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Comprehensive Needs Assessment - Executive Summary

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Instructional Overview

Provide descriptive information related to the curriculum, instructional programs, and/or existing interventions to support the academic, behavioral, and/or social emotional needs for all students.

Willard Intermediate School offers age appropriate instructional programs for 8th and 9th grade students from the community of Aldie, Virginia. In its second year, Willard will continue to align its purpose with  Loudoun County Public School’s vision to “empower all students to make meaningful contributions to the world” by encouraging the Willard Wildcats to Stay W.I.L.D. (Wonder, Impact, Lead, and Develop).

Willard is committed to empowering students with a strong sense of wonder and curiosity by providing students with experiences rooted in authentic challenging problems. Through elements of project based learning (PBL) the outcome of learning at Willard is students who are knowledgeable critical thinkers, communicators, collaborators, creators and contributors.

To achieve this goal for students, Willard has adopted elements of Personalized Learning with a particular focus on Student Reflection and Ownership. Willard is also structured such that teachers can meet and collaborate with multiple groups to build a community centered around data to support student success. Willard has a master schedule such that teachers from each grade level content have a common collaborative learning team (CLT) time weekly and teachers who share across content areas meet one time every three weeks  as an interdisciplinary team (IT).

CLT’s are able to develop common assessments and internal accountability, comparing best practices and identifying interventions bringing powerful planning to the forefront of teacher planning time. ITs meet to develop ideas and interventions for keeping individual students on track academically and behaviorally. This cross collaboration of assessment and internal accountability allow teachers to personalize the learning experiences at Willard to the individual needs of each student. This model of collaboration allows Willard develop a growth mindset approach rooted in immediate, specific, and student-centered feedback.

Willard also strives to provide a safe and supportive learning environment. Through our Show Your C.L.A.W.S. (character, leadership, attitude, work ethic, and service) initiative, the community can witness the impact the PBIS program has on Willard students. Using CLAWS postcards, hand-written by teachers, and addressed to individual students, the community can see the positive impact that Willard’s mission and vision has on students.

To make all of the above possible, it is imperative that Willard lead teachers through modeling of best practices. Willard will run a personalized professional development (PD) model for teachers to dynamically tailor their own learning experiences to their strengths, needs, and/or interests. This playlist offering of different PD opportunities will allow teachers to explore how they can create wonder in their classroom with PBL experiences, impact their students and the community through PBIS, lead collaborative meetings focused on student-centered goals and feedback, and develop their own practices to best adhere to the needs of the community.

Extended Learning Opportunities

Provide information to describe extended learning opportunities for students, staff, families and community.

Willard strives to provide deeper learning experiences for students, staff, families, and the community.

Willard’s mantra to Stay WILD extends multiple learning opportunities to stakeholders by:

  • Through our partnership with John Champe High School, we offer our 9th grade students a unique opportunity for extended learning at Willard and Champe.
  • Through our WildLife program, 8th graders are able to participate in several special interest clubs before and after school alongside our 9th graders.
  • Our staff have the opportunity through voice and choice, to participate in a large variety of PD activities offered in multiple modalities to meet the diverse learning needs of our staff.
  • Families are offered a wide variety of resources via the parent liaison and the Parent Teacher Association (PTA).
  • Multiple opportunities for students, staff, and families to extend learning to the community through PBL is a goal for Willard as WILD spreads throughout the building and extends wonder, impact, leadership, and development to historic and modern Willard.

Areas of Strength

Summary statements for domains providing evidence of analysis of trend data over a 3-year period and data triangulation to confirm areas of strength. Provide a clear connection between outcomes and contributing factors.

Willard has a strong vision and mission tied closely to the district’s vision and mission that make the goals of PBL, PBIS, CLT’s and IT’s, and personalized PD strong factors for encompassing Willard in many of the building blocks of deeper learning. Willard’s “stay WILD” initiative and “show your CLAWS” cards are areas of strength as the community and division have seen students engage in higher level thinking and curiosity. Further, Willard was able to send home over 1600 CLAWS cards, which led to a positive culture and climate for all students.

Areas for Growth

Summary statements for domains providing evidence of analysis of trend data over a 3-year period and data triangulation to confirm areas of concern. Provide a clear connection between outcomes and contributing factors.

In viewing statewide testing data, Willard can continue to grow in the area of special education in both reading and math. As such, our SIP seeks to address these needs by creating targeted classes and instruction to support all students. Further, Willard seeks to address these needs through a comprehensive focus on Student Reflection and Ownership as it implements Personalized Learning for the first year.

School Climate Data indicated a need for a more comprehensive focus on Behavior and Communication. As such, Willard will seek to implement a comprehensive behavior matrix for all facets of CLAWS (Character, Leadership, Attitude, Work Ethic, Service).