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Minimum Standard of Care
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Minimum Standard of Care

The B. Iden Payne Awards Council has determined that, in order for a production to be considered Outstanding, it must protect the safety of its artists and audience members. Beginning in the 2016/2017 Season, productions that do not meet these standards will be considered ineligible for some awards.

We recognize that companies who are renting space from other organizations might not be able to meet these obligations. These exceptions are noted with an asterisk (*).

Venue Safety

Stage and Lighting Safety

Stage Combat

Artists’ Bill of Rights

In addition to these observable elements, the B. Iden Payne Awards Council may determine that a show is or some of its participants are ineligible if violations of the Bill of Rights are determined. You can read more about that, and our process for determining violations here.

What happens next?

If a member of the B. Iden Payne Awards Council observes that these standards are not being met, they reserve the right to leave the production, especially if they feel like their safety is compromised.

A member of the Council will reach out to the Producers of the production with the specific issue that was observed. The Producers are encouraged to remedy the issue(s), and, if there are six performances remaining, the production will remain eligible.

Productions that do not correct the problems will not be eligible for B. Iden Payne Award nominations.