Chapter 330

Angel And Rakshasa

(TL by Bagelson)


Rather than two people flying out of the Spirit Empire army, they should be called two gods. God of Angels Qian Renxue, and a purple armored Rakshasa God Bibi Dong. And Tang San now also clearly saw that the commander of the Spirit Empire army below was astonishingly the Spirit Empire’s holy maiden, Hu Liena.

Blue light quietly formed revolving around Tang San, light flashed, and all of Jialing Pass turned into a world of blue, driving away the deep purple and golden red colored sky. Tang San had already flown out of Jialing Pass, appearing in midair.

How? Tang San’s mind was blank. Everything had been in his control, but he had never imagined this situation.

Indeed, the Spirit Empire’s less than hundred thousand men didn’t count for much, but Bibi Dong and Qian Renxue facing him now were gods that could overturn the entire Heaven Dou Empire.

The change in Bibi Dong’s appearance was enormous, before she had been noble and stunning, and even as an enemy, Tang San had to admit that her temperament was the most noble of all the women he’d met. However, now Bibi Dong only radiated an intensely evil aura, calling her blue faced and viciously fanged was in no way excessive. Her blue-green face and purple armor formed a clear contrast. Her armor was covered in a purple cloud with a vicious smell, and from either side of her back extended four giant sickle blades.

Without a doubt, Bibi Dong no was no longer Bibi Dong from the past. While her aura might be wicked, her god level energy waves weren’t fake. It was also her ability that had previously concealed her divine intent, hiding her and Qian Renxue’s presence.

Gazing at Bibi Dong, Tang San spoke in a low voice:
“Three days ago, you had already returned, right?”

Bibi Dong gave a cold laugh,
“Kid, how unexpected. Not only did you and her become gods, I too inherited the Rakshasa God’s divinity. You both had it much simpler than me. In order to inherit the Rakshasa God, I spent a whole twenty years. Don’t tell me you never wondered how I could have such a high position in Spirit Hall that even Qian Daoliu didn’t dare easily touch me? That was because he sensed the divinity in me. If I hadn’t always been secretly accepting the Rakshasa God’s inheritance, do you believe you could have beaten be with that measly spirit power when we both had twin spirits? Now I have finally completed the inheritance. When I underwent the inheritance I was already a rank ninety nine Title Douluo with twin spirits. So what if you defeated my spirit master legions? I will retrieve all of it. The Douluo continent will be my domain.”

Tang San looked coldly at Bibi Dong,
“To quote yourself, aren’t you afraid the wind will get your tongue?”

Bibi Dong laughed shrilly, making the ears of anyone who listened ache. Even the blue Seagod Domain Tang San had released wavered in this sharp sound.

“Tang San, is your jaw still locked even now? Right, you really are very strong, I admit you are definitely outstanding in the young generation, so much that even this daughter of mine isn't your opponent after inheriting the God of Angels. However, you no longer face just her alone, but me as well. Even one against one you might not be able to beat me, so how would you stand a chance against both of us? Today is the day of your death. You’re right, I came three days ago. Unfortunately it was still one step late and I missed that battle, letting you get away with it. I had to bear patiently for three days to treat little Xue’s injuries and help her regain her strength.

Tang San suddenly smiled,
“Bibi Dong, is this your confidence? Why would you need to wait three days to know if you could defeat me? It seems your divine intent really isn’t clear.”

Qian Renxue had been silent for a long time, but finally coldly opened her mouth, gazing at Tang San:
“There’s no benefit to more talk. Bibi Dong, remember, I have never admitted to being your daughter. Kill Tang San first. We’ll settle our affairs later.”

Bibi Dong glanced over at Qian Renxue, her eyes immediately turning moss green, and within that dark green color was also something like a black web, looking extremely strange. A giant dark purple sickle appeared in her hand. She and Qian Renxue holding the Angelic Sacred Sword instantly separated, one left and one right.

All this was really too sudden for Tang San. Even though he’d felt uneasy when he couldn’t track and kill Qian Renxue before, he had never been concerned. After all, after he’d planted the seed of defeat in her heart she was completely unable to threaten him, and she wasn’t his opponent in terms of pure strength either.

However, Bibi Dong’s appearance turned everything on it’s head. Regret changed nothing, but he couldn’t help feeling intense remorse. Ever since he defeated Bibi Dong, Tang San had somewhat overlooked her. Especially Qian Renxue becoming a god and chasing him had made him consider her as his strongest enemy. Since he had become the Seagod, Tang San was even less inclined to consider Bibi Dong who he defeated before becoming god as a threat. He’d neglected that Bibi Dong was like him, a holder of twin spirits, and had long since reached the rank ninety nine level. How could she never have considered striving for divinity?

Taking a step back, if he could have killed Qian Renxue before returning to rescue Jialing Pass that day, he wouldn’t be so passive now. If he faced Bibi Dong alone, Tang San was confident he could at least fight, and who would be the victor couldn’t be said. But now the enemies had doubled. One god against two gods definitely wasn’t as simple as one spirit master against two spirit masters of the same rank.

The corners of his mouth shifting, Tang San revealed a self mocking expression. When he faced Qian Renxue three days ago he had been wary of her trying a suicide attack. But now their positions were completely reversed. The one that had to stake their life was him.

The top of Jialing Pass was now already dead silent. The soldiers wouldn’t feel concerned, in their minds Tang San was unequalled, but all the powers saw that the situation was far from good. This was obvious from how the purple light Bibi Dong emanated was fully capable of rivalling the Angelic power Qian Renxue released. Tang San clearly had no problem fighting one Qian Renxue, but now another enemy with at least her level of strength had appeared. One against two, could he still win?

Just as a haze filled Jialing Pass, the battle in the sky had already begun. The one who took the initiative was unexpectedly the underdog Tang San.

The blue light suddenly converged, and Tang San abruptly flew up, the Seagod Eight Wings unfolding from his back, beating with all their strength and sending him like a blue shooting star towards Qian Renxue on the left. Due to completely drawing the Seagod Domain he released earlier to himself, in this instant, he was completely enveloped in blue light, and couldn’t be seen.

Qian Renxue’s heart startled, even though she came with Bibi Dong this time, when facing Tang San the oppressive feeling in her heart didn’t weaken in the slightest. After all, whenever she fought Tang San in the past she had been at a disadvantage, and this habitual attitude made her divine sense muddled whenever she faced him. Seeing Tang San attack her, the Angelic Sacred Sword rose sharply, intense golden light blossoming like a sun, she also turning into a golden ball of light, meeting Tang San’s attack.

Tang San of course had his reasons for striking Qian Renxue first. After all, he’d crossed swords with Qian Renxue several times and was fully familiar with her abilities, completely holding the advantage. Compared to Bibi Dong he was more confident in facing Qian Renxue. In one against two, if he couldn’t take the initiative, then there would be no point to continuing the battle. If he let the mother daughter pair charge up the full divine power of two gods, he held no confidence in blocking.

Bibi Dong didn’t expect Tang San to strike this quickly either, but her expression didn’t change in the slightest. That giant sickle in her hand swung quietly, and a strange scene appeared. The portion of purple light in the sky that belonged to her rolled forward with the gian sickle, turning into a several hundred meter long giant blade that chopped straight at Tang San’s back. An attack that had to be dodged, the strategy of besieging Wei to rescue Zhao.

Tang San was already in front of Qian Renxue before the threat behind him arrived. Faced with that familiar power of True Sunfire, Tang San’s eyes flashed with divine light, and his incomparably high speed charge came to a sudden halt thirty meters away from Qian Renxue. In fact, he really had been using the full power of the Seagod to charge forward, and coming to such a sudden halt was equivalent to an attack on himself. The expression on his face wavered, clearly enduring an intense impact. However, even in these circumstances, Tang San’s actions never slowed for a moment, still as fluent as clouds and water, completing his plan.

The Seagod’s Raiment he wore suddenly exploded, brilliant blue light instantly folding. His body, armor and the Seagod Trident instantly merged into one, and then turned into that giant Seagod Trident. Intense blue light swept out, meeting Bibi Dong’s attack.

Bibi Dong hadn’t seen Tang San’s move. Qian Renxue had, but she was just defending with all her strength against the impending attack. Once she saw Tang San suddenly stop in midair and change the direction of his attack, there was no longer enough time to react.

The three were all gods, their attacks were as fast as sparking lightning. One might say that the first feeling was the most important in battles between gods. If that feeling was wrong, you would immediately pay the price.

The Seagod Trident was already pure gold, and that familiar speck of golden light easily floated out, just blending into Bibi Dong’s seemingly world rending purple sickle blade. Immediately after, the golden trident spun, and that sickle light blade seemed to attack on its own, striking straight towards Qian Renxue. She was now only twenty meters from Tang San, and when Tang San’s trident rolled, the purple sickle was already in front of her.


Even Tang San himself was shocked at the result. Qian Renxue’s golden light ball was unexpectedly forcibly destroyed by that purple sickle, and she gave a muffled grunt in the air, clearly injured.

Bibi Dong was actually this powerful? Even though he took a bit of advantage by using the Big Dipper to use her force, Tang San was still secretly shocked. Even though Qian Renxue responded in a panic and also lost the rhythm of her defense because of Tang San suddenly stopping his attack, both being gods, Bibi Dong’s attack was actually able to blast away Qian Renxue, it was clear how enormous the energy contained in the attack was. Moreover, even if Tang San only relied on his force as a guide, he could still clearly feel an extremely icy wicked divine sense charging at him, forcing him to devote a lot of his divine sense to shield himself.

“What a sly brat.”
With a flash of purple shadow, Bibi Dong stepped in the air. Just one step, but she actually arrived in front of Tang San. The purple sickle in her hand slid through the air, appearing in front of the golden trident by a strange arc.

Light flashed, and a golden silhouette separated from the golden trident, Tang San. However, right now all of his Seagod Raiment had turned completely golden, rather than its original blue. He swung the golden trident in his grasp upward in a circle, forming a perfect circle in the air. Unfixed Storm blocked Bibi Dong’s attack.

A resounding crack echoed in the air, and Tang San felt his golden trident clearly slow down mid swing. The power of Bibi Dong’s purple sickle wasn’t stronger than his, but the evil intent it contained constantly assaulted his divine sense while both weapons clashed, making him feel extremely unwell. Clearly, the divine power of light that the Seagod divine power held wasn’t enough to withstand the Rakshasa God’s peculiar wickedness. This bit was also obvious from when Qian Renxue was beaten away earlier; even the Angelic power’s pure sacred force couldn’t completely dissolve the Rakshasa God’s evil, so how could Tang San’s divine power that only held a smidgen of light do better?

With a ringing sound, Tang San and Bibi Dong parted like lightning in the air. A stream of purple black turbulence was already twisting around Tang San, and a whirlpool of blue energy was also around Bibi Dong. Their divine powers simultaneously invaded the enemy, clearly neither of them was at an advantage.

Even though it looked like this on the surface, Tang San had actually gotten the worst of it. After all, when he previously relied on the Big Dipper to shift the attack to Qian Renxue he had forcefully stopped his momentum from flying, leaving his breathing uneven. He’d futher used the Golden Thirteen Halberds’ final form, and then repeatedly faced Bibi Dong’s attacks. Naturally his condition wouldn’t be ideal. Fortunately, Tang San had brought out the true power of the Seagod, and was still able to block. Only with the golden trident transformed, turning his Seagod Raiment completely golden, was his Seagod power and his divine sense completely attuned, just like Qian Renxue’s True Sunfire combination. This showed just how careful Tang San was in his previous fight with Qian Renxue, always holding back some insurance. But in the present situation he could no longer hold anything in reserve.

Tang San now knew that he absolutely couldn’t stop. Otherwise, if he was besieged by both mother and daughter gods, he would be in danger.

Consequently, at the same time as Tang San separated from Bibi Dong, the eight wings on his back beat, and he flipped over in the air, using the momentum from Bibi Dong’s attack to accelerate with all his strength, flying backwards.

Right now Bibi Dong was just balancing in the air, her face showing traces of purple. Her gorgeous Angelic Raiment constantly glinted with rays of purple light. Bibi Dong apparently hated Tang San to the bone, and her first attack earlier was launched with the fully charged up Rakshasa God Domain. Even the god level Qian Renxue couldn’t avoid being injured. Luckily her Angelic Domain was purely light attributed, giving it a very powerful resistance against the Rakshasa God’s evil energy. But even so, her complexion was extremely ugly, at least she’d suffered some injuries.

Even though Qian Renxue’s Angelic Raiment had recovered over the three days time, her all out attack against Tang San back then had after all been extremely exhausting, injuring her roots. That wasn’t something a few days of healing could recoup. Further adding Tang San’s constantly changing moves, and the unexpected use of the Big Dipper, this time she’d suffered heavily.

Before Qian Renxue had caught her breath, she saw that golden silhouette swiftly grow bigger in her vision, and she couldn’t help feeling bitter. Oh Tang San, do you really take me for a pushover? Golden light flashed in her eyes, and Qian Renxue made a choice that Tang San had never expected.

She sharply bit the tip of her tongue, spraying a mouthful of blood on her Angelic Sacred Sword. Her whole body seemed to suddenly expand a bit, and with a resounding explosion, that instant, her Angelic Raiment burst, turning into a massive sweeping flame. The True Sunfire formed by the Angelic Raiment breaking turned into a giant angelic figure in the air. That terrifying energy made the surrounding space darken, it was the Sun Angel she bet her life against Tang San with three days ago.

The difference was that this time Qian Renxue didn’t use the Sun Angel to directly attack Tang San, but rather controlled all the energy of that swollen God of Angels to condense in front of her. The incomparable True Sunfire moved along with her, forcibly blocking Tang San’s path.

It was a fact that a cornered dog would leap a wall, let alone a god. Tang San had definitely never expected Qian Renxue actually choose not spare her foundational power when the mother-daughter pair had such a clear advantage. The originally weakest point suddenly became the strongest, the scorching heat of the Sun Angel even shattered the space, it really was too great a threat.

Even if Qian Renxue hesitated a moment, the circumstances still wouldn’t be this bad. At least Tang San still had a chance to react. However, when Qian Renxue produced the Sun Angel, his distance to Qian Renxue was yet again that subtle twenty meters. But this time was completely different from last time. The energy of the Sun Angel was really too terrifying, Qian Renxue used an instant burst of divine power to target Tang San. The Sun Angel exploded with divine intent, turning into pure pressure. Golden red light covered it in a moment. The Sun Angel’s six giant wings instantly closed.

The burst this time differed somewhat to three days ago. Back then Qian Renxue had battled Tang San for a long time, using the Sun Angel at the last juncture after spending considerable divine power. But this time she launched this potent attack from the beginning. As a result, she still had some energy left over to keep herself in the air.

Seeing Qian Renxue’s reaction, Bibi Dong was shocked as well. But how could she pass up such an opportunity? Glaring purple light instantly erupted, and apart from the giant sickle in her hand, those eight purple sickles on her back also flew out at the same time. The nine sickles instantly combined, turning into a completely dark purple Rakshasa scythe with countless spiraling magic patterns, slashing straight at Tang San’s back.

With a deadly threat approaching from behind and the enormous pressure ahead, Tang San suddenly understood something. In god level confrontations, controlling the battlefield was extremely difficult. Because battles at this level had too many variables. The battlefield that he originally thought was already under his control had been upset because of Qian Renxue’s near hysterical effort, even placing him in a difficult spot. With two gods as opponents, even if they only did it subconsciously, they could still form perfect cooperation through their divine sense.

Boom—— Qian Renxue didn’t have a monopoly on going all out. Faced with near certain death, Tang San exploded.

Around him, ten spirit rings including the god level spirit rings, collapsed in an instant. He actually used the Great Sumeru Hammer’s Ring Detonation on god level power.

The golden trident changed like an illusion in the air, that extremely profound style flowing smoothly, instantly transforming into countless trident shadows. The Golden Thirteen Halberds, thirteen as one. Around Tang San, the Seagod’s power exploded like a volcano as ten spirit rings burst simultaneously.

It was also at this split second that he was forced to a stop ten meters in front of the Sun Angel. Despite the Sun Angel’s terrifying energy, in the moment of his Ring Detonation, the True Sunfire was still unable to advance even a little.

An ice cold voice reverberated in the sky, filled with sorrow and vastness,
“Sea——god’s—— Twi——light——”

Tang San’s whole body including the Seagod’s Raiment, now completely turned into strange yellow crystal, an immense yellow pillar of light suddenly shooting from him, aimed straight at the menacingly enormous Sun Angel in front.

Water and fire mutually countered each other to begin with, and when that incomparable Seagod energy clashed with Qian Renxue’s Sun Angel, an immeasurably enormous shockwave formed in the air.

A white hot ring of light detonated from where the two energies clashed, and five hundred meters in the air turned completely incandescent. Even though the explosion was high in the air, that terrifying pressure still made anyone below the Title Douluo level kneel on the ground, shivering and unable to budge.

The Sun Angel disappeared, and there was still a third of that enormous golden pillar Tang San unleashed remaining. Tang San used fact to prove the distance between him and Qian Renxue. However, this Seagod’s Twilight ultimately failed to strike Qian Renxue.

In the instant the two terrifying divine forces collided, Bibi Dong’s Rakshasa Scythe was already behind Tang San. Facing the Rakshasa Scythe was Tang San’s Seagod Eight Wings. The wings instantly folded, trying to catch the scythe in between. However, this divine weapon condensed from Rakshasa God Bibi Dong’s full strength wasn’t so easily blocked.

At the same time as that massive blast wave erupted, Tang San’s Seagod Eight Wings were crushed by the frightfully evil force. The blast wave caused by the clash of the Seagod and Angel God together with the Seagod Eight Wings completely shattering still wasn’t enough to fully stop the Rakshasa God’s attack. After all, Tang San’s full attack power was directed at the Sun Angel in front of him. What he could do in the end was try his best to shift half a step sideways, avoiding a hit to his heart. The dark purple light disappeared into the right side of his back, then pierced through his chest armor, protruding from the right side of his chest. Tang San could no longer keep his balance, and he toppled forward, the Seagod’s Twilight tilting, the remaining third of its power barely brushing by Qian Renxue. Her left arm seemed to evaporate, disappearing completely, and her body was blasted away by the enormous force, spinning as she fell in the distance.

Bibi Dong roared, a dark purple string cutting through the air, winding around Qian Renxue in an instant and pulling her back. Even as the god of evil, her heart was filled with fear. Just that bit off! Qian Renxue would have been swallowed by Tang San’s Seagod Twilight. No matter how rigid Bibi Dong and Qian Renxue’s relationship was, they were still related by blood, and in the end she was still her daughter.

When Bibi Dong pulled back Qian Renxue, this God of Angels was already fully unconscious. And Bibi Dong’s divine power wasn’t able to heal her any more, she could only rely on her own to recover.

A dark purple ring of light burst from Bibi Dong’s right hand, making a grabbing motion towards the Rakshasa Scythe lodged in Tang San’s body. She hated Tang San to the extreme, and would detonate Rakshasa Scythe to annihilate this Seagod that nearly killed her daughter.

Pu—— Tang San’s hands suddenly grabbed the blade protruding from his chest. His divine sense and remaining divine power condensed on his hands in an instant, stubbornly refusing to let the wicked divine power of the Rakshasa Scythe erupt.

Tang San felt a chill, a vold that seemed to emanate from his soul. Without a doubt, under the enemy’s near fatal attack he had defeated Qian Renxue, making her lose any strength to fight, and even nearly killed her. He couldn’t have done any better. However, he ultimately faced two gods! The even stronger Bibi Dong’s all out attack was more than he could deal with.

Could he have reached the end of his life here? That icy feeling grew stronger and stronger, as if it would swallow his soul.

Tightly gripping that giant Raksahsa Scythe, Tang San started to slowly pull out this divine weapon bit by bit. The sound of the Rakshasa Scythe grinding against the Seagod Raiment made everyone who watched below shudder.

“Little San——”
Tang Hao was sick with worry, fiercely leaping from the top of Jialing Pass. In midair, he threw out his Clear Sky Hammer, also using the Great Sumeru Hammer. Nine rings shattered, all their energy exploding with this one attack, straight at Bibi Dong.

Grandmaster cried out at the same time. He didn’t have the ability to help Tang San, and his hands tightly gripped the battlements until his fingernails were cracking and bleeding.

Boom—— A giant shadow flew from Jialing Pass, unexpectedly a giant bone dragon. This was Bone Douluo Gu Rong’s ninth spirit ability, Divine Bone Dragon. On its back stood Sword Douluo Chen Xin.

Seven colored light shot from the top of the walls, Ning Fengzhi supporting them with his full strength. He had only one goa, to snatch Tang San from Bibi Dong’s hands.

Bibi Dong gave a cold snort, her right hand still controlling the Rakshasa Scythe, the dark purple strings around her already lowering Qian Renxue into Hu Liena’s arms. Her left hand swept through the air, and a ray of dark purple light struck Tang Hao’s exploding Clear Sky Hammer.

Boom—— Light rained in all directions, and Bibi Dong’s expression changed slightly. Clearly, she hadn’t thought Tang Hao’s attack could actually erupt with such power, his full strength was already infinitely close to a god.

Along with Tang Hao’s attack, Bibi Dong’s divine sense that was surveilling Tang San wavered for an instant, and Tang San caught this opportunity, abruptly pulling the Rakshasa Scythe from his chest, with a rain of golden blood.

Bibi Dong gave a cold snort, and the Rakshasa Scythe Tang San held detonated, directly turning into nine giant sickles that burst in front of him. Tang San’s hands were shredded by those nine devil blades, and even the Seagod Raiment arm guards turned into fragments that sprayed in all directions. His spirit power really was too weak after launching Seagod Twilight, basically not enough to resist Bibi Dong’s attack. With a miserable grunt, he fell straight down. Luckily his divine sense could control the Seagod Trident to sweep out, just managing to block the pursuit of the nine sickles.

A giant sword filled the sky, Sword Douluo Chen Xin’s Sword Unity. Leaping from the bone dragon’s back, straight at Bibi Dong, right now this Sword Douluo’s eyes were filled with the will to die. When he completely forgot about survival, this sword strike became the pinnacle attack of his life.

Bone Douluo’s giant body even more directly charged at Bibi Dong, every bone emanating deathly pale light.

These two Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School elders were investing all their spirit power and vitality into this one attack. No eggs remain untouched in an overturned nest. They both understood that if Tang San died in Bibi Dong’s hands, then even if the Spirit Empire didn’t have a single soldier, it would still be a catastrophe for the Heaven Dou Empire.

Bibi Dong’s vicious face was filled with disdain. Light flashed, and she disappeared. Left in her place were her nine devil sickles.

“Bibi Dong, you dare!”
Tang San roared, divine light flashing in his eyes. Just managing to catch his balance, he faced Bibi Dong who appeared suddenly in front of him. He didn’t have a trace of fear. In that instant, a surging mental power abruptly exploded from Tang San. Two rays of glittering golden light shot out, straight towards Bibi Dong.

Bibi Dong instantly had a strange feeling. She knew that these two rays of golden light were condensed from Tang San’s last mental energy, his last all out attack, but she still couldn’t dodge, as if she was drawn in by the light in his eyes, like her soul had left her body.

“Not good.”
Bibi Dong cried out inwardly. She obviously hadn’t expected Tang San to still be able to condense an attack of this level at this time.

However, no matter what, Tang San had no way of stopping what happened meanwhile. Those nine wicked Rakshasa sickles met Sword Douluo Chen Xin and Bone Douluo Gu Rong.

Both clashes happened nearly simultaneously. Countless deathly pale bones shattered in the air, and the spirit sword that had followed Chen Xin all his life instantly broke. Two Title Douluo that had moved unhindered on the continent for a lifetime died miserably in midair. This was the gap between men and gods.

On Jialing Pass, a deathly pale Xiao Wu just reached the top of the walls with ning Rongrong and Oscar. They had received the news a step late, and could only arrive to see the scene of Tang San and Bibi Dong’s last clash.