BTC Market Ticker

Mitchell Duncan

User Guide

October 2018


This guide gives a brief overview of the functionality of the BTC Market ticker application available for iOS,

App Features

  1. Live prices: Current price, best bid, best ask, 24h volume and 24h price change are all updated in real time for all cryptocurrencies
  2. Push notification alerts: Subscribe to automatic alerts for fast changing prices or create your own custom alerts
  3. BTC Markets account integration: Connect to your account and sync your holdings and transactions
  4. Market Capitalisation Data: Global market cap for all cryptos as well as market cap for individual coins
  5. Transaction portfolio: Gain a quick overview of your investment or track the value of each individual transactions you have made
  6. Historical price graphs: Historical price graphs lets you trend a coins price over 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days and a year.
  7. News feed: Keep up to date with the latest from Coin Telegraph
  8. Track investment: Keep tabs on your equity in each cryptocurrency
  9. Calculate total profit margin: If you enter the amount you have invested (in AUD) you will be able to track your total profit

Ticker Tab

The ticker tab is the main screen of the app. It gives a snapshot of the current market climate for all cryptocurrencies on This includes:

Coin order

You can re-order the ticker list to keep your favourite coins at the top. Simply tap on the edit button in the top right corner.


Press and hold on a cryptocurrency to enter your holding. This is simply the total amount of coins or tokens you have bought for that particular cryptocurrency. This value is used to calculate your total equity for each cryptocurrency.

Details View

Tapping on a cryptocurrency will show the details view. This includes:

 It may take a second or two for data to refresh


Return or Profit

At the bottom of the ticker tab your return is shown in AUD. This is simply the current value of all the cryptocurrency you currently hold. It is updated in real time according to the fluctuation in prices. You have the option to change this view from return to profit. To do this you need to go to the settings tab and enter the total amount you have invested in cryptocurrency (in AUD). Then just enable the switch for “show return as profit”. This is discussed further in the settings tab section.

Portfolio Tab

The portfolio tab gives you a quick overview of your crypto holdings. Additionally it lets you keep track of each individual transaction you have made on Each time you buy any cryptocurrency, enter the transaction here to track its current value and how much profit you could make. This makes it easy for you to make a decision on when to sell or when to hold.

Tap the plus icon in the top right corner to add a new transaction. You need to enter the following information:

Then hit save and your transaction will be tracked. In the example below I purchased 0.01 bitcoin at $9,600. If I was to sell it now (5/5/18) I would make $32.38 profit. Let’s say I do make the sale, all I have to do now is swipe the transaction record to the left to delete it from the list.

The transaction view also shows sell/hold advice (this can be enable in settings tab) which shows the word ‘sell’ or ‘hold’ based on the current profit and a threshold that you can set.

Even if your total profit on the ticker tab is not ideal, you could still make a good profit on a particular cryptocurrency. For example let’s say bitcoin is having a bad day on the market but litecoin is doing really well. You hold more bitcoin than you do litecoin so your profit on the ticker tab doesn’t look great. If you go over to the portfolio tab you will see that you could actually still make money by selling some of your litecoin and holding on to the bitcoin for now.

Settings Tab

The settings tab has several components:

Thank you

I want to take the time to thank you for using my app. I am a single developer working on this in my spare time as a hobby. I appreciate your support and I am always open to feedback or suggestions for future versions as well constructive criticism.

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