#243 - The Angry Chicken: “Gleaming the Cube”


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That whole Apple App Store odds disclosure thing

The Apple App Store guidelines were recently updated to include a section regarding loot boxes and any other randomized virtual items in games.

“Apps offering “loot boxes” or other mechanisms that provide randomized virtual items for purchase must disclose the odds of receiving each type of item to customers prior to purchase.”

When this happened in China (all the way back in June of last year), Blizzard changed it so that your in-game purchase was for a specific amount of dust and card packs were just a gift for the purchase. Since the purchase is technically for the dust and not the cards packs, the odds do not need to be disclosed.

If you’re new to the Hearthstone community, the pack-opening-odds have been public knowledge for a long time.


Free K&C Card Packs for Daily Quest issue

CM Jesse Hill posted just before the holidays about the Daily Quest bug and some ways to combat the issue until Team 5 gets a fix implemented and announced that we’ll be getting three K&C packs for our troubles.

“We’re currently working on short-term solutions that should soon make these additional steps unnecessary, and we plan on implementing better long-term solutions in the new year...

...Your free card packs will arrive via Blizzard Battle.net gifting in early January.”


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Cube Lock


Crazy Game Stories

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Gainsdalf the Whey

What up Mother Cluckers,

My best deck this month has been tempo priest, the one that plays all minions except for two mind controls and two free from ambers to take advantage of spiteful summoner. USUALLY it’s a bad thing if you draw all of those spells early. BUT, *cue fresh prince music* Here is a story all about how I flipped that concept upside down. *end music*

I’m at rank 4 up against Cubelock and the game is going normally with me dropping threats and the warlock clearing them while collecting the combo.  I’ve drawn all 4 spells in my deck already, typically not great, but against a control deck they can be useful from hand. Turn 7 rolls around and I drop Drakonid Operative, stealing the warlock’s Carnivorous Cube with the intent to mind control a Voidlord in a few turns and Cube it. The warlock meets my threat by dropping a mountain giant.

On turn 8 I play Free From Amber and there is Blood of the Ancient One front and center. A plan begins to emerge as I manically chuckle in my cubicle with a Carnivorous Cube in hand. With only 8 damage on board, the Warlock would need damage from hand to actually take out the 9 health BotAO. Hoping I actually get to pull this off on ladder, I go for it and select BotAO.  The warlock proceeds to copy the mountain giant with a faceless manipulator and trades the original into my operative, taking that giant to 3 health. The BotAO survived!

Turn 9 I trade Blood of the Ancient One into his full health Mountain Giant, Cube the 1 health Blood of the Ancient One, then take the other giant out with a Duskbreaker, damaging my cube in the process. I also drop a free Corridor Creeper for good measure. The warlock thinks it has a chance and drops Voidlord. But I’ve got two mind controls in hand going into turn 10!

I trade the damaged Cube into the Voidlord, summoning double Blood of the Ancient Ones, then mind control the Voidlord. The warlock’s board is empty and The Ancient One has been awakened! The warlock drops another Voidlord, but it is game over. I play the second Mind Control, and take The Ancient One to the Face.

Legit Ancient One win on ladder. Feels good man, unless you’re the warlock.

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Dan C

Howdy domestic fowls that are having strong feelings of or showing annoyance, displeasure, or hostility,

Every time I get on Reddit recently, it seems that people are complaining about the price of the game. While the price has increased, I was okay with it due to the fact that the game got better, and the number of cards per rotation grew and allowed us to have a more diverse meta. I would just roll my eyes at those posts. However, as we continued through the year, I realized what many others did. The game is just a bit too expensive if you want to explore all the fun decks out there.

I keep seeing the same solutions, giving us more rewards to earn, making packs not give duplicate epics, more dust per pack etc. and I agree with some of those. But I thought of something I haven't seen.

What if there was something similar to Xbox Gold, or PS Plus? Or even the equivalent of season passes for other video games? For a monthly/quarterly/yearly fee, you could get extra rewards (more dust in packs, 2 packs per tavern brawl, dungeon run rewards, discounted arena runs, etc) or perhaps for a discounted fee at the beginning of a rotation, you could preorder all 3 expansions for the year with some other bonuses.

Obviously the price point would have to be right, but would this be something you would do? It obviously wouldn't help new players, but I think it would be great for the Hearthstone hardcores.



I am relatively new to Hearthstone- I have only been playing consistently since Un'goro but it seems to me that all of you have been playing since day 1. That said, I assume you have seen all the different types of decks come and go over the years with certain decks reigning supreme before being nerfed or rotated out. My question is in your opinion what was the most OP/powerful deck in hearthstone history? Further, has there been a slow drift that cards (and decks) have become more powerful than the classic set?

Love the podcast guys keep up the fantastic work.


Hey guys,

It just cannot be left like that - Joce saying that for HotS playing professional is the same as playing HL against how it is so much different in Hearthstone between tournaments and ladder is really not true. For HotS playing competitive is absolutely different than HL or even TL no matter what rank we're talking about. Competitive have much more focused drafts, better targeting, precise communication, shotcalling and strategy. There is a reason why teams play against each other to prepare instead of playing TL, that is just not similar experience. You can train personal skills playing HL but same can be said for Hearthstone where you can train playing deck on ladder but it is not the same as competitive for both of this game. I believe better example would be Starcraft if we want to give some.

Not ranting, not faulting just correcting because I play both games and care deeply about both and don't want people to misunderstood them.


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