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Level of authority
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It is important that the information and concerns of sports programs proceed through a logical level of authority.

1. Coach 

2. Varsity Coach 

3. Athletic Director  

4. Principal  

5. Superintendent 

6. Board of Education 


Your concerns about possible problems or complaints should be passed on to at least the Varsity Coach and the Athletic Director. The time required to correct a problem would be facilitated with advanced preparation.

It is of the utmost importance to maintain open communication lines between all members of the coaching staff and the administration. Problems that arise between staff members should be kept within the school and not discussed in the community. Problems that are discussed outside the school create hardships, a lack of confidence and animosity.

Please respect our coaches wishes to have a closed practice if they choose too. Parents/guardians needs to stay off the courts, fields and benches at all times. The coach does not need to discuss playing time, they can explain to your child what they can do better in order to possibly get more minutes. Remember the chain of command posted on our website as well.

Thank you,

Matthew Shea - Athletic Director