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Oregon, Wednesday 18 October, 2017

Letter for:

His Excellency Bob Iger

Chief Executive Officer of the Walt Disney Company


Aurum Helix Group portfolio worth 15 trillion 865 billion USD (5-10 years maturity) +

A Roadmap for Reforming the United Nations

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I hope my letter finds you and your family in good health.  

My name is Naima Mouali. I am from Morocco. I am the President of the Aurum Helix Group consisting of the Multidimensional Innovation Centers, the Anaccell Corporation, the United Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the VAS (Value Added Skills) Training Centers, and the Collaborative Finance Company, among others.  

The whole Aurum Helix system aims to create sustainable enterprises and fewer bankruptcies. I have the honor to present New Morocco and the Aurum Helix Group portfolio currently worth 15 trillion 865 billion USD which will be carried out by a global network of multicultural and multidimensional incubators.  The intention is to link them all on one voice and data network which consists of fiber optic lines and of wireless communication including by satellite, and which crosses Africa, Latin America and Asia.  In this way, many countries and regions together will now be able to afford anything which seemed unaffordable previously.  

The Aurum Helix Group builds new economic systems involving everything which makes a community function well and which make it self-sufficient in nearly all aspects, and which helps it trade with the other communities.  The Aurum Helix Group wants to shape a better world, with more peace, stability  and justice, where the wealth is shared by all the members of a community.  Further In this letter, you will find an outline of what our group does exactly for achieving the better world that we are craving.  

Your Excellency Bob Iger, if I have reserved a very special place for the Walt Disney Company, because it is the only company so far that has succeeded in creating a world where fun, love and happiness are the master values on which the business is functioning and making profits. The proof is the number of tourists who have been to Disney World or to Disneyland return with stories about how happy they have been during a definite moment of time.  

Just like Disney, all the companies are suppliers of well being, convenience and comfort for which the customers pays a price.  Only the Walt Disney Company has the art of making the moment of fascination and satisfaction last much longer, extending over several days or weeks, because of a multidimensional ecosystem which speaks to all the senses and the emotions, and which builds up the happiness of the customers, from the the arrival until the departure.

The customers are happy because they have experienced the better world.  It is a world with fewer worries,  It is not a fantasy any more, from the moment when you have real human beings behind the creation of this kind of world, where the people enjoy the fun and where everyone wants to go to.  

While the Walt Disney Company has the art of making sure that the satisfaction is achieved in all aspects, and while the approach is focused on the happiness of the customer, the Aurum Helix Group has a similar multidimensional approach for building the wealth and the health of the small and the medium-sized enterprises.  Our aim is to extend the approach further for keeping entire communities happy and economically stable.  

I may sound like a Fairy Godmother, but my country Morocco was ruled by a highly tyrannic Godfather, a man who was thriving on evil and who makes the people think that they will become happier if they follow his economic cooperation program, and who was curiously privileging the tourism development.  

Tourism is normally about fun, but the Godfather of Morocco shaped the tourism in Morocco according to a type of fun with which nobody is pleased.  He succeeded in attracting big masses of very unhappy visitors who were coming like demoralized and depleted fugitives from an infernal region where they work so hard the whole year for paying 50 % taxes.  

Some come basically for killing their time under the Sun, others come to experience a little bit of pleasure and delight which is too expensive in their own country, and to fly back to their tormented lives in Europe, where they are punished by the heavy tax system every day.  The high taxes do take the pleasure out of life as a whole and out of the entrepreneurship for sure.  They also encourage fraud as a way for the people to make some money.  An example of fraud is to bring cash money from the tourism countries.

I am an observer of tourism investment, and I found that Morocco too was being punished for supplying the Sun and the fun.  “Who is Selling the Sun to Whom” is a study by the United Chambers of Commerce and Industry which examines the earnings of the Moroccan tourism sector, based on the figures of the The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC).  The final conclusion was an external deficit for Morocco, which contrasts sharply with the success of the country as a tourist destination.  

Based on this study the United Chambers launched the New Morocco tourism program by developing brands and tourism operators for Moroccan cities, just like Disneyland Resort Paris, for instance is an independent and private commercial operator.  

An example of Moroccan tourism brand is Wecasablanca which is still very new, and already successfully attracting foreign tourists and investors from big countries like the USA, Canada, China and Russia. Our hospitality incubators will be developing new independent tourism operators like Wecasablanca.

An example of an incubator is the Halal Village hospitality concept for bringing back the balance in terms of happiness, wellbeing, discovery, experience, knowledge, joy and above all value for money.  It is a concept which was designed to address the very poor entrepreneurship culture in the Islamic countries, by organizing educational tourism programs inside our Halal incubators, in countries with a rich entrepreneurship culture.  Allow me to explain what Halal means :    

In the Islamic religion, we have the concept which is called “Halal”.  “Halal” means wholesome, virtuous, pure, and it is identical to the Kosher, the Jewish concept of living a pure and salutary life.  I found a perfect definition of Kosher on the Antwerp City Page.

The scope of Halal is all-embracing, it includes the food, ecology, the individual behavior, the human relations, the contracts, the finance and the economy as a whole. The role of Halal is to protect the individuals against bad luck, against evil and against diseases like HIV and cancer.

The meaning of Halal is to boost the energy


The rules for Halal are fixed in the Sharia law and the ultimate aim is sustainability and growth.   The ultimate objective is the same like the one of the Fairy Godmother, the Jewish Kashrut, the Catholic Bible, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the policies and approaches of the Walt Disney Company.  Halal is for all the people whether they are Mohammedan or not; and you call it what you like, for as long as it is pure and wholesome.

Islam is Also Our History” is an Expo currently in Brussels, which is organized by members of the Israeli mission in Brussels.  It is part of everyone’s heritage.  It aims at unity, not division between all the people.  My letter to the investors about the Aurum Helix Group investment portfolio, which I am presenting in this letter is a response to the alienating islamist attacks everywhere.

Please have a look into the Halal Village hospitality concept, which we plan to roll out our entrepreneurship training programs through the incubator network in various countries.  Discover  in our latest newsletter, the business themes that we will be covering.  One major themes around which all the other themes will be centered and which will animate very much our global community is tourism.  

Another type of incubator is the Diamond Life Incubator, which I will outline further down in this letter.  The Aurum Helix Group creates and shapes incubators and eco-systems for every field of activity to turn it into big and profitable global industry.

Tourism has been the object of many power struggles during the past 50 years, because the tourism destination countries have poorly defined their products and services, and they were relying on the wrong investors for their tourism infrastructure.  

Your Excellency and I must start by helping many countries, like Morocco, redefine their tourism sector.  We must delimitate and specify the characteristics of what tourism is precisely and what a country ought to get out of it.  

We must organize a conference and propose a charter to many countries, and have it signed, just like they have signed the Bretton-Woods agreement for instance, or the COP, the Paris agreement on Climate Change, of which not everyone is convinced.  By the will of the Almighty, we will achieve an unanimous agreement on what tourism is and how they understand it for their countries.  We will also convince what their central banks should expect in terms of income and expenses.  The aim of the conference is to end the power struggles around tourism for good.  

While we have Halal as the standard in all the Islamic countries, we need a standard for building parks and resorts, for managing them, for the hospitality, for the marketing and the selling of the service on foreign markets, and for making the hospitality profitable in full transparency.  We need a model.

“There is a lot we can learn from the Walt Disney Company”, I stated in an e-mail to His Royal Highness Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.  I showed him the study named “Who is Selling the Sun to Whom”, because he is the major shareholder of Disneyland Paris, with the idea to partner with the Walt Disney Institute.   I have the honor to supply a copy of the letter with a comprehensive overview of the motive behind the analysis which helped me spot where the income for Morocco goes.

So, why not export the Walt Disney Company know-how to entire countries ?   Why not extend the art of happiness into much longer periods and in many areas of the daily life ?  Why not extend the same program of fun and happiness to the rest of the company and to the workers ?   This is why I believe that making a better world is possible together. I would like a long term partnership with a familiar and trusted name like the Walt Disney Company.

I will get back to tourism in a moment.  Allow me first to refer you to a page with the my correspondence to all the world leaders for guiding them towards a better control over the tourism sector, and above all towards peace.  

If just like me, you are looking to expand the wealth of the Walt Disney Company, with new markets, innovations and technology, then I am pleased to inform that since Spring of this year, the Aurum Helix group investment portfolio has evolved  from 4 trillion 665 billion USD to 15 trillion 865 billion USD of investment which covers businesses that mature between 5 and 10 years.  

The three main areas of value which justify the market price of our group are :

  1. The Diamond Life Incubator, a jewel in which you might be very interested, as it combines a real estate for shopping malls and tourism enterprise incubators for the diamond land in Antwerp, and the strategic corporate finance services around the precious metals and stones.  I am suggesting partnerships with many African countries. 

A diamond life will not be exclusively for a small group of very rich people.  Given the savings which the people will be making through the other projects in our portfolio,in the energy, the transport, the telecoms and the water, most workers will have a residual budget to spend on international travel, on gifts like diamonds tailored to their budgets and likes, or on investment in their national golden mints.  Go to DIAMOND LIFE INCUBATOR.

  1. Tourism is the vital part of this concept, and our immediate plan is to create partnerships with investors in tourism, hotels, fun parks and entertainment, and with the best travel

Small relative tourism size vs big absolute size of Belgium.jpg

and hospitality academies in the world.  Our choice to be in Antwerp will help us benefit from the historic expertise in Belgium to have a tourism sector of which the income and the impact on the GDP is more than four times the total value of the sector itself (see pie on the left).  You will find more details about this pie in “Who is Selling the Sun to Whom”.

All the countries would like to learn how to make a tourism pie exactly like this one.  Our Diamond Life Incubator in Antwerp will help shape and model the brands for many other countries according to the highest moral and financial standards.  

Yet, despite the top ranking tourism figures for Belgium, in terms of income, according to the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), the employment in the Belgian tourism leaves apparently a lot to desire (see page 7 of WTTC report).  The diamond traders and the jobless ex-workers at the Antwerp diamond industry confirmed to me that there was a sharp decline of tourism in 2012.  It didn't pick up much ever since, and another strategy was needed to boost the sector.  The Diamond Life Tower is the solution which I suggested to the Mayor of Antwerp.  Please have a look in the current program for animating the Diamond Life Tower 

While the Diamond Life Tower is one solution, I believe that Disney will definitye

Digital Unity, is part of this transformation in the tourism sector and it combines virtual and physical global market creation for the small and medium-sized companies, humanitarian aid and disaster relief services with Speed of Light, high volumes advertisement on a the social card medium, and business globalization support services.  I have made the plan known to President Donald Trump when I was very pleased on how the Americans were preparing for Hurricane Harvey.  

        Why would we do anything if it wasn't for the future generation of citizens around the world.  In all our projects, we never forget the children who we want to help rear as responsible multidimensional and multicultural entrepreneurs, who will have an easy contact with anyone in the world and who will travel more than my generation and yours.  With the e-interpretation functionality on Digital Unity (Internet II), the language will no longer be a big obstacle as well as with the new e-interpretation capability.

        Twitter for Kids is our approach. Things will improve in our world only when we take care of educating well the future men and women to respect one another no matter what color or creed, to respect each other's property, to value each other's talents, and above all to distinguish a friend from an enemy, in the psychology, in the action and in the figures.  We will stand out with this application for the children, as there is no social media application specifically made for the children to communicate with the parents and with each other safely, for dialing for help and for learning more about our world.  So far, they have only invented parental control.  

Yes, I agree that a child has to remain child and learn to socialize with real people rather than through an iPhone or a smartphone.  Twitter for Kids works with the same concerns of any parent and it aims to improve the normal contact which the children make with the outside world, which is to talk normally instead of bullying, for instance.  It must become something which shapes the thinking, the morals and the behavior in good ways everywhere in the world.  It should help them recognize and report unusual situations to the law-enforcement authorities, with just a push on a button.  It aims to help the children get used to play or work in partnerships and to boost community building.

      Twitter for Kids is an inherent part of Digital Unity ecosystem, the other Internet with which we aim to close the disgraceful digital gap.  The application will grow with the child from 6 months to 16 years, which will be referred to as the Twitter generation.  It will include games, competitions, “How To's” and a more automated parental control.  A child in Malawi, Niger, Haiti or Peru will know as much as a child in New York, Paris, London, Helsinki or Doha. The child of the poor will know as much as the richest children.  

This is called “closing the gap” 

My letter to Twitter CFO/COO Anthony Noto

For achieving this, I have just re-introduced my funding request for Digital Unity project with His Highness Sheikh Sabah Khaled Al-Hamad Al Sabah of the Kuwait Fund,

  1. The third high value project is the network of H2O Centers of Excellence for developing new water supply and evacuation system, as well as tourism packages for international business education and water fun.  

Please discover more about these three sectors in our letter to the Investors.  

Allow me to insist again on a major collaboration project named "From Mawazine to Panama Papers", in which we seek to educate the youth in applying the DNA-Business-Finance methodology for investigating World Wars I and II, and which involves all the universities in the world.  It is the step which opens doors to all the other projects that are part of the Aurum Helix portfolio. For more, may I refer to my letter of 26 September 2015 to the Chairman of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation.  

While we prudently aim to take it one step at a time, this recent expansion in less than five months tells you who we are.  We are definitely not trying to surprise anybody, but the value of our portfolio will increase sharply again with trillions of USD over the next few months with high value sectors such as the other utility infrastructures and the renewable energy, the airport incubator development, the excellence centers in shipbuilding, the aircraft building, the trains, and the e-commerce for DNA-Driven health care which will be featured in our next letter to the Investor.  

Aurum Helix develops exciting projects which combine plans for improving simultaneously the social, the economic and the environmental aspects, and for the growth of your company in this way.  Growth is inevitable when one thinks and operates in a multidimensional and in a multicultural way.  It keeps new ideas flowing in.  There is no more reason for busts.  There will be no more financial crises, recessions, and bankruptcies like in the previous economy.

That is our promise.  Please read our letter to the investor for further details, and let me know who else in your industry might be interested in participating in our investment programs. Should there be any interest for a partnership, then please find enclosed a provisional pro-forma MoU.

With deep gratitude in advance, may I request your help in making our projects real and in keeping the promise, every day.  Your investment or donation, today, however small, will immediately make a big difference tomorrow for many children, especially in Africa.

Should you have questions or if you need more details, please do not hesitate to contact me, Your Excellency Bob Iger, Chief Executive Officer of the Walt Disney Company.  My details are further below.  I will be really very happy to answer all your questions.

Beforehand I thank you greatly for your support.

Yours sincerely,

Naima Mouali

President of United Chambers and Innovation Consultant

Founder of Anaccell Corporation

e-mail : unitedchambers@firemail.de

Phone:+ 1 541 366 4478

WhatsApp + 32 465 40 15 98

Fax : + 44 (0) 871 314 0556

Twitter: @unitedchambers @meedanaltatweer

Attachment : Letter to the Investor

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