High School Program Coordinator

Franklin High School


To support student community-based learning by collaborating with students, teachers, admin, parents, and partners.

Position Summary

The High School Program Coordinator (HSPC) is the ball of energy that supports students bringing volunteerism to the forefront of the school culture at Franklin High School. Collaboration coupled with relationship building is paramount to the HSPC as there are multiple people they will be supporting. This person will take on the lead roll at Franklin High School in serving five distinct programmatic areas:

  1. Student leaders meet after school on Thursdays to plan monthly volunteer events with mentors. These events are held on campus during Tutorial to make them easily accessible to the student body and will include community organizations and professionals intentionally as a way to connect volunteering to career education.
  2. The College and Career Counselor is a necessary partner in making the Monthly Volunteer Events possible in that they have a bevy of company connections through PPS who have already indicated the willingness to participate with students. By supporting students to create volunteer events with a career lens, you are providing the opportunity for it to become a Career Related Learning Experience, of which students need two to graduate high school.
  3. Once a month, the HSPC will run a workshop in eight AVID classes that focus on topics surrounding; Self-Awareness, community and volunteering knowledge, goal setting, and reflection of volunteering. This will require lesson planning, evaluating, and retooling. Working in the classroom directly with students will require a knowledge of classroom management and engagement.
  4. The SUN School has a goal to incorporate more parents on campus through consistent volunteer events. The HSPC will work with the SUN Coordinator to plan quarterly volunteer events on campus that specifically target families of color and low-income families to engage with their children in an effort to build a better relationship with the school.
  5. Franklin High School teachers who want to prepare field trips off campus spend more than four hours to plan the trip, complete all paperwork, make sure all of their students are signed up, communicate with the nonprofit off site, and to make sure they can continue teaching their current curriculum. The HSPC will work with two teachers to pinpoint the experience that they would like to have for their students, work with partners to make the trip a service-learning project, complete all necessary background work, and run a reflection with the class after the trip.

With an eye on sustainability, this position will require a strong focus on the cultivation of processes to build a base for expansion to other high schools. To assist in this, weekly meetings will be held with the ED, the VP of Programs, Partnerships, and Parental Involvement for support and guidance. Our Goal is to expand to one more high school in the fall of 2020 and two more by 2021. This position will be instrumental in making these goals possible.


We engage students in a lifelong exploration of career development through volunteerism and education.


Passion Impact sees a world where youth claim community engagement as a tool of connectivity, curiosity, growth and joy.

A Little About Us

Passion Impact is currently an all-volunteer-run nonprofit located in SE Portland determined to prepare youth to be powerful community leaders who intentionally chase their passions to better the lives of those around them. We serve all youth and especially encourage students of color and students who receive free and reduced lunch to participate in our programs. We believe that the education system needs a jumpstart and can benefit students greatly by implementing Community-Based Learning (CBL) pedagogy. Through CBL, students can actively apply their education to bettering the community and to understand how they want to impact it through their future careers. Students are encouraged to take the helm throughout PI as volunteers, Community Service Work-Study students, Interns, Board Members, and eventually paid staff. Our entrepreneurial spirit requires a “yes, and” approach to tackling problems as a team that we face for the first time on a daily basis. If you are willing to roll up your sleeves, create answers and processes, and find fun in creating a community from the roots, we encourage you to keep reading.

The position is based on 4.5 years of work within Franklin High School, an AmeriCorps member’s experiences, the current strategic direction of Portland Public School, and student’s input.

Office Location

5106 SE Powell Blvd, Portland, OR 97206

Franklin High School - Service Location

5405 SE Woodward St, Portland, OR 97206

Equity & Inclusion

Passion Impact is committed to maintaining a positive and professional environment that is free from any and all harassment and discrimination. Anyone working with, volunteering for, or representing Passion Impact in any capacity should feel safe and comfortable at Passion Impact. It is unlawful, and a violation of Passion Impact’s policy to discriminate or harass an individual based partly or wholly on the person’s race, color, national origin, age, religion, disability status, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information or marital status. Any and all harassment will result in either discipline, suspension, or termination of volunteer, intern or employment at Passion Impact.

Duties And Responsibilities Overview:

Key Accountabilities


Duty Statements

Thursday student leadership meetings after school

Mentor training and communication

Cultural volunteer events quarterly with SUN

Student Leadership

Shadowing the ED at other schools

Classroom workshops

GivePulse trainings in classes

Class reflections after service learning trips

Program evaluations

Percentage of Time


Key Accountabilities

Process and Admin Development

Duty Statements

Process development

Training with GivePulse company

GivePulse maintenance

Student profile updating

Database updates

Percentage of Time


Key Accountabilities


Duty Statements

Partner meetings

Calendar Planning

Service Learning Trip paperwork and coordination

College and Career Counselor

Communication with Partners

Weekly Check-ins with staff and Board members

Quarterly reviews

Teacher Meetings

Percentage of Time


Key Accountabilities

Lesson Planning

Duty Statements

Workshop Prep

Workshop Eval

Service Learning Trip Lesson Planning

Internship Curriculum Planning

Percentage of Time


Key Accountabilities


Duty Statements

Professional Development

Percentage of Time


Education and/or Experience:

Physical Requirements:


Desired Skills & Experience


Passion Impact

5106 SE Powell Blvd, Portland, OR 97206


Collaboration is the name of the game