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Chat ToS

(All services & platforms run by the Unimoth Scotland Entertainment in the M.O.T.H. Network)

If you do not agree with any of these, please stop using any products or chats under ownership or produced by Unimoth Scotland Entertainment.


Unimoth Scotland Entertainment is owned by [@mothgirlmusic/Miss Moth] and [@oatcake/Oatcake]

If you have an issue, please contact an admin.

Main Administration List:

Owners: Telegram / Discord

@mothgirlmusic / Miss Moth

@Oatcake / Oatcake

Admins: Telegram / Discord

@Mercutiowolf / N/A

@Kitsume / N/A

@PykeXue / N/A

@LiquidStar / N/A

@candor12 / Candor Champion

Section One: Code of Conduct

  1.  All rules in Section Two have an implicit "unless it's really funny" after them. If you think it's funny and the rest of channel doesn't, you're wrong.

  1.  Saying something ironically is still saying it. You think you're funny; everyone else thinks you're an ass.

  1. Being rude without being funny. You don't have to stay family-friendly or politically correct when just chatting normally or making jokes, but if you're sincerely rude you'll be asked to leave and cool off.

  1. Posting NSFW links in rooms marked as NSFW is fine. However, posting NSFW material in a room not marked as such is against the rules. Period. Only 18+ allowed in NSFW rooms.

  1. Using leetspeak/txtspeak is also unwanted. it's fine to abbreviate some words, but not every single one: "how r u" and teh liek. ur mbrysng urslf n evry 1 arnd u.

  1. It’s also fine to use a few words of a different language other than the main one for the groups, but russian groups should be written to in russian, likewise for other language groups.. And anything without a set language, assume that the main language is english.

  1. Being abusive to others is not acceptable. In reality, some Moderators and Admin care about this more than others; it is in your own interest (in addition to the interest of those around you) to behave as if whichever Moderator or Admin is present will care a great deal.

  1. Listen to yourself. ... seriously.

  1. Statements which are completely hurtful and have no other value. Offensive jokes are fine; being genuinely offensive is not. This covers all -isms and almost never comes up.

  1. CAPS LOCK IS NOT YOUR FRIEND. HOLDING DOWN THE SHIFT KEY IS EVEN WORSE. Shouting does not help prove your point; it only makes you really annoying.

  1. Do not be a dick. Treat others as you would want to be treated, and remember that we are trying to build a safe, fun place for hanging out and discussing whatever the topic of said group is.

  1. Spamming links or pestering members of the chat brings down the channel as a whole and creates unnecessary tension and possible drama.

  1. Do not lie to staff/council. If you are applying to be part of the Order, this instantly red-flags you, so don't yell at us for it.

  1. Don’t be a Gnat or a Domi-gnat, as defined in Section Three.

  1. Any ethical concerns or personal drama that cannot be resolved in Private Messages, please take it to a staff, or Moderator or Admin. not the group.

  1. Be responsible and ethical. Take responsibility for your actions no matter what position you hold and be ethical in both your work and play.

  1. No discussion of how to forcibly ground planes safely. If you want to use a net to catch an F16, you have to sew it and deploy it yourself. We will not help you.

Section Two: Restrictions

  1.  You are of legal age within the area/country you currently reside in, UNLESS the group you are wishing to join states that it is a SFW (Safe For Work aka. NOT 18+) group. If you’re unsure, assume it's 18+ or ask an administrator associated with whatever chatroom you’re trying to join.

  1.  Hypnotic media is legal in the area/country you currently reside in, if the group you are wishing to join clearly states it is a hypnosis/mind control fetish group.

  1. Do not post or go into detail about banned content. Banned content can be found here: 

  1.  We hold no liability to anything that happens if you decide to listen to our files. We will try to help, but if you listen to something and complain about having something done against your will, you are trolling. Yes, we can help you get rid of any unwanted hypnosis and place security in your mind so that never happens again, but the descriptions on the files are adequate for you to determine if you should or should not listen to said file. listening is at your own risk. We don't force anyone to do hypnosis to be within the Order or other chat groups owned by @MothGirlMusic.

  1.  You will not cause Drama (defined in Section Three:Definitions.)

  1.  The Moderators and Admin will always try to make reasonable decisions with the goal of preventing channel from sucking. The reason we're Moderators and Admin is that we've been judged to be good at this and are loyal to the Order/Moth and upholding the rules as well as making sure all decisions are fair, and most of the time we are good at this. If you don't think we're doing it right, private message the Moderators and Admin in question to discuss it. If that doesn't work, private message any other Moderators and Admin.

  1.  Follow the spirit of the rules, not the letter. If you aren't sure if something is okay, ask first.

  1. Do not advertise other networks or Telegram Chat Rooms,  self promote or  promote others (For financial profit or otherwise), UNLESS YOU ASK AN Moderator or Admin FIRST. They must clear you to do so. Naming other networks/channels is totally fine if they happen to come up, but it's obvious when you're just name dropping to try and draw traffic. And please remember to ask a mod before posting the actual link to the chat room, artwork sale/auction being named.

  1. Do not post hyperlinks to illegal things such as pirated media/warez and illegal substances.

  1. Do not discuss illegal activity such as pirating media/wares and/or illegal substances.

  1. All users are expected to abide by the laws of the United States of America as well as their own local laws. When a conflict exists, United States laws take precedence.

  1. Don't be overly thirsty [ defined in section 3: Definitions] and super creepy [i.e. behaving in such a way that makes others uncomfortable due to its inherent sexual nature]. This Awkward for everyone. If you’re unsure if something is “creepy” or not, ask an Moderator or Admin or just stop.

  1. Respect other users and the civil nature of the chat. Inflammatory topics are advised against, and may be called to an end at an admin's discretion to prevent/stop drama.

  1. The rules for group conduct apply to private messages between members from Order-owned groups as well. If a user does not wish to be contacted via PM's, respect their wishes. Any users in violation of this rule should be reported to an admin immediately, with screenshots to support any claims made. Any issues between users in the group must be handled in private messages. If issues exist outside of the group, do not bring them up or continue them.

  1. it is a privilege, not a right, to be here. We reserve the right to deny anyone and everyone access to our network/groups/channels for any reason, however, we hold it to ourselves to be just and transparent about it.

  1. You understand that the Order's council and/or Moth herself reserves the right to define all previously undefined terms within the ToS. If there is any question about anything, period. Ask @mothgirlmusic to give the final decision.

  1. Do not evade bans. this not only gets you insta-banned again, it also is against network/telegram rules. yes, on all networks that the Order is located within and/or works with and also in telegram’s ToS.

  1. Do not spam commands to any bots within any channel, group, or chat. Do not spam commands to people either [i.e. typing something with “/” to have them tap it and it create spam]

  1. Do not block admins for moderating you. If they can’t ask you to stop something, they are authorized to just kick you to make you stop. Bypassing a “warn” gets you straight to being kicked.

  1. Do not start a political debate except within the designated chat to do so. Opinions are fine, but by talking about it, you’re knowingly starting a flame-war. (Politics is defined in Section Three:Definitions). The chat to do so, within Telegram, is

Section Three: General Definitions

  1. Drama: Knowingly and willingly upsetting other users out of spite or other negative emotions, passive aggressively or otherwise.

  1. Politics:
  1. the activities associated with the governance of a country or other area, especially the debate or conflict among individuals or parties having or hoping to achieve power.
  2. Debates on gender identity, offencive topics, or otherwise, that KNOWINGLY start flamewars. (sharing an opinion is fine, starting a flamewar is not.)

  1.   Pestering: doing things such as spamming private messages, creating unwanted private messages, and generally annoying the community as a whole by doing things such as begging in main chat or begging in private messages. (If we need to define any further terms, we will when it comes up.)

  1. a flame war is a series of flame posts or messages in a thread that are considered derogatory in nature or are completely off-topic. Often these flames are posted for the sole purpose of offending or upsetting other users.

  1. Gnats and Domi-gnats: people who join channels and instantly message people in the group looking for a roleplay or hypnosis session, then rage quitting when they don’t get what they want in less than 2 minutes or so. Gnats are annoying in real life. Don’t be one online. The only difference between the gnats and domi-gnats is gnats refer to submissives, and domi-gnats refer to dominants.

  1. Thirsty: Trying way to hard [as defined at will by admin] to get sex or some kind of sexual action. “Hitting on” someone who doesn’t want to be hit on and not stopping or being super annoying with it [as determined by the “victim” in this situation]. Thirsty can also refer to those seeking attention of any type way too hard by posting “bait” literally only to get attention, good or bad.

  1. Bait: Content posted that knowingly starts flamewars or triggers people on purpose.

Section Four: Consequences

Punishment system.

Everyone gets 5 strikes unless the actions of the accused have been found to be a Major offence which is defined by one or both owners of the network, or a channel advertisement offence, in which case you receive only 3. Even then, no one gets over 5 strikes. HOWEVER, you may, at any time, speak with with an admin to decide if a hearing should be held to possibly allow you back in the channel or remove any unjust strikes or bans against you.

You will be given a verbose warning and have a mark placed against you with the admin bot on telegram or discord. If you want to resolve this, please take to PMs with an admin. The list of admins are at the top of this document.

Minor Offences:

  1. Offence 1-4: Verbose Warning.
  2. Offence 5: Kick or temporary ban. All warnings are used up. (auto joining after a kick may result in a temporary ban of up to 24 hours.)
  3. Offence 6: Final offence. permanent ban. If you haven’t learned with 5 warnings, you probably won’t. Come back and as an admin when you do learn.

Major Offences:

  1. First offence: Kicked from the channel, depending on what you've been accused of. (auto joining after a kick will result in a ban.)
  2. Second offence: Temporary or permanent ban.
  3. Third offence: Final offence. permanent ban.