Sean Tempesta

Full stack software engineer.  Hacking for happiness.  Will travel.  


Tempesta Inc, Everywhere — Full Stack Engineer

2012 - PRESENT

Websites, smartphone apps, databases, server administration, and machine learning.  Currently working on #Machine Learning, #High Frequency Trading, and #Rust.

Microsoft, San Francisco — Software Engineer II

2009 - 2012

Lead metrics engineer for Bing’s captions team.  Data mining, training data generation, and internal tools development. #C++/C#

Powerset, San Francisco Systems Administrator

2007 - 2008

Developed internal cloud automation tools, systems monitoring, MySQL DBA, and backup network engineer. #Ruby, #SQL


University of Missouri, Columbia — BS in Computer Science

Minor in Mathematics

University of Missouri, Columbia — MS in Computer Science

Emphasis in Computer Security
Unfinished [1 year remaining]


expo-cljs-template Clojure

Leiningen template to get up and running with Clojurescript, React Native and Reagent/Om using

cljs-react-navigation Clojure

Complete Clojurescript Spec’ing for the react-navigation API.  Enables automatic conversion between Clojure and Javascript data structures.


Pytorch                 1 Year
Tensorflow          1 Year
Reagent                 1.5 Years
React Native          1.5 Years
Datomic                   8 Months
MySQL                     4 Years
SQL Server               3 Years
Linux                       8 Years


Object Oriented       7  Years
Functional             1.5 Years
Relational DBs        7  Years
Graph DBs               8 Months              
Distributed Sys        3 Years
Networking              5 Years


Clojure               1.5 Years
C#                       3 Years
Ruby                   2 Years
Java                    2 Years
PHP                    2 Years
HTML/CSS         5 Years
Javascript           1 Year