CTDS Meeting Minutes: 8/7/2017

In Attendance: Derek, Wendy, Margaret

Agenda: Minutes from last meeting

Dance safety: make announcement about letting Board members know about safety/comfort concerns; add to website

Last meeting: Feather will not be a reliable host (no transportation). We could approach Johnathan (Christopher’s brother) about it. Christopher may need help on sound.

Report from last dances: W says seemed to go well. Almost broke even on Advanced Dance. Plenty of cash in box. In the future, we will start advanced dances at 7:30. We need to get word out sooner! Ask Steve to email us as soon as he books band for 9/30 Advanced Dance. Extra sticky sheets in closet.

Table Staples tax exemption process

August 26: Band: Ann Hoos and Bill Verdier $185.00; Caller: Beadle Vicki Herndon $75.00; Host: George will check with Stephen; Margaret will if Stephen can’t; Sound: George will check with Christopher and Chris; Suzanne will start back with ECD; Vikki already created FB event and will continue to share

2018 Schedule: Derek suggested 2 dances/month for June, July, August. The Board