Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens if the device is damaged or lost?

The Chromebooks are quite durable, if cared for properly it is very unlikely they will become damaged. If loss or damage does occur, please contact the tech help desk at WJHS.  Students and parents will be responsible for district-owned technology property that is issued to them, just as they are for other district-owned items such as text books, calculators, cameras, athletics equipment or library books. The district will repair or replace the device, but students and parents will be responsible for the cost of those repairs or replaced devices.

Replacement Cost is defined as the cost the district will pay to purchase a new Chromebook to replace the damaged Chromebook.

Can students bring their own devices rather than use a district Chromebook?

Unfortunately not, due to the restrictions and difficulties of using a non-school issued device, students will be required to use the school-issued chromebook. This allows for consistency and ease of monitoring during school hours.

What if my student’s Chromebook is having trouble or broken?

Students are asked to immediately report the problem, then depending on the severity of the trouble, the Chromebook will be fixed immediately if possible or the student will receive a loaner device until theirs is working.

Do students keep the Chromebook after graduation?

Yes, after four years at WJHS, the Chromebook will be considered the property of the student.

Does the school monitor the device? And how?

The Chromebook will be monitored during school hours through a variety of means. Firstly, because the Chromebooks will be on the school wifi, all traffic will be monitored and filtered. Second, all Chromebooks will be administered through the Google Admin Console, which on backend controls access to software, extensions, etc. Third, teachers have the ability to see the screens of all students currently in their classroom and only during school hours. With this ability the teachers can block or allow only certain websites. Lastly, any time students visit any websites, the websites are logged in their browsing history and their history may not be deleted.

How do I connect the Chromebook to my wifi?

Will students be allowed to keep their devices during school breaks?

Students will keep the device for the whole school year once they have received it, but will return them for summer breaks.  

Will devices be kept by students over summer?

No, students will be required to turn them in at the end of each school year (unless they are graduating) and they will be returned to the students at the beginning of the next school year.

Can students personalize their Chromebook?

Chromebooks should not be altered. The use of markers, pencils, paint, nail polish etc. on the device or accessories will not be permitted. Stickers will be allowed on the device with the understanding that they must be school appropriate and can be easily removed if necessary. Chromebook skins and covers are acceptable and encouraged and can be useful to distinguish Chromebooks from each other.

What if a student withdraws from WJHS before graduation?

Only students that graduate after 4 years at WJHS will be allowed to keep their Chromebook, however students may have the opportunity to “buy out” the remaining balance due on the Chromebook in order to keep the Chromebook.

How will it be addressed when a student regularly does not bring their Chromebook to class?

Just like any other classroom issues, this will be treated as a behavioral issue. Frequency will determine the consequences.

Can students log in with their personal Google Accounts?

No, devices will be set up to only be logged in by the student using their school provided accounts.