March 10, 2019     3:00-6:30 p.m.     St. Patrick’s Parish Hall

Adults $9.00   Seniors $8.00       Children (ages 5-12) $4.00       4 and under FREE


Dear Parish Members,

St. Pat’s 2019 Dinner will be successful once again, because of your stewardship, time, and many talents.  If you are unable to fulfill your work schedule, please find a substitute or trade with a friend on another committee.  In the event that your name was not listed and you’re able to assist, please let us know.

Thank you in advance!                                   Rudy and Jenn Sasina

                                                       Rudy’s cell #491-1281, Jenn’s cell #491-0490

Parking: Workers PLEASE use the Knight’s parking lot or far west portion of the hospital/church parking lot.

*Committee chairs should contact the committee members to confirm work schedules.

Pies: 2 homemade pies or a $15.00 cash donation is requested for each family. Guild leaders will call members for specific commitments. Altar Society dues are $10.00 and can also be paid at the pie tables.


Advertising: Lynn Schreiner #532-1414, Don & Sally Fischer

Carry Out: Kay Hartley w: 532-3179 or h: 532-5792 Call before the day of the dinner.  Deliveries will be made from 3:30-5:30 pm. Free meal delivery for the homebound or elderly guests. All others will be charged a $10.00 delivery fee.

Cashiers: Joe & Darla Harbert #532-5839, Becky Birkenbaugh, and Amy Arensdorf.

Prize Committee: Heath & Dana Weninger #491-0130, Toni Smarsh, Rob & Sheila DeWeese, Jennifer Reed, Leonard & Shirley Bayer, Angie Beck, and Sandy Hayes.

Shamrock Shop: Theresa Walker #889-5532, Diane Simons, Michelle Brady, Terry Moore, Jacque McGinnis, Denise Miller, Mary Kay Arensdorf, Cari Zoeller, Barb Tatro, and Janette Stauffer.

*If you would like to donate items to the Shamrock Shop, please bring items to the school the day of the dinner. Homemade goodies and handmade items are great sellers! All donations are greatly appreciated!*


2:45 pm         Tarp Gym: 7th and 8th graders

1:00 pm            Breadmakers:  Theresa Walker, Cheryl Stasiak, Shannon Hopkins, and Melissa Maloney.

5:15 pm        Shelving Setup: Adam Campbell #532-6204,  Mike Osner, Chuck & Becky Luntsford, Butch Mathis, Don Ziegler, Greg Hageman, Josh Beck, and Cactus Dodge.

6:15 pm        Dining Room Setup:  Jason Birkenbaugh #532-1520, Doug Bradshaw, Josh Arensdorf, Greg Schreiner, Kent Scripsick, Levi McBeth, Will Tetrick, and Brian Maloney.



9:30 am        Sausage Makers: T&W Meats in Preston:  Marvin & Jill Neville and family #532-3408, Mike & Marsha Strothman, Mark & Christy Milford, Larry Schwartz, Kevin Miller, Marvin & Connie Mertens.

7:00 am        Coleslaw Prep: Julie Schwartz #532-5278, Mary Panek, and Dena Schwartz.

8:00 am        Chicken Prep: John & Mary Meng and family #459-6588, Cindy & Lloyd Powell and family, Scott Brady, Kathy Scheer, Gary Rohlman, Sheila, Jack & Joseph Govert, Val Rohlman, and Darrin Eck, Hannah LeRoy, Tom and Judy Hampel.

10:00 am        Serving Line Setup: Ang Dodge and Jodi Kaufman

10:00 am        Chicken Cooker Setup & Equipment Check – Knight’s Hall: Eric & Hannah Clouse #316-640-3408 or #316-640-3517

1:00 pm        Decorate Dining Room: Jessica Henning #532-1165, Marilyn Knoblauch, Carole Maloney, and Dorena Goyen.

1:30 pm        Grill Setup: Tom Theis and Tyler Meyer

2:00 pm        Carryout Setup:  Kay Hartley


Kitchen Supervisor:  Errica Parsons #491-2284

Check In Pies & Collect Dues/Money:

9:00-11:00 am  Dormie Bock                11:00-1:00 pm  Pat Hampel

1:00-3:00 pm  Shirlene Pietz                3:00-5:00 pm  Peighton/Ashleigh Sasina

Cut and Serve Pies/Cakes:  Rita Kinsler #532-5348

Rita Kinsler, Becky Hart, Kelly Knoblauch, Sandy Scripsick, Sharon Eskew,

Darla Kerschen, Jana Thimesch, Delores Henning, Marge Bedford, and Gayle Cushenberry.

Carry Out:

2:30-4:30 pm   Kay Hartley, Caroline Phelps, and Jamie Arnold

3:00-5:00 pm         Kay Hartley, Rick Arnold, Karen Bales, Joni McCutchen, and Janice Leland.

4:30-6:30 pm   Melissa Thimesch, Krystal Vann, Judy Kinsler, Peggy Lawrence, and Tina Watts.


3:30-5:30  Mike Wood and Pat Maloney


2:30   Julie Schwartz, Patti Eck, and Leann Osner

4:30   Teresa Bradshaw, Jesse Stucky, and Stacey Fisher.

Slice Bread:

12:00   Allissa Thimesch and Jackie Arnold

Green Beans:

2:00  Bob and Stacey Walters

4:00  Nichole Kerschen and Brandi Mertens        

Mashed Potatoes & Gravy:

2:00  Shanda Knapic and Amy Giefer

4:00  volunteer needed and Kristin Gonzales

Serving Line Supervisors:

2:30  Melissa Bergkamp

4:30  Connie Oak

Carry Food To Serving Line:

2:45   Roger Vanlandingham

4:00   Ryan Miller

5:15   Charles Arensdorf

Chicken Cookers: Knight’s Hall: Eric & Hannah Clouse #316-640-3408 or 316-640-3517

10:00-Noon         Tim, Brenda, and Kara Thimesch, Andy & Justina Kostner, Tate Bough, and Delaney Arensdorf

Noon-2:00 pm Dave and Regina Adelhardt, Megan Bough, Leroy and Lynann Hageman, Jenni Wood and Ryan        


2:00-4:00 pm        Rob and Lesa Roser, Gary and Michelle Ziegler, Bethany Thimesch, Marc

Thimesch, and Justin and Cindy Belt.

4:00-END        Grady and Ashley Keimig, Connie Lies, Joseph Klausmeyer, Amber Hartley, Keith and Shannon Baringer.

Carry Chicken and Sausage to Serving Kitchen:

Noon-2:15  Jeremiah Gonzales and Matthew Giefer

2:15-4:15   Damon Stauffer and David Walker

4:15-END   Travis Kaufman and Tom Behring

Sausage Grillers:   Tom Theis #532-4361 and Tyler Meyer #316-285-8830

12:30 pm   Gary and Mary Kay Harbert & family, Jason and Jamie Belt, Steve Watts, Kenny Peitz, and  

                   Jerry Henning

2:00 pm     Tammy Henning, Don Thimesch, Gregg Scheer, Steve and Derek Seiwert, and Aaron


4:00 pm    Tom Tatro, Mike Rowley, Jeff Schoenfer, Roy Boswell, Joe Ziegler, and Mike Noblit.


2:00    Wes and Shelly Harden #491-1520, Marvin and Rhonda Harrel, and Kelsey Hartley.

4:30    Rich and Joyce Miller, Mackenzie Clinton, and Deb Massey

Dishwashers/Sanitizers/Kitchen Trash:

2:00   Terry Klausmeyer #532-2637 – set up work area

2:00-3:30 pm  Terry Klausmeyer, Phil and Laura Lankford

3:30-5:30 pm  Joel Arnold, James Thimesch, Augie Balbuena and Mark Powell

5:30-END pm  Bud Oak, Dick Klausmeyer, Bruce Rohlman, and John Osner

Clean and Dry Trays: Assist students with dish buckets

2:45 pm   Mary Vanlandingham #532-5502, Gwen Hageman

4:15 pm   Mary Messenger, Danielle Romme, and Jenna Tetrick

5:30 pm   Nacona Dick and Toni Thimesch

Trash Duty: Kitchen/Dining Room/Etc..

2:45-4:00 pm   Drew Leroux, Justin Powell, Jaxson Reid, and Jake Rohlman

4:00-5:15 pm   Colby Schreiner, Joseph Leland, Kael McBeth, and Brendan McBeth

5:15-END          James Kiley, AJ Weninger, Andrew Hubble, and Dalton Freund

Sausage Sackers and Sellers:  Felix & Pam Rainosek #532-1154, Bob & Jolene Fairchild, and Andy         & Tammy Schrag.

Bag and Sell Leftovers:

6:00 pm   Tami Osner #532-4307, Debbie Hubble and Debbie Goetz

Dish Towels:  Pick up, Wash, Dry, and Return

4:45 pm   Gilbert and Kathy Kaiser

7:00 pm   Gilbert and Kathy Kaiser – return Monday

Kitchen Clean Up:

7:30 pm   Gordon Stucky and Jesse Stucky

Clear Tables and Put Away Decorations:

7:00-7:15 pm approx.    Mike and Susan Hubbell #532-3637, Melissa Tetrick, and Danna & Jorge


Dining Room and Shamrock Shop Clean Up:

6:15-6:30 pm approx.   Dave Hayes #532-3684, Bill Tetrick, Adrian Harrel, Stan

Ziegler, Ross Kinsler, Ryan Kinsler, Will Hartley, Mattie Giefer, Larry Thimesch, Darrel Hageman, Colt Dodge, Jonas Stucky, Jay Smith, Eric Kerschen, Lucas Dick, and Tom Stasiak.

Knights of Columbus Kitchen Clean Up: (clean cooking supplies, cabinets, tables, sweep & mop)

6:15 pm approx.    Ray Schonlau #532-2844, Mark Schnittker, Bob Panek, Frank Miller, Stan

Goetz, and Abe Erdman.

Sunday Dinner Sales:

2:45-4:30 pm   Meal Ticket Sellers:        Mike & Angie Maloney

                Carry Out Tickets:        Cathy Rezai

                Meal Ticket Takers:        Amanda Harrel

4:30-6:30 pm          Meal Ticket Sellers:        Joe & Jeralyn Hill

                Carry Out Tickets:        Tonya Kiley

                Meal Ticket Taker:        Michael Marks

*Students: Please wear a St. Pat’s Spirit Shirt*

And If you don’t see your name, please see one of the Crew Chiefs listed below!

Dining Room Crew Chiefs:  Serve water & coffee and assist students in clearing tables and

         getting trays back to serving line.

2:45 pm        Crew Chiefs:  Kelly and Andrea Wood

                        Coffee/Water:                Connie Seiwert

                        Carry Trays:                    Laney Wood and Jadyn Belt

                        Clear Tables:            Cody Abbott and Lexee Beck

                Crew Chiefs:  Kenny & Nancy Bock

                        Coffee/Water:            Lindsay Schoenfer

                        Carry Trays:                    Peyton Eck and Gracee Harrel

                        Clear Tables:                   Ty Birkenbaugh and Olivia Brooks

                Crew Chiefs:   Harold and Jami Hughes

                        Coffee/Water:           Brenden Seiwert

                        Carry Trays:                    Claire Meng and Hope Stasiak

                        Clear Tables:                   Marissa DeWeese and Leo Hageman

4:15 pm        Crew Chiefs:   Nick and Karen Lacio

                        Coffee/Water:            Ed and Linda Miller

                        Carry Trays:                   Riley Nilsen, Orie Stauffer, and Chloe Zoeller

                        Clear Tables:                   Claire Kiley and Maria Leland

                Crew Chiefs:   Volunteers Needed

                        Coffee/Water:            Mary Behring

                        Carry Trays:                    Valerie Weninger and Colby Arensdorf

                        Clear Tables:                Phillip Nowak, Sam Stasiak, and Simon Stasiak

                Crew Chiefs:   Tim and Janelle Koehler

                        Coffee/Water:                Jenny Campbell        

                        Carry Trays:                Michelle Koehler and Claire Birkenbaugh

                        Clear Tables:                Tori Tetrick, Ashton Thimesch, and Anthony Walker

5:45 pm        Crew Chiefs:   Kyanne Obrock

                        Coffee/Water:                Andrew and Megan Piester

                        Carry Trays:                Jude Arnold and Isabelle Behring

                        Clear Tables:                Peyton Thimesch, Thomas Behring, and Cannon Reed

                Crew Chiefs:   Dick and Janice Neville

                        Coffee/Water:         Stacey Theis

                        Carry Trays:                Katherine Brooks and Julia Hageman

                        Clear Tables:                Benjamin Bradshaw, Joseph Kiley, and Will McBeth

                Crew Chiefs:   Vic and Evelyn Perez

                        Coffee/Water:                Vicky Osner

                        Carry Trays:                Sophia Kaufman, Avery Mertens, and Peter Nowak

                        Clear Tables:                Collin Schreiner, Grace Parsons, and Ryan Schreiner


Greg Conrardy                        532-5519                                Jim & Carold Noblit                532-5585

Lial & Nancy Dodge                459-6776                                Todd Nilsen                        620-314-5070

Pam Weber                        316-772-3632                                Rex & Debbie Obrock                532-5609

Stan & Mary Parsons                532-5455

Anthony Hedrick                459-6366                                

Michael & Connie Hedrick         459-6497                                Michael Romme                316-619-9655

Scott & Julie Huhman                532-2894                                Jeff Schoenhofer                491-2347

Dave & Patty Zoeller                532-3089                                Jim Kiley                        388-1455

Michael & Cristina Schippers        532-3733                                Ron & Kathy Smith                532-5194

Jeff & Heather Stasa                532-1387

Mark & Pam Stasa                532-5630                                

Rocky & Janice McKenna        532-3293                                Mike & Traci Swigert                388-7694

David & Amy McKinley        316-204-0061                                Garold & Karen White                388-2845

Lynn & Diane Wilson                532-2551                                Karen Miller                        532-3967

Marvin Miller                        532-2460                                Terry & Carrie Youngers        532-5590

Scott Moore                        532-3453                                Julie Ziegler                        316-663-3097

Craig Zoeller                        532-1206