Elizabeth Pinkerton Middle School Intro to Robotics

Instructor: Mr. Gillaspie



During this nine week course students will refresh their typing skills and work with LinkBot robots and 3D printers. I have collaborated with the UC Davis C-STEM program. It is a hands-on integrated learning of math and computer science through robotics. Students will start to code with blocky style code using RoboBlocky, then transition to Ch a user-friendly C/C++ interpreter. Through computer programming based problem solving and engaging activities, students develop critical and computational thinking skills. The students will use a 3D modeling application to design and printer accessories for the robots.




No outside materials are required.  A parent donation of Kleenex/tissues is highly appreciated.



Grading is weighted.  Academic evaluation will be based on:

Projects 50%

Practice 30%

Engineering Journal 20%

Total 100%

90 -100% ● A

80 – 89% ● B

70 – 79% ● C

60 – 69% ● D

59% and below ● F

Attendance and participation in class are essential. Participation includes being to class on time, taking part in class discussions and working on assignments productively.  Homework will rarely be assigned due to the hands-on nature of a lab course making attendance and productive participation imperative.  Students are responsible for obtaining their make-up work upon returning from an absence.  Makeup work must be completed in a timely manner and on campus.  Students may resubmit projects and typing lessons to be regraded.

 (Students should not expect to pass the course if excessive absences or incompletes occur.)



Additional assistance will be available for students outside of class hours.  A scheduled “Open Lab” before school on Mondays and Wednesdays from 8:10 – 9:10 a.m.  Please do not hesitate to seek assistance when needed.  Due to the nature of computer assignments, students may be asked to complete make-up work during part of the lunch period, Wolfpack Hour or after school.



All school policies found in the Elizabeth Pinkerton Middle School Student Handbook will be enforced in the computer lab. In addition, the following standards for conduct will be expected.  



Parent communication between home and school via email is preferred.

Mr. Gillaspie – dgillasp@egusd.net

School number – 683-7688