$500k who also utilize Northbrook’s Investment Management services. Financial Planning is included for Northbrook Investment clients with assets over $2M.

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