Dear Supporters of ZSC -

To us, a successful tournament requires an adequate number of teams that would provide a setting for friendly yet fierce competition. In our reminder for the second registration deadline for the 11th Unity Cup, there was a call for added participation to ensure we would be able to carry out a competitive and worthwhile tournament. Since that reminder, our team has spent the last several weeks directly communicating with regular ZSC supporters, past participants, team captains, and other community members in an outreach effort aimed at garnering more interest and participation in the tournament.

Despite that effort, we unfortunately have not received an adequate number of commitments from members of the community to ensure a competitive tournament could be held, in both the Youth divisions and the Adult division. With the second deadline now behind us and just over a month to go before the scheduled start of the tournament, we recognize that the important decision on whether or not to hold the tournament had to be made – and with that, we are here to make the difficult announcement of the cancellation of the 11th Unity Cup soccer tournament.

While every effort was made on ZSC’s behalf to save the event, critical logistical obstacles and mounting financial burdens drove the difficult decision. We are certainly disappointed that the support from our community was not adequate this year to carry out a successful two-day tournament. The timing of this announcement is intended to hopefully provide enough time for those who had already signed up to make other plans for the long weekend.

In the 30+ years since ZSC’s founding, this is the first tournament that we have had to cancel due to a lack of participation. We are hopeful it will be the last.

We want to sincerely thank those of you who had registered so far, and to the volunteers who had already dedicated their Labor Day weekend to lending a helping hand in ensuring this tournament would be a success. Again, we are saddened that the overall community interest was not there this year and are very sorry for the outcome of this decision.

Those who had already registered will receive a full refund of your registration fees, which will be issued in the next two weeks through PayPal.

Thank you so very much for your continued support and we truly do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused to anyone.  We hope everyone is able to enjoy their long weekend and look forward to seeing all at the 2020 Z Games next July in Washington DC.


Zoroastrian Sports Committee