LRYC Racing

Race Committee Report for 2017

Please join us out on the race course next year. Here’s why you should:

It gets you out on the sparkling LaHave River in a sailboat 2-3 times a week. You don’t need to be first to love the sail, but it is a bonus.

This year 19 boats raced at our club;” Illusion” also raced in Shelburne, winning one of the races. Another member raced “Christina Lynn” in the schooner races, held in Shelburne also.

There were 49 planned races, and 40 were sailed. Those cancelled were mostly due to uncooperative rain and wind, and not our sailors.

There was a good turnout for each race again this season. First, second, and third finishes were given special recognition. First place finishers will be on the 21 trophies we are pleased to have displayed.

There were 13 plaques presented to successful racers with LRYC and their boat’s names on them and all their 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishes. Lunenburg Boat Locker gift coupons were given to each of the top three finishers in 10 of the races. Sponsors were thanked again and they received a picture of the presentation. Thanks to Pat Mitchell for all her past work on sponsorship.

The Past Commodore’s Trophy was Frank Edison’s idea and recognizes racers who continue to take part regardless of outcome. They endeavor to improve their skills while participating often and are seldom discouraged. They race for the fun of it, for the camaraderie and for the possibility that this time they just might win. This applies to most of us, but the clear winners for 2017 are Donna and Mike Hatt on “About Time”. They raced 20 times and managed a 7th overall on a boat new to them this year.

The Line Honours Darlene Doling Trophy went to Illusion (they crossed the finish line first in 20 of the 30 races they entered).

The 2017 Club Champion was Illusion owned and captained by our Honourary Member, Orval Banfield. Look for the front license plate we’d all like to have displayed on his white truck.

The Super Race Starter Award went to Steve Williston. The effort he displayed in spite of his stroke in November was much appreciated by all of us.

Next year’s budget is unchanged at $500. Sponsors added $900 to keep us in the black by $170 for this year. Orval and I are a little lonely as the only members on our committee, so any more volunteers would be welcomed. See pages 2 and 3 for details of race results.

Submitted by,

Ewart Morse of “Spring Fever”, chair of the Race Committee

LRYC Race Results 2017

Top Three Winners

1st Tuesday Series Robar Countertops Trophy: Illusion; Spring Fever; Dutch Courage

1st Thursday Series BAIT Trophy: Illusion/Spring Fever; Superstition

2nd Tuesday Series Live Your Dream Trophy: Illusion; Spring Fever; Rivendell

2nd Thursday Series Mosher Motors Trophy: Tide N’ Knots; Illusion; Superstition

Fall Series Arthur MacKenzie Dechman Yachtsmanship Trophy: Illusion; Wanderlust VI; Spring Fever

Rofihe Trophy: Dutch Courage; Tide N’ Knots; Cheemo II

George Young Trophy: Spring Fever; Superstition; About Time

Saunders Motors Trophy: Illusion; Spring Fever; Tide N’ Knots

Langille’s Cross Island Trophy: Spring Fever; and 5 who DNF

LaHave River Challenge Memorial Trophy: Day Dream; Spring Fever; Dutch Courage

Webber Family Single-Handed Trophy: Spring Fever; Dutch Courage; Hi-Ho

Ladies Skipper Sand Dollar Trophy: Illusion; Hi-Ho; About Time

Ladies Skipper Capt. Orval Banfield Trophy: Spring Fever; Tide n’ Knots; Valkyrie

Ladies Skipper Tickle Bee Trophy: About Time; Spring Fever; Rivendell

Ladies Skipper Skippers Plan Trophy: Salvation; Spring Fever; About Time

Chester Himmelman’s Trophies and Gifts Trophy: Illusion; Cheemo II; Wanderlust VI

Labour Day Regatta Lunenburg Boat Locker Trophy: Spring Fever; Illusion; Wanderlust VI

R D Mitchell Yachtsman Trophy: Dutch Courage; Cheemo II; Spring Fever

Rum Race: Illusion; Wanderlust VI; Spring Fever (no trophy, just rum, not counted for points)

Past Commodore’s Trophy: About Time

Line Honours Darlene Doling Trophy: Illusion

2016 Club Champion: Illusion

Club Steward: Charley Mosher

Super Race Starters Award: Steve Williston

Boat Stats 2017: number of races/points*/line honours

Illusion: 30/131/20

Spring Fever: 31/129/12

Dutch Courage: 29/79/0

Tide n’ Knots: 22/50/0

Cheemo II: 15/43/2

Wanderlust VI: 18/38/3

About Time: 20/38/0

Superstition: 10/30/0

Hi Ho: 13/23/0

Kirby: 4/23/2

Rivendell: 9/23/0

Day Dream: 4/20/0

High Voltage: 6/8/0

Saranna: 4/6/0

Valkyrie: 5/5/0

Salvation: 2/3/0

Witchcraft: 1/3/0

Brighid: 2/2/0

Artemis: 1/1/0

*total of number of boats beaten+1 in each race