MS WEEK AT A GLANCE: March 11-29

Lunch Rotation: 7,6

Our Mission

AES provides a balanced education defined by a joyful pursuit of excellence in academics, athletics, arts and service. We enable each student to be an inspired lifelong learner and a responsible, compassionate global citizen.

This Week in the MS: 

Monday, March 11

Day 1 - 1234

Tuesday, March 12

Day 2 - 5678

  • Grade 5 Parent Orientation Session 1, 8:45am, HOP
  • MS Assembly, 10:00am, HOP
  • Grade 7 SST in MSCR @ 11:50

Wednesday, March 13

Day 3 - 2341

  • Grade 5 Student Course Registration Session, 10:45am
  • Early Release
  • Light Meal for teachers, 3:45PM, Staff Canteen
  • MS Student Parent Teacher Conferences, Gym 4:30pm-7:30pm

Thursday, March 14

No School for MS students

  • Red Moon Breakfast for MS Staff, 7:45am, PE office
  • MS Student Parent Teacher conferences 8:30-12:00, Main Gym
  • Lunch,12:00-1:00, MS cafeteria
  • MS Student Parent Teacher conferences 1:00-4:00, Main Gym
  • Grade 5 Parent Orientation Session 2, 4:00pm, HOP

Friday, March 15

No School for MS students

  • Breakfast for teachers, 7:30 AM, PE Office
  • MS Student Parent Teacher conferences,Gym



March 18-22


March 25

MS Season 4 After School Activities Begin, 3:45pm

March 28

Board Meeting, 5:00 pm, BCR

April 1

MS/HS Dance Recital, 6:00pm, Theater

April 2

DIrector’s Coffee, 8:30 am, BCR

PSA Meeting, 9:00-10:30 am, BCR

MESAC Season 3 Travel Meeting, 5:00 pm, HOP



Here is the guidelines and process for placing Spring / Summer work order requests.


March 28 is a full day of service learning, there will be no regularly scheduled classes. Please be aware that since there is no 1-8 period day this week, you will need to plan for this. March 27th is a day 8 (8567), March 28th-no classes will meet so you lose day 1(1234), March 29th is a day 2 (5678). Teams will be communicating more information about this day. Grade 6 will be on campus, Grade 7 will do an Aanchal school exchange and Grade 8 will do their PeOPle project Field trips.


Here is the guideline for Parent Teacher Conferences

Parents and students appreciate the time they spend with you. Conference days require a lot of energy. Please check your schedules carefully so you feel prepared and ready to receive students and parents. Friday is a shorter day, please don’t leave campus until the MS conference time is finished at 1:00pm.


Please take accurate attendance as it helps us to track and follow up with students who are having issues. If you are having an issue with a student coming to class on time please email the parents and loop in the counselors or one of the administrators.

Power School Reporting Schedule

Helpful Links:

MS Office Site - For everything you need


Here is the link to the newly launched Office for Teaching and Learning site.  Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

Amanda, Shirley and Rosy


Here’s What We Know:

Quizziz If your students enjoy Kahoot!, Try Quizziz. There are also self-paced quizzes.

Makerspace and after school activities:  Do you have an idea for an after school activity in the fourth quarter? We have space and room and would love to help!

DAL project:  We completed our Design Thinking project with the Pre-K classes. A huge thanks to Alex Wood, who volunteered hours and lead the woodworking portion of our project. Also, a thank you to the grade 6 exploratory teachers for their help in the makerspace; Kim, Tracy, Monica D, Leonie, Gagan and Anu. And, of course, Jitin and Sushil for all of their help. I would also like to thank Malthi Peter for her artistic guidance and help!!!  This quarter we will spend a little time with the pre-K students reading, and working with the items that we made for them!!( Book character costumes,  Indian felt food, sensory boxes, pyramid mirrors and hanging racecar tracks).

Ask your colleagues:

Ask Robert D about NoodleTools. His grade 8 Science classes are studying annotations, how to annotate and how to determine source validity in their Human Impact Project.

Ask Grade 6 about their upcoming Greece unit. We’ll be building catapults, making jewelry and painting myths on ancient pots!

Professional Development Opportunities: A list of conferences for technology has been added to the office of teaching and learning website..under Other conferences. Also, check out the calendar of Professional development, this is a great resource!


After School Activities

After School Activities Season 3

First day of Season 3 will be on Monday, January 21 and you can find the brochure and descriptions in the below links.


Linda is out this week - Linda is on HS minicourse, but the library is open for business. Don’t forget to check out something for personal reading over spring break!

Author visit survey - If you haven’t yet, please complete this short survey on George O’Connor’s visit.

Video Streaming Service - The library is considering a contract with Kanopy, a video-streaming service that allows up to 3 free viewings of any film before the account is charged for it. Please take a look at their collection and see if you think this would be useful for your teaching.

Old Magazines - Please let us know anytime throughout the year if you need magazines in your classroom for their content, to make collages, to study language, etc. We have a wide selection of back issues that we can send your way.


Spring Student-Parent-Teacher Conferences

Karin will be attending the International School Counseling Association’s annual conference between March 13-16, and therefore will not be available for meetings during PTCs (parents are encouraged to schedule meetings with her before or after those dates, as need be). Jonathan will be at school during PTCs and meeting with those parents/students who signed up for a conference with him. We appreciate the efforts and commitment on the part of teachers and teaching assistants in preparing for and carrying out these important conversations about academic and learning habit progress with students and their parents.


ET Schedule

Semester 2 can be viewed in the MS Private Calendar.

Assembly Request Form

You can use this form to let the MSALT2 students know what teacher announcements you would like to make. Please share this information before Thursday at 3:30pm each week so they have time to plan for the announcements.

Request Form for Tiger Tales/WAG/SWAG

This is where you can submit anything that you would like to be added to the Tiger Tales / WAG / SWAG.

Chaperone Schedule 2018-2019

This link has the final chaperone schedule for SY1819.  We have also sent calendar invites to the chaperones involved in every event for the respective date and time. 


It’s the last week before break. It’s a short week for students but a full one for us. Please take care of yourself this week and have a great break!!!


Richard Frazier, March 12

Jan Cantrill, March 15

Sushma Tewary, March 19

Mantej Kaur, March 19

Gaurav Bisht, March 22

Maureen Cullen, March 26