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  1. Introduction

    These are the Official Tournament Terms and Conditions (“Official Rules”) which govern the “Perth Rocket League/WA Rocket League Weekly Tournaments” These Official Rules set forth the terms and conditions and official gameplay rules for those participating the tournament. All players must comply with the rules and restrictions described in these Official Rules and are subject to its terms, including, without limitation, the Code of Conduct and the Player Release.

    Please review these Official Rules, including the Tournament rules before registering for the Tournament and prior to your first Game. Be advised that these terms are subject to change as determined by the Tournament Organisers at their sole discretion. In an event of changes to the Official Rules or Tournament Rules, updates will be provided via the Perth Rocket League Facebook Page.

    The tournament is a competitive eSports gaming tournament featuring Rocket League from Psyonix. The tournament consists of one Double Elimination playoff.

  2. Tournament Format

  1. Schedule

    Double Elimination - Week 1 (November 16th)
    Ongoing - Every Wednesday until end 2017

  2. Double Elimination

    Teams register using the sign-up page. There is no limit to participating teams. Double Elimination will mean that a team will cease to be eligible to win the Competition if they lose two (2) matches in the bracket. All upper and lower bracket matches will be Best-of-Three. The Grand Final match will be Best-of-Five with the team from the winner’s bracket will start with a 1-0 lead. Any person competing in a tournament, cannot play for another team in the same tournament (including as a substitute).

  1. Eligibility

    The tournament is open to all residents of Australia.

    The tournament is comprised entirely of Teams and individuals may only participate in 1 Team throughout the tournament.
  2. Registration

    Registration is required for each week and will be available at as each tournament becomes available.
  3. Player Participation Release

    By participating in the Tournament, each player grants Perth Rocket League permission to livestream and record gameplay for any match played. Player information such as the player’s avatar and username for all purposes in connection with the Tournament may be displayed via livestream, recording, statistical data and presenting and/or otherwise displaying gameplay information via our Social Media page.
  4. Code of Conduct

    All players are expected to exhibit good sportsmanship maintain respect for all other Players, Tournament Administrators, Organisers and Sponsors. Any players behaving inappropriately or not not competing in compliance with the Official Rules may be disqualified from play and forfeit potential prizes. Inappropriate behavior includes:

            - Frequent swearing and threats (both verbal and text chat)
            - Harassment
            - Text or voice chat that is considered unsportsman-like or against the spirit of the competition
            - Cheating of any sort through any means
            - Intentionally delaying or slowing gameplay
            - Offensive, vulgar or obscene usernames, avatars or Team names
            - Team or Player names that show a negative view towards Organisers, tournaments or other Teams and players and go against the spirit of the competition
            - Sexism, ageism, racism or any other form of prejudice or bigotry
            - Engaging in any activity which is deemed by Tournament Organizers to be immoral, disgraceful, or contrary to conventional standards of proper ethical behavior

    Players agree to be bound by the decision of the Tournament Organisers which shall be final and binding in all respects. Tournament Organisers reserve the right at their discretion, to disqualify an individual if found to be tampering with the type, process or operation of the Tournament or to be acting in violation of the Official Rules.
  5. Prizes

    Every week the Tournament will award 35 Australian Dollars ($35 AUD) to the winning team.
  6. Privacy

    All data collected from players and Teams are used for tournament and Perth Rocket League purposes only and used as described in Section 5 (Player Participation Release).
  1. Tournament Gameplay Rules
  1. Match Settings
  1. Game Settings
    - Default Size Arenas
    - Team Size: 3v3
    - Match Time: Standard (5 mins)
    - Joinable by: Name/Password
    - Platform: PC or PS4
    - Server: OCE
  2. Arenas

    Default Size Arenas are to be used during this tournament. This may be reviewed after the first week to allow maps such as Wasteland and Neo Tokyo
  1. Match Procedures
  1. Hosting and Team Colors
    Teams will organise with each other as to who will create the game. Team colours will be determined by the brackets in Challonge. The top team for each match will be blue and the bottom team will be orange. The casters will notify in Discord which games are to be streamed and the game will be created by an admin and the details given in Discord.
  2. Game Start
    Semi Final and Final games will need to ensure the commentators and observer are in the match before play begins. Teams are not to choose their colours in the game until the teams, commentators and observer are ready to go.
  3. Player Substitution
    Players may only be substituted between games in a match and only one substitution can be made per team, per match.
  4. Reporting Scores
    At the conclusion of each match, a registered team must submit the scores on the Challonge page. Screenshots from both sides are highly recommended in case of dispute.
  1. Match Obligations
  1. Punctuality
    All teams must check in within 2 hours of the start time. If any team can not make it by a certain time, they may appeal a delayed start time within reason. Any team that is not ready to play within 10 mins of start time will be forfeited from the tournament.
  2. All Team Captains must be on Discord to check in before start time. Discord:
  1. Match Disruptions
  1. Disconnections
    In the event that a player has disconnected within the first minute of play, the shorthanded team may appeal a restart of the game pending agreement from the opposing team and an administrator. The final decision will come down to administrator approval. If the player is unable to rejoin, the team may substitute another play in and will count as one substitution for the match.
  2. Restarts
    Tournament Administrators may order a match restart due to exceptional circumstances affecting the match such as if there is server lag affecting everybody, or if a restart has been appealed by a team.
  1. Observers
    No in game observers are allowed except for tournament administrators and commentators/stream staff.

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Updated format of the tournament including prize money and reviewed Code of Conduct.




Updated document to include Link to Discord under player obligations.

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Updated rules to reflect changes made to the tournament structure. General wording updated for easier understanding.