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Python Learning Resource
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Why Learn Python?

One of the fastest-growing coding languages in the world today, Python is a high-level programming language that serves as a great first coding language to learn and for general-purpose software engineering. Python can be valuable to know and has grown in popularity as it is an open-source language and has many resources that can support new coders. Compared to other programming languages, Python has much simpler syntax (no semicolons yay!) Linked below are great resources to learn Python, brush up on your skills, or become a more advanced coder!

Code Academy & Python Documents (Code Academy)

CodeAcademy is a free easy-to-use platform to learn all types of languages (not just Python). It’s a great first website to learn python as you don’t yet need to download any new applications to your computer and it makes coding easy and fun!

Real Python

At Real Python you can learn all things Python from the ground up.

Learn Python

Learn by instruction about various basics such as variables, classes, operators, etc.

Coder's Legacy

Codr’s Legacy is targeted mainly towards beginners and covers a variety of information. (it contains many guides, articles, and overviews for things like syntax, data types, etc.)

Pym Book

This is a simple book to learn Python programming language, it is for the programmers who are new to Python. (it goes over how to install the necessary applications for your computer to code)

After Hours programming

After Hours programming consists of tabs that go over many individual concepts that are crucial in understanding code, and crucial in becoming a great programmer; it is a great place to review specific concepts such as dictionaries, while loops, tuples, etc. 

Python Spot

Although Python Spot is less interactive, it is a great place to go to review specific concepts such as encapsulation, global and local variables, input and output, etc.

Python Guru

ThePythonGuru contains tutorials for both beginner and advanced python coders and covers a range of topics that are important to understand.

Python Tutorial

Python Tutorial covers many of the critical concepts in python.

Why did we choose these resources?

Many of these resources are great and useful even if you don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to learning python. If you’re looking for more practice, don’t be afraid to search for them on the internet or reach out to a person who has more experience!