Catholic East Elementary School

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Mission Statement

The mission of Catholic East Elementary School, a richly-diverse Catholic community,

is to pursue academic excellence,

nurture strong moral development and

foster lifelong learning through

living out the Gospel values.

 “We Pray, We Serve, We Learn”

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents                1

Shared Values                        2

School Information                3

Policies and Procedures                4

Admissions                4

Tuition                        5

Custody                 6

Meal Program                6

Photographs/video                7

Supervision                7

Athletics                8

Attendance and Tardiness        9

Before and After School Care: Kids Campus        11

Books and Supplies                12

Guidance                12

Cell Phones and Other Electronics Devices        12

Birthdays                13

Code of Conduct: Scholars        13

Code of Conduct: Parent/Guardians        14

Communication                14

Concerns                15

Curriculum and Grading                16

Honor Roll                17

Progress Reports                17

Assignment Notebooks                17

Religious Education                17

Behavior and Discipline Policies and Procedures        18

Tiered System                18

Positive Reinforcement                19

Behavioral Consequences        19

Saturday School                19

Suspensions                19

Zero Tolerance                20

Restorative Circles                20

Harassment/Bullying                20

Cheating/Plagiarism                20

Uniform and Dress Code Policies and Procedures        21

Prohibited Items                22

Physical Education Dress Code        22

Out of Uniform Days                22

Uniform Enforcement Policy        23

Emergency Management Plans and Building Security        24

Parent Engagement Opportunities        27

Field Trips                26

Parent/Guardian Volunteers/Opportunities        26

Home and School Association        27

School Advisory Council                27

Health and Wellness Policies and Procedures        28

Catholic Identity                29

Privacy                        30

Retention                        30

Special Needs                        31

Scholar Assessment                31

Scholar Records                31

Website                        32

Withdrawal of a Scholar                32

Covenant                        33



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Catholic East Elementary a Seton Catholic School


        We rejoice in God’s love and share it generously. We believe teaching, learning, and personal growth are best nourished in joyful and engaging schools.


        We strive to be a just community and advocate for the God-given dignity of everyone we encounter. Catholic teachings inspire us to lead socially responsible lives, and we encourage this in one another.


        We are deeply rooted in community. We collaborate with parents, parishioners and each other to empower our parish communities and neighborhoods.

All In

        We have chosen to be part of this community, are dedicated to its success and work passionately to advance our shared mission. We are united in responsibility for ensuring that students receive as education for life.


        We believe in the power of God’s grace to transform our lives and in the potential for Catholic education to transform society. We embrace opportunities to reflect, grow, and strengthen ourselves and our school communities.


        We are committed to placing our personal God-given gifts at the service of others, especially the most vulnerable within our community. We believe that God calls us to share our time, talent, and treasure to improve the lives of those around us.

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School Phone Number: 414-964-1770

School Fax Number: 414-964-6578

Principal’s Email Address: 

Saints Peter and Paul

2461 North Murray

Milwaukee, WI 53211

Holy Rosary

2038 North Bartlett

Milwaukee, WI 53202

Daily Schedule

Holy Rosary


School Schedule: 8:10 am-3:40 pm

Kids Campus: 7:00 am-7:40 am

Breakfast: 7:40 am-8:00 am

Start of School Day/Assembly 8:10 am

End of the Day Announcements: 3:35 pm

Dismissal: 3:40 pm

Kids Campus: 3:45 pm-6:00 pm

School Schedule: 7:55 am-3:25 pm

Kids Campus: 7:00 am-7:30 am

Breakfast: 7:30 am-7:55 am

Start of School Day/Assembly 7:55 am

End of the Day Announcements: 3:20 pm

Dismissal: 3:25 pm

Kids Campus: 3:25 pm-6:00 pm




Catholic East Elementary School is a Seton Catholic School that is part of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee and, as such, is subject to and follows Seton Catholic Schools Policy.


Catholic East Elementary School is accredited by the Wisconsin Religious and Independent School Accrediting Association (WRISA) and the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.  All accreditation activities follow the Archdiocese Planning and Accreditation Process and Archdiocesan Policy 6181. Principals and teachers must be certified in the proper areas by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and must keep their licensure current by obtaining the required amount of credit hours. On rare occasions, a teacher may be put on an Archdiocesan study plan to complete coursework in a required amount of time in order to continue teaching at the school. Teachers also must be certified in Religious Education through the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. The principal monitors both the DPI certification and the religious education certification.


Catholic East Elementary School offers programs of education and formation for children and youth in K3 through grade eight who are willing and able to live within the religious, academic, behavioral, and attitudinal requirements of the school. Their parents demonstrate a desire to have the school assist them in their parental role as primary educators of their children.

Catholic East Elementary School respects the dignity of the child. Neither race, nationality, nor other forms of discrimination will prevent a child from being accepted into the school. Children attending Catholic East participate in all elements of our program—both academic and faith formation. Scholars attend the school liturgies and other opportunities for sharing our faith.

Families are admitted into the school community on an equitable basis. Generally, the principal will meet with all new families. The purpose of this interview is to provide the best consultation to prospective parents/guardians and their children.

Children are admitted to school according to state and archdiocesan age regulations.  A child must have a birth date prior to September 1 of the appropriate year for which admission is requested.  For example, admission to four year old kindergarten requires that a child be four years old before September 1 of the K4 year. (Archdiocese Policy 5111.1)

*In order to attend K3, the scholar must be potty trained.

All scholars in their first year at Catholic East are enrolled on a probationary basis. Probation begins the first day, a child attends school at CEE and expires, one calendar year later. If the progress of a scholar is unsatisfactory, either academically or behaviorally, enrollment may be terminated.  

Immunization Records

All scholars must have proper and up-to-date immunization records or a document of government dispensation from immunizations on file in the school office by the thirtieth day of school.  Catholic East Elementary School will comply with all government regulations for notification and reporting the lack of proper immunization records.

Child Custody

A family information sheet must be on file with the school each year.  A copy of the child custody court document must be on file for every child where the parents are separated or divorced.  Other pertinent documents, such as restraining orders, also need to be on file. Catholic East Elementary School will remain strictly neutral on all child custody issues unless there is a copy of a restraining order against one parent on file in the school office. All family information, child custody documents, and restraining orders are kept confidential.

Please Note:

Emergency Contacts

It is extremely important that all parent/guardian emergency contact numbers be kept up-to-date with the school office. Any change in medical emergency information or your contact information must be communicated to the school office in writing as soon as that change is made. This includes, but is not limited to: change of work numbers or extensions for one or both parents/guardians, change of the person to contact in an emergency or in their telephone numbers, and/or change of physicians or dentists. Please be sure that the name of an alternate person that we can contact in an emergency is aware that you have submitted their name to the school. Also, please remember to list any pertinent medical or dental information that you believe would be helpful to the school.


The operating budget for Catholic East Elementary School is based on four sources: tuition, Milwaukee Parental Choice and Wisconsin Parental Choice vouchers, parish investments, and development efforts (annual fund appeal) and fundraisers. The success of our operation is dependent on the reliability of our income sources. Catholic East Elementary works very hard to remain fiscally responsible to all of our sources of income.  

Out of Pocket Pay/FACTS Pay

Parents/guardians must make their full tuition payment prior to the start of school by the published due date at the beginning of August. Parents/guardians may also elect to use the FACTS program. These are the only two forms of payment of tuition that are allowed at Catholic East. FACTS allows parents/guardians to make monthly payments over the course of ten months. This service is a low-cost, convenient way to make your monthly tuition payments, in a manner that is completely confidential and secure. Automatic deductions in the form of payment will be made from your bank account.  

Milwaukee Parental and Wisconsin Parental CHOICE Program

Catholic East Elementary is a Catholic school that offers the CHOICE voucher to scholars who qualify. Applicants qualify based on income and residency eligibility. Applications and criteria are available from the enrollment director.


When school authorities learn that a scholar is the subject of a court decree, which restricts the placement of contact of either parent with the child, a request shall be given to the parent who maintains primary physical placement of the child to submit a copy of this court decree. Alternately, a letter from an officer of the court stating the requirements of the court in this matter will suffice.


All educational personnel, priests, support staff, etc. are required, by law, to report any cases of suspected child abuse. This includes but is not limited to physical abuse, sexual abuse, and emotional abuse. Suspected child abuse cases will be reported to the Milwaukee County (or appropriate county) Department of Social Services, depending upon the residence of the family.  Catholic East Elementary School staff will cooperate with social services and with law enforcement officials in all investigations involving Catholic East Elementary School scholars.  Catholic East Elementary School will also be in compliance with Archdiocesan Policy 5140 concerning child abuse.  


Catholic East Elementary School offers a complete scholar hot lunch program funded by parents/guardians and subsidized by the State of Wisconsin and the federal government. The lunch program is in compliance with state and federal requirements for portion sizes and nutritional requirements and is cooked on site. For those not eligible for free and reduced lunch we have a pay per lunch program. A lunch menu posted on the website each month. All food is cooked onsite by trained personnel.

Meal Program Costs

Breakfast is offered for free for all scholars. The cost for hot lunch is $3.00 per meal which includes milk. Milk may be purchased separately for 30 cents.


A scholar may bring a bag lunch rather than participate in the hot lunch program. Soda is not allowed. The lunch and recess period is a closed lunch period. Rarely, and only in exceptional cases, would a child be allowed to leave during that time. Prior written permission is required.

Free and Reduced Lunch Program

Some families may be eligible for free or reduced lunches. Applications are sent home to every family at the beginning of the school year. Reduced lunch cost is 40 cents.

Policies for Payment of Scholar Lunch Accounts

A requirement of purchasing hot lunch or milk (if you are not part of the free lunch program) is to provide the school with a voided check or your savings account information, in order for us to debit your checking or savings account for your monthly charges as an automatic withdrawal from your account. This is the only form of payment we will accept for the hot lunch and milk program.


Photos and videos of scholars may be used for school publicity under the following guidelines:


All K3-Grade 1 scholars at Holy Rosary Campus begin their day at 8:10 a.m. They must be in the cafeteria and ready for Morning Prayer by this time. Scholars at Holy Rosary are dismissed at 3:40 p.m.

All Grade 2-8 scholars at SS. Peter and Paul Campus begin their day at 7:55 a.m. They must be in the gym and ready for Morning Prayer by this time. Scholars at SS. Peter and Paul are dismissed at 3:25 p.m.

Drop Off and Pick Up

At SS. Peter and Paul Campus, before school in the morning, please drop off your children by pulling up to the curb on Greenwich and have them enter through the front doors of the school. Children should not be dropped off in such a way that they need to walk across the street by themselves. Your child will then walk into the cafeteria and either get in line for breakfast, or sit in their assigned line. After school, grade 2-8 children going home immediately after school will be dismissed from the playground in the back of the school.

At Holy Rosary Campus, before school, please pull into the parking lot at the entrance sign, park your car and get out of the car, and walk your child into the cafeteria. If you are dropping your child off between 7:35-8:10 a.m., walk your child into the cafeteria at the Holy Rosary Campus and either have your child get in line for breakfast, or sit at their assigned tables and wait to line up to go into the school building.

After school, please enter at the correct sign and park your car and come to get your child who will be waiting with his/her teacher, again inside the fence. Those scholars going directly to Kids Campus will go to those areas and do not leave the building in between. Exit the lot using the exit lane.

SS Peter and Paul Campus (Grades 2-8): Supervision is provided for your child in the cafeteria in the morning from 7:35-7:55 a.m. and in the afternoon on the playground from 3:25-3:30 p.m. 

Holy Rosary Campus (Grades K3-1) Supervision is provided for your child in the Kids Campus Room in Holy Rosary from 7:35-8:10 a.m. and after school on the playground from 3:40-3:45 p.m.


Athletics is an important part of the development of a child. Athletics teaches sportsmanship, teamwork, and self discipline. Catholic East offers co-ed basketball and girls’ volleyball to scholars in grades 5-8. Grade 4 scholars may be called up to play if there are not enough fifth graders to form a team. Scholars participating in sports must have a physical exam report signed by a doctor stating that they are in good health and may be active in sports. This form and other paperwork that is required is to be on file in the school office by the first practice of a team’s season.

Academic Eligibility

Scholar athletes who are working to the best of their ability, who complete assignments on time, and who are examples of proper school behavior may participate in the competitive sports program.

the scholar's teachers, coaches, and the Athletic Director.    

Other requirements

Scholars may be suspended from any athletic activity for offenses in the following areas:

Rules of Conduct for Home and Away Games

Catholic East Elementary School is fortunate to have our own gymnasium/parish center. Care and concern should be shown for all facilities at all times.  



Wisconsin Statute 118.15 requires all children between the ages of 6 and 18 “to attend school regularly during full period hours that the public or private school in which the child should be enrolled is in session until the school term, quarter, or semester of the school year in which the child becomes 18 years of age.” Scholar attendance is an important factor to the success of the educational program at Catholic East Elementary School.  Regular attendance at school is expected and is essential for children.  Parents/guardians are obligated, by law, to enforce and support this expectation. When a child is tardy or absent from school, more than just assignments are missed; namely, the actual instruction and class work on which the assignments are based are jeopardized. Frequent tardiness or absence interrupts the continuity of the educational process and can lead to undesirable habits and poor academic achievement.

Children who are ill should not be sent to school. Children should be free of a fever, vomiting, or diarrhea for twenty-four hours before returning to school. Scholars absent from school part or all of that day may not participate in extracurricular activities after school (e.g. Scouts, Athletics, Dances, etc.). Therefore, the only excused absences from school are for illness or a funeral. Catholic East Elementary School will follow all Archdiocesan Policies for tardiness and absences (policy numbers 5113, 5115, and 5117).

Excused Absences

When a scholar is going to be absent, due to illness or a funeral, the parent /guardian must:

Unexcused Absences

There are events where a parent/guardian may need to remove a child from school for some reason other than an illness. These are considered unexcused absences but may be necessary due to family situations. The school discourages taking scholars out for vacations during the regular school year.  Parents/guardians should contact the teacher regarding any missed school work.

Partial Absences

A student picked up before normal dismissal times disrupts teachers and students. Consequently scholars may not be picked up early unless the scholar or their immediate family is involved in some kind of crisis such as severe injury or death in the family.

Extended or Excessive Absences

The school will enforce state and archdiocesan policy with respect to unusually frequent absences and/or tardies, which may include referral to the local school system officers, social service representatives, the police liaison officer, or the police department. Citations from civil authorities can be given to a scholar and/or the scholar’s parents/guardians for excessive absences. State law defines habitual truancy as any absence from school without a legal excuse for part or all of five or more days on which school is held during a school semester.

Consequences for Absences: Any day your child does not attend school is an absence. This includes excused and unexcused.


The school day begins at 7:55 a.m. at S.S. Peter and Paul Campus and at 8:10 a.m. at Holy Rosary Campus. K3-8th grade parents/guardians must bring their child to the school office when tardy. Parents/guardians may not drop off their child without coming into the office to sign them in regardless of grade. 

Tardiness Consequences


Catholic East Elementary School is proud to have a Before and After School Care Program called Kids Campus that is open to any Catholic East Elementary School scholar, grades K3-8, during the school year. The program will begin on the first full day of school at both campuses. Scholars will be in Kids Campus at the campus at which they attend school. Kids Campus purpose is to provide safe, affordable, and structured child-care for our parents who cannot be available within 10 minutes after the school day ends.

Kids Campus Hours:

Cost is per scholar and is as follows:

1 child: $4.50 per hour

2 children in family: $4.00 per hour per child

3 or more children in family: $3.50 per hour per child

*A requirement of using the Kids Campus Program (Before and After School Care) or purchasing lunch or milk (if you are not part of the free/reduced lunch program) is to provide the school with a voided check or your savings account information, in order for us to debit your checking or savings account for your monthly charges as an automatic withdrawal from your account. This is the only form of payment we will accept for Kids Campus and for the hot lunch and milk program.

If your account is negative or past due, your scholar(s) will not be permitted to attend Kids Campus until the account is paid. For every day past due your child will be charged $6.00 per hour. If the account is consistently past due your child will no longer be able to attend Kids Campus.

Behavior expectations are the same at Kids Campus as they are during the school day. Kids Campus Staff will notify parents/guardians of behavioral issues. In those instances Kids Campus Staff will notify the Principal and Dean of Students regarding behavior. Behavioral issues may result in scholars not being able to attend Kids Campus. Scholars are not permitted to have cell phones, tablets, or other electronic devices in Kids Campus. Electronic devices will be collected and returned to the parent/guardian when scholars are picked up.


Catholic East Elementary School will supply all the textbooks and workbooks needed to meet the educational standards of each grade level curriculum. All scholar textbooks and workbooks remain the property of Catholic East Elementary School throughout the school year and should be handled with care.


Scholars are responsible for having their basic school supplies with them each day. Families are provided with a classroom supply list prior to the start of school and are responsible for supplying these materials and replacing them throughout the school year. If supplies are running low, items should be replaced as soon as possible. In some cases, supplies are shared and are part of the classroom stations and centers.


Guidance is a part of the curriculum at CEE and unless a parent explicitly requests for a scholar to not see the Guidance Counselor, students will be eligible to see him/her.


Scholars are not permitted to have cell phones, tablets, or other electronic devices in school during the school day, unless in special circumstances where the teacher or Principal has given permission.  

All electronic devices are brought to the school office by the classroom teacher’s designee, held there during the school day, and then picked up from the school office at the close of the school day.

If a staff member finds a scholar with an electronic device the device will be brought to Administration and kept until a parent/guardian can retrieve the phone. The second offense will result in phone being confiscated for the remainder of the school year.

The school assumes no liability for loss or damage to cell phones or other electronic devices brought to school.


Catholic East Elementary School encourages parents/guardians to be inclusive when issuing birthday party invitations. If everyone in the class is included in the birthday invitation, invitations may be distributed at school.  If a limited number of students are being invited, the invitations MUST be distributed outside of school. If scholars wish to bring a treat for their class on their birthday, parents/guardians are urged to select healthy treats. Scholars may “dress up” and be out of uniform on their birthday or on their half-birthday for those who have summer birthdays. If a birthday falls on a weekend, scholars may dress up on the Monday following their birthday.


General Code of Conduct

Lunchroom Code of Conduct

Recess Code of Conduct:


As my child’s most important educator, I understand that I teach my child best by my own example of reverence, responsibility, and respect. I ask Catholic East Elementary School to assist me in forming my child as a disciple of Jesus Christ. I understand that my child’s Principal and teachers are dedicated professionals who make many sacrifices to administer and teach in a Catholic school. In order to show my cooperation, support, and thankfulness:


Frequent communication between the school and home is a very important part of the educational success of Catholic East Elementary School. Many of our teachers send home newsletters with the information regarding all the wonderful and interesting things that the children are doing. Many teachers use our online blogs to communicate classroom happenings. Parents are welcome to contact the teacher through notes, emails, telephone calls, and conferences. Positive communication is as important as communicating concerns.

Parent/Scholar/Teacher Conferences

Formal parent conferences will be held with the regular classroom teacher or homeroom teacher twice a year. Fall and Winter conferences held in the middle of the first and second Trimester. This is mandatory for all parents/guardians. Parents/guardians may schedule informal conference times with teachers throughout the year at a time mutually agreed upon with the teacher. Scholars are encouraged to be present and included in the conference.


Good communication between home and school is essential to your scholar’s achievement. If an incident involving your child should occur that concerns you, please discuss the occurrences with him/her carefully and obtain as many facts as possible before contacting the school. If after discussing with your child you still remain concerned about the situation, please, first contact your child’s teacher to see if there are any additional factors that may explain what happened. After all the facts and viewpoints are known, productive problem-solving is more likely to occur. Concerns should be dealt with by contacting school/archdiocesan personnel in the following order:  

1.)  Classroom teacher

2.)  Principal/Dean of Students

3.)  Corporate Board

4.)  Seton Catholic Schools

*All grievances beyond the fourth level must be submitted to the proper committees in writing within a designated timeline as set by Archdiocesan Policy 4135.4.




Catholic East Elementary School has a program of communication with parents regarding their children’s progress through Powerschool. This program will allow you as parents to receive a portal with password to privately and confidentially monitor your child’s achievement on a day to day basis online. Information will be forthcoming at the beginning of each school year on the various aspects of the program and how to use it. You will also be assigned your username and password at that time.



Catholic East Elementary School has curriculum for all core subject areas: Math, Religion, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts. These are reflective of the mission of Catholic East Elementary School and Seton Catholic Schools. Music, Art, Physical Education and Health have a curriculum. Technology is integrated into every aspect of the curriculum. Our curriculum is a Standards Based Curriculum in line with the Common Core Standards of Education established by the State of Wisconsin and the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. Curriculum is reviewed on a yearly basis.

Enhanced Programs

Catholic East Elementary School participates in many activities designed to enhance the core curriculum. These special programs are sometimes held during the school day as part of classroom activities and sometimes held after school or as part of community activities. Some are restricted to certain children based on age. Catholic East partners with First Stage Milwaukee, Sharp Literacy, and Urban Ecology Center.

Grading Scale

K3-Teacher created report appropriate for age group


+Demonstrates consistent understanding and application

/ Demonstrates a general understanding

-Needs more time to develop skills

Grades 1 and 2

S-Secure: Demonstrates a complete understanding and application

P-Progressing: Demonstrates a general understanding

N-Needs improvement: Demonstrates an inconsistent understanding

Grades 3-8

A           92.5-100

B           84.5-92.4999

C        76.5-84.4999

D            69.5-76.4999

F               Below 69.5

Honor Roll

At the end of each trimester, scholars in grades 3-8 achieving a grade point average of:

Catholic East uses Powerschool, an online grading program. All parents/guardians/scholars are given logins and passwords at the beginning of the school year which enables them to use the online grading program. Grades will be updated weekly. Teachers are encouraged call parents by phone or to email in order to foster good communication between school and home. Parents who do not have computers are welcome to use a computer at school to view their children’s grades. Progress reports will go home and require signature by the parent, every other week.  

Progress Reports

Progress reports for current scholars can be found on the Powerschool online program and can be viewed electronically by parents/guardians daily, if desired. A communication is sent home to parents/guardians at the midpoint of the first trimester reminding parents/guardians to check their child’s progress prior to the mandatory parent/scholar/teacher conferences in November. Parents/guardians who do not have access to a computer are encouraged to use a school computer in either lab that Catholic East will provide for their use.

Assignment Notebooks

Scholars in grades 1st-8th receive an assignment book at the beginning of the school year that will be required as a responsibility for scholars. Parents are encouraged to work with their child in using this as a tool for organizing, planning, and completing homework.  

Religious Education

Catholic East Elementary School is first and foremost a center for Catholic religious education. Religion is taught as a subject each week by the classroom teacher and supporting lessons are done by our Campus Minister. All subjects are taught with a focus on the spiritual development as well as the academic development of the child. Scholars attend weekly liturgy or prayer services, and prayer service can be substituted for a liturgy without notice. Prayer is integrated into our day and all visitors are encouraged to participate in prayerful activities while in our school. Religious articles throughout our school remind the children of their Catholic Identity, such as crucifixes, statues and rosaries are found in every classroom and throughout the building. Special celebrations, such as the Living Rosary, occur during the year. Catholic East Elementary School celebrates Catholic Schools Week each year. Parents/guardians and other family members are encouraged to attend weekly liturgies and other events.




Catholic East Elementary School discipline is based on Catholic values, as well as respect for others. The goal of our discipline plan is to lead our scholars to achieve self-discipline. Our goal is to develop within each scholar a sense of responsibility and recognition of consequences for her/his actions. A positive learning environment within Catholic East Elementary School requires that all persons involved follow acceptable standards of behavior. The involvement of the parents/guardian, the Principal, the faculty and staff, and the scholars, is critical to the success of the discipline plan.


Referrals are issued to a scholar when behavior deviates from the limits of what is considered acceptable at Catholic East Elementary. When a scholar’s behavior begins to impact the culture of our school in a negative manner a referral may be issued. A referral will be documented within internal Catholic East behavioral data as well as in a scholar’s file. Scholar’s will be issued logical consequences for their behavior.


Examples of inappropriate behavior may include but are not limited to the following:

Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3

  • Continuous violation of classroom rules.
  • Continuous disruption of the teaching environment, to the point that other scholar learning is impacted negatively.  

  • Blatant disregard for teacher directions.  
  • Swearing
  • Loitering/Missing class
  • Disrespect to classmates
  • Misuse of technology
  • Stealing
  • Disrespect to teachers and staff
  • Physical altercation (Zero tolerance)
  • Sexual harassment (Zero tolerance)
  • Possession of drugs or alcohol (Zero tolerance)
  • Possession of weapons (Zero tolerance)
  • Physical/Verbal threat of harm to a scholar or staff member (Zero tolerance)
  • Bullying (Zero tolerance)


  • Tier 1 Writing Reflection in classroom
  • Logical consequence such as:  
  • Student meeting with teacher to practice skill
  • Service to the school
  • Loss of recess


  • Tier 2 Writing Reflection in a partner classroom
  • Saturday School
  • In-school suspension
  • Parent meeting with teacher and potentially administration


  • Tier 3 -Directly to office for Behavior Plan
  • Consequences may include         
  • Saturday School
  • Suspension
  • Expulsion Hearing



Logical consequences are ways in which adults structure learning opportunities for children. The goal of logical consequences is to stop children's misbehavior and help them make more constructive choices.

Conduct Detrimental to the Reputation of the School

The Principal and/or Dean of Students reserves the right to impose disciplinary consequences for any conduct which is detrimental to the reputation of Catholic East Elementary School. Discipline is a systematic approach based on pre-established rules, consequences, and rewards. Scholars are responsible for their own behavior. The role of the teacher is to maintain a Catholic, caring, nurturing, and dignified approach to discipline whereby positive behavior is encouraged and rewarded. Scholars who demonstrate responsible Catholic values in their behavior will be recognized for their accomplishments and become eligible for incentives. It is the choice of each scholar to demonstrate acceptable behavior. Consequences for those scholars who choose inappropriate behavior are clear.  

SATURDAY SCHOOL (3rd-8th Grade only)

The purpose of Saturday School is to help scholars reflect upon their actions, teach them different choices, create goals, and learn about how their actions affect their community and themselves. Scholars will be given tasks to complete assigned by the staff member who issued the Saturday School consequence. Saturday School will be served at the discretion of the Principal, Dean of Students, or teachers. A scholar may receive multiple Saturday Schools depending on the severity of the issue. Parents/guardians will be informed when their child needs to serve a Saturday School. Parents must be notified by phone the day before a scholar is expected to serve a Saturday School due to disciplinary action.


In school or out of school suspension will be used in a case by case basis when necessary. Our goal is to keep our scholars in school learning, however, when situations arise where scholars show behaviors that are unsafe or break our code of conduct at Catholic East (bullying, verbal or physical threats or altercations) administering suspensions is necessary. When a scholar receives a suspension, before they return to their regular schedule, a parent meeting must be held with teachers and administration.


Our zero tolerance is defined as an immediate and just consequence when scholars display unsafe or dangerous behaviors. The consequence applies regardless of the circumstances, the reasons for the behavior (like self-defense), or the student’s history of discipline problems.


Restorative practices promote and strengthen positive school culture and enhance relationships within the school community. This is when parents, scholars, teachers, and administration come together in a safe space to discuss any issues in order to restore the community.

When situations arise between scholars that call for parents to assist in mending the relationship, administration will call for a restorative circle in order to repair any issues and ensure our community maintains strength through relationships. Our goal for Restorative Circles is when issues arise the Restorative Circle is scheduled within 24 hours of when the incident occurs.


Recognizing that all scholars, faculty, staff, and volunteers strive for a community based on love and respect, harassment/bullying of any kind is unacceptable and contrary to Catholic faith.  

Harassment/bullying is defined as participating in, or conspiring with others in physical or verbal acts that injure, degrade, frighten, threaten, intimidate, or disgrace another person.  Harassment/bullying can include, but is not limited to, the following threatening behavior: racial insults, derogatory ethnic slurs, online posts or texts of a degrading nature, unwelcome sexual advances or touching, sexual comments, jokes or gestures, and physical, or mental abuse. Bullying schoolmates at any time, whether in person, at school, through negative gossip with others, or through written or computer messages, or through phone use, will not be tolerated.

Educators (teachers, counselors, and administrators) cannot control all the communication that happens between scholars, especially outside of school. If a scholar is a bully in school, staff will respond immediately with direct consequences. If school staff discovers a scholar is bullying another scholar outside of school, that information can be used in disciplinary action. In some cases of repeated or severe bullying, school staff will need to notify the police.


To cheat is to intentionally obtain a grade on an assignment or test by trickery or deception. Cheating would include but not be limited to: copying answers or information from one person’s paper to another, viewing notes, using a textbook during a test, copying another’s electronic documents, asking another person for test answers or information, or plagiarism.  

Consequences for Cheating\Plagiarism: The teacher and Dean of students will confer regarding the situation that occurred in class regarding any cheating or plagiarism. Consequences can include, re-writing an assignment, re-taking a test at a later date, or reduction in grade due to cheating or plagiarism.



Dress code is of extreme importance when maintaining a culture of excellence and high expectations for scholars. The uniform conveys to both the internal and external community, that school is a place of “business.” Uniforms not only help our scholars maintain a neat and professional appearance, but they reduce distractions in the classroom, and reduce the stress of scholars and parents needing to worry about what to wear. As a staff, we are unified and committed in our efforts to maintain consistency in the enforcement of the scholar dress code outlined below.  

The Principal has the final say with regard to all dress code and scholar appearance issues. If your child comes to school in clothing that is not consistent with the Catholic East dress code, parents/guardians will be called first thing in the morning and will be asked to bring the proper clothing to school. The official formal school uniform is required for all scholars in K3 through Grade 8.

 Male Scholars

Female Scholars

  • Dress shoes or tennis shoes (scholars who do not know how to tie their shoes should wear self fastening shoes i.e. velcro)
  • Shirts must be white or navy blue and have a collar (polo, oxford, turtleneck)
  • Undershirts worn under uniform shirts must be white or navy blue.
  • Sweaters are to be solid white or navy blue only (cardigans and sweater vests are acceptable)
  • Pants must be navy blue or khaki
  • Shorts must be navy blue or khaki
  • Belts must be worn with pants with belt loops (2nd-8th)
  • Socks must be worn daily and can be any color.

  • Dress shoes or tennis shoes (scholars who do not know how to tie their shoes should wear self fastening shoes i.e. velcro)
  • Shirts must be white or navy blue and have a collar (polo, oxford, turtleneck)
  • Undershirts worn under uniform shirts must be white or navy blue..
  • Sweaters are to be solid white or navy blue only (cardigans and sweater vests are acceptable)
  • Pants must be navy blue or khaki
  • Shorts must be navy blue or khaki
  • Shorts/skirts must fall in line with your fingertips
  • Belts must be worn with pants with belt loops
  • Socks must be worn daily and can be any color.
  • Leggings/tights must be a solid white, black, or navy blue
  • Skirts and jumpers need to “White Plaid” (see below for ordering information)

Catholic East Elementary School Spirit Wear sweatshirts may be worn to school. To order: Spirit Wear Store provided by PrepSports anytime during the school year. The Spirit Wear Store offers a large variety of design options and styles. Any of these are fine for Spirit Wear days with the exception of “hoodies.” Keep in mind if you are placing an order for a Catholic East sweatshirt that may be worn on days other than Spirit Wear days, the sweatshirts must be:

Grades 6-8 scholars will receive a Catholic East zip-up fleece, free of charge, as a gift from the school upon entering middle school. Middle School scholars may wear the fleece or the Catholic East Elementary crew sweatshirts only.


  • Hooded sweatshirts
  • Fleeces that are not a Catholic East fleece
  • Cargo pants
  • Leggings as pants
  • Sweatpants
  • Fashion boots (UGG, Timberlands, etc.)
  • Wheeled shoes
  • Shoes with flashing lights
  • Heels/platform shoes
  • Flip flops
  • No slip-on shoes
  • Open toed sandals or dress shoes
  • Non-discrete headbands
  • Lip gloss and makeup
  • Hats of any kind
  • Bright colored or dyed hair (natural hair colors only)
  • Fake nails
  • Earrings larger than a dime
  • No words shaved into hair or excessive designs


6th-8th grade scholars should change into a different shirt for P.E. Tennis shoes must be worn on gym days (especially on dress up days, spirit wear days, or out of uniform days) for K3-8th grade scholars. Scholars need to bring tennis shoes to school with them if they are not wearing tennis shoes to school on PE days. Tennis shoes that Velcro are a must for scholars in K3-K4 unless scholars are able to tie shoelaces.


Spirit Day: Takes place on the first Friday of the month, or other days deemed “Spirit Days,” or “Dress Down Days” by the school Principal. On Spirit Wear days, scholars can dress in Catholic East Spirit Wear (which can be ordered online from our Spirit Wear Store provided by PrepSports), a college or sports team T-shirt, jersey, or sweatshirt as long as the sweatshirt is not a hoodie.

Birthday: Scholars may “dress up” and/or be “out of uniform” on their birthday or half birthday (half birthday for those who have summer birthdays or their birthday occurs during a school vacation). The attire must be appropriate for school.

Dress-up Day (Picture Day, Concerts, Graduation, etc.)

Dress-up days will be communicated and scholars are expected to wear their ‘Sunday Best’.

Prohibited Items for Out of Uniform Days

  • Frayed or ripped jeans
  • Dresses, skirts, or shorts above fingertip length
  • Leggings as pants
  • Plunging necklines
  • Spaghetti strap tops (anything that reveals undergarments-straps must be over an inch)
  • Open toed shoes
  • Heeled or wedged shoes/tennis shoes (for sandal like shoes, they must have back straps)
  • Non-modest clothing (inappropriate words, placement of words or images on clothing, tightness of clothing)


Interpretation and implementation of any part of this dress code policy will be at the discretion of the teacher in consultation with administration. Teachers are instructed to do a “uniform check” each morning during morning assembly. Those scholars violating Catholic East Elementary dress code will receive a consequence that will be documented.

Uniform Consequences:

  1. Warning
  2. Uniform violation
  3. Phone call home by Dean of Students to address dress-code issue
  4. Scholar will have Saturday School for continued uniform violation 

Outdoor Attire

Scholars are expected to dress appropriately for cold weather. Boots, hats, scarves, mittens or gloves, and a warm coat should be worn during cold weather. Dry socks, kept in the scholar’s backpack and taken home for frequent washings, are recommended. Winter boots may not be worn throughout the school. A pair of tennis shoes must be provided.




Catholic East Elementary School at both campuses has a fire/emergency evacuation plan and will conduct regular practices beginning the second week of school. Any individuals in the school building for any reason will be required to follow the evacuation plan. This evacuation plan will be used any time the building needs to be evacuated. Catholic East Elementary School will follow the directions of the local police and fire departments in the release of scholars into the custody of their parents following a building evacuation. In the case of an evacuation, persons at the campus evacuating will go to the alternate campus.


Catholic East Elementary School at both campuses has a tornado plan for moving scholars to a safe location within the building in the event of a tornado warning, and will conduct regular practices each year. Catholic East Elementary School will follow the directives of local police and fire departments in the release of scholars into the custody of their parents following a natural disaster. No child will be released at the end of a school day while the area remains under a tornado warning.

Lockdown Procedures

In the event of a crisis situation involving a parishioner, scholar, staff member, or family member it shall be the overall objective of the staff to maintain a caring but orderly atmosphere. Therefore, to the extent possible, the staff will continue “business as usual” carefully considering how their actions can limit the potential for hysteria. In most cases, we cannot plan for exactly what we will do in such a situation as this. Creativity, courage, and good common sense have saved many lives in these situations.

CODE RED –full lockdown, immediate danger

CODE BLUE – emergency, including medical, in which there is no immediate danger but teachers are to keep scholars in their classrooms

ALL CLEAR – all clear signal, given by the Principal or a designate with whose voice you are familiar will be used to end a Code Blue.  

If an emergency situation arises that demands all personnel and scholars to remain in locked classrooms, a CODE RED will be declared over the PA system by the Principal or a staff member designated by the Principal. Parents will be notified by school personnel, police or authorities of the lockdown situation. For Code Red, staff should remain locked in their classrooms until administration or the local safety authorities unlock your classroom.  

Evacuation Situation

There may be a situation where scholars will need to be evacuated from their building. The evacuation sites are our two campus building. Scholars evacuated from Holy Rosary Campus will walk to SS. Peter and Paul Campus and vice versa. If both campus sites need to be evacuated, the East Library (MPL) will be our evacuation point. All families must sign a walking permission slip that covers this type of situation. This permission slip will be in your Welcome Back packet. Parents will be informed by school personnel, police, or authorities in case of an evacuation.

Building Security

Catholic East Elementary School at both campuses is kept locked during the school day. All personnel are issued and wear identification badges. Access can only be gained at the main entrance and visitors must be “buzzed in” and identification provided to school personnel by way of the video camera at the entrance. Visitors must sign in at the school office and receive a “visitor’s pass.” Forgotten items such as books, homework, or lunches are to be brought to the school office and staff will bring it to the child. Parents are not to wait outside classrooms before our after school.

School personnel can deny entrance until proper identification is established. Every effort will be made to protect the scholars from random acts of violence without alarming the scholars or surrendering our ability to provide a public ministry. Any parent/guardian that is in the building should be there for a specific purpose and good reason, (i.e. volunteering, parent meeting, teacher conference, etc.) and must check in the school secretary or the Principal immediately upon entry to the building. Parents/guardians will not be allowed to take lunches, jackets, homework, etc. to the classrooms if their child has forgotten them. This practice can be very disruptive to the learning environment that teachers are working so hard to create for your children. Parents/guardians will be asked to leave their child’s things the school secretary, a teacher, or the Principal, one of whom will take them to the child at the appropriate time. Parents/guardians are asked not to wait in the hallway outside of classrooms, at the door of the classroom, or in the classroom as this is disruptive to both scholars and teachers. Parents/guardians should also not be regularly eating lunch with their child. Lunch provides a great opportunity for children to practice their social skills as they enjoy lunch with their peers. Parents/guardians are more than welcome to formally observe our school in action, but must receive permission of the Principal to do so. Catholic East Elementary School has a “lockdown” policy and procedure, which is practiced once during the school year. All of these policies are in effect to protect our scholars.

Snow Days, Heat Index Days, and Early Closure

In the event that schools are closed for the day due to weather conditions, every effort will be made to contact parents/guardians personally. This is one reason why it is important to inform the school immediately of any changes in phone numbers, emergency contacts, etc. Parents/guardians are encouraged to listen to local radio and television stations for weather related announcement or check online for postings. Closing school due to severe weather conditions is coordinated with the Milwaukee Public School System. Catholic East Elementary School will follow the directives on closing of the Milwaukee Public School District (the stations/web pages will indicate “Milwaukee Public and Private Schools”) for school closings due to extreme weather conditions. However, Catholic East normally will also be published online, as well. Stay tuned to the following radio /TV stations or go online for school closing updates:

For any other emergency at Catholic East Elementary School, we will do our best to contact you before the children leave home for school.

It is the right of a parent/guardian to keep a child home from school if that parent feels that weather conditions are unsafe for travel. School may be in session during days of high heat indexes. While Catholic East Elementary School does not have central air conditioning at the SS. Peter and Paul Campus, there are fans provided for comfort. Holy Rosary Campus has air conditioning. A child showing symptoms of heat related illness will be sent home from school. It is the right of a parent/guardian to keep a child home from school or to pick up a child early from school if that parent feels that the heat index is unsafe for children to be in school. However, please realize that children generally handle heat and cold better than adults so, in most cases, it is completely safe to send your child to school when it is in session, no matter what the weather is outside.

In the event of early school closings, parent contact procedures will be followed as noted above.  All parents will be contacted in the way you indicated on the required form. Again, parents/guardians must listen to local radio and television announcements concerning early closings. Scholars will be transported home using regular transportation methods.  Parents/guardians should work out a plan of action with the child in the event a child arrives home to an empty house because of an early closing. At least one staff member will remain on site until all children have left the building.


Catholic East Elementary School is required by law to notify all parents/guardians that there is asbestos in this school. Catholic East Elementary School is in compliance with state and federal regulations concerning the inspection and maintenance of all asbestos. The Asbestos Management Plan is on file in the school offices and is available to any parent/guardian for inspection in the school offices upon written request. The plan may not be removed from the school offices.




Educational field trips are chosen by the teacher. All permission slips and fees must be submitted to the school office no later than the end of the school day before the trip. Scholars should not bring permission slips the morning of the trip. If the child does not have their permission slip in at the designated time, they will remain at school for that day or parents/guardians may be called to pick up their child.

Chaperones: Any parent/guardian who is interested in chaperoning on a field trip must have gone through the Safeguarding God’s Children session, have a criminal background check on file, and have signed the Code of Ethical Standards (please check with the school secretary at Holy Rosary Campus to see if you have everything on file).  

The ratio of children to adults is dependent on the nature of the field trip. The recommended ratio is as follows:


Parents/Guardians are highly encouraged to volunteer for 10 or more hours throughout the school year. In order to volunteer in opportunities with children present, parent/guardians must have completed the Safeguarding God’s Children session, have a criminal background check on file, and have signed the Code of Ethical Standards. There are many ways that the parent/guardian can actively participate in your scholar’s school day. Parents also make up the membership of the Home and School or other committees. Providing service to the school is good role modeling for your child.


Back to School Fair

High School Fair

Concessions at Athletic Events

Soles for Education Walk

Spelling Bee

Book Fair

Wellness Walk


Honor Roll Breakfast

Cookie Decorating

Catholic Schools Week

Lenten Fish Fries

Valentine’s Dance

Concessions at Athletic Events


Poetry Slam

Book Fair

Teacher Appreciation Week

Career Fair


Field Day

*Don’t forget that there are things you can do every day to support Catholic East Elementary School.

        and have them list Catholic East Elementary as your donation choice)


Catholic East has a Home and School Association. The purposes of this association are:

The Home and School works closely with and is responsible to report directly to the school Principal. Additionally, the Home and School is considered a sub-committee to the Catholic East School Advisory Council.


The School Advisory Council is a standing committee of the cooperating parishes and is primarily concerned with the intellectual and spiritual development of the scholars. Its primary function is to develop policies that will enable the school to reach it’s agreed upon goals and to further the success of the school. The School Board is advisory to the Principal.




It is against school policy for medication of any kind, including over the counter products such as Tylenol or aspirin, to be dispensed to a scholar of Catholic East Elementary School without the written permission of the parent/guardian and a medical doctor. No staff person will administer any form of medication unless the proper forms are on file in the school office.  There are no exceptions to this policy.

Prescription Medication

Both sides of the medication form must be filled out before the school can administer prescription medication. The medication must be sent to school in its original container and labeled by a pharmacist. Scholars who receive prescription medication on a regular basis need only send one medication form unless the prescription changes. Special forms are available in the school office for those parents/guardians who wish a child to keep an asthma inhaler with him/her at all times. If the medication required is administered in any way other than oral, see the Principal to set up an admission plan.

Nonprescription Medication

The parent/guardian side of the medication form must be complete before the school can administer any medication, including cough drops. All medication will be kept in the school office and administered by the school secretary or the Principal.


Scholars who use inhalers must submit the required form to the school office.

Head Lice

Head lice are a common parasitic infestation of an insect in human hair. It is easily transmitted from child to child. Children discovered with head lice will be brought to the school office and parents/guardians will be called to pick up the child. Parents/guardians are responsible for treatment of the infestation. Catholic East Elementary School has a “no nit” policy. This means that children are not permitted to return to school until all the lice and the eggs have been removed. If faculty/staff notice lice or suspect lice, we will notify the parents/guardians who then need to take the child to their family doctor or other health care professional for professional determination of the existence of lice and advice regarding treatment. You will need to bring a note from your doctor/healthcare provider notifying us when the child is nit free before the child can return to school. All school families will be informed in writing when there has been a case of head lice reported to the office.

Procedures by Administration:

  1. Check scholar’s hair for lice
  2. If lice is detected staff will check any siblings hair for lice
  3. Staff will then check entire class for lice including the teacher

Peanut Allergy

Some scholars have a lethally dangerous allergy to peanuts, and therefore our environment must be as peanut-free as possible. Please consider this in preparing lunches. We request snacks and class treats be totally peanut-product-free for a class with a scholar having this allergy. For other grades, if a peanut product for snack, treat, or lunch is sent, the scholar(s) is instructed to wash up carefully after eating, to avoid contaminating any surface.

Pets in School

For health and safety reasons, family/household pets are not allowed in the school building, without permission from the classroom teacher to prevent allergic reactions or any other safety concerns.


School staff will follow proper procedure when dealing with an injured child. Parents will be contacted if necessary for more serious injuries, and will always be called for head or facial injuries, even if the injury does not seem serious.



Masses and Prayer Service

  1. All-School mass will take place once per month on the Last Thursday of each month (or on Holy Days or special days) at 8:30 a.m. for all scholars. The last Thursday mass will be at Holy Rosary Church next to Holy Rosary School. Grade 2-8 scholars will report to the SS. Peter and Paul Campus, as usual, and will walk to Holy Rosary Church and back, provided the weather is suitable. Grade K3-1 scholars report to school at Holy Rosary Campus as usual and then walk over to Holy Rosary Church with their teachers.
  2. If the weather is not suitable, grades 2-8 scholars will not walk to Holy Rosary Church, but will remain on campus and attend the regular morning adult mass at SS. Peter and Paul Church at 8:15 a.m. A note will be posted on the front door of Holy Rosary Church indicating that mass will be at SS. Peter and Paul due to the weather.
  3. You are always welcome to join us for any of these opportunities! Your children will continue to experience significant participation in the mass. We also encourage you to attend weekend liturgies. Worshiping as a family is an important part of child’s spiritual development and will keep you connected to the parish and school.
  4. You will receive a mass schedule in September. Masses will begin in September for the upcoming school year.
  5. Mass and prayers services are solemn events. Random clapping from the congregation, talking out, chewing gum, etc. are not acceptable behaviors for scholars or adults attending mass.

Parish Relationship

Catholic East Elementary School is part of and is directly accountable to the Corporate Board and to the Archdiocese of Milwaukee through Seton Catholic Schools. All school committees and subcommittees report to the School Board. The School Advisory Council is an advisory board to the principal.

Sacramental Prep

All sacramental preparations are organized through your home parish, East Side Youth Ministry, and supported by Catholic East for first communion and first reconciliation. Please contact our Campus Minister or your home parish for more information about Sacramental Prep for your child if you are interested in Baptism for any scholar or First Communion for a scholar over 3rd grade.

Priest Involvement

The priests are involved in the school on both the pastoral and administrative levels. The priests may walk through the school at any time, have lunch with scholars, spend time with children on the playground, and informally visit classrooms. The priests are available to help and support the teachers and meet with the Principal weekly. The priests preside at the children's liturgies, instruct the children during liturgy, and can be found in the classroom teaching a lesson. The Principal regularly meets with the Corporate Board in order to ensure excellent communication and accountability.


All persons (coaches, parent volunteers, chaperones, etc.)  who have any contact with children in Catholic Schools (before, during, or after school) are required to attend a Safe Environment “Protecting God’s Children” awareness session, agree to a criminal background check, and sign the Code of Ethical Standards for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. This is mandatory for anyone employed by, or volunteering at Catholic East Elementary School.


The scholar desks and coat room areas are the property of Catholic East Elementary School. There is no expectation of privacy for the desks and coatroom areas, or any items stored in these areas. Periodic inspections of backpacks and desks will be conducted at any time by a member of our staff without advance notice, parent/guardian consent, or consent from the scholar.  

There is no expectation of privacy with the following:

All email correspondence on school computers is monitored by staff. We reserve the right to check all websites that the child has entered while on a school computer. Protective software is in place on all school computers. The “Acceptable Use Policy for Computers and Telecommunications Form” must be signed prior to any scholar being allowed to use a school computer.


A teacher may recommend that a scholar repeat the current grade they are in by using the following procedure:

  1. At the end of the second parent/teacher conference the teacher will discuss the scholar’s issues with the parent/guardian and the Principal. A plan for remedial action will be developed.
  2. At the end of trimester two, the Principal will discuss the possibility of retention with the parent/guardian. Written documentation of the discussion must be given to the parent/guardian, and retained by the teacher, guidance counselor, and the Principal.
  3. Discussions of retention can take place during trimester three due to concerns of scholar progress and development behaviorally, academically, and/or social emotionally.
  4. The parent/guardian, teachers, guidance counselor, and the Principal should meet to discuss the final decision.
  5. A retention decision must be signed by the parent/guardian, the teachers, and the Principal.
  6. Retentions are based on a variety of circumstances that are individually based.


Catholic East Elementary School offers programs geared to the needs of all scholars within the self-contained classroom. Catholic East Elementary School is limited in what can be offered to some special needs scholars in an inclusive, self-contained classroom. Scholars with special needs in academic development, physical development, and/or emotional development are handled on a case by case basis.

It is in the best interest of the child for parents/guardians to disclose all special needs to the school prior to admission.

Supportive Services/Interventions 

Title I is a federally funded remediation program for scholars living in eligible attendance areas. It is a tutorial program which is not meant to be used in place of classroom instruction. In addition to living in the government determined target areas, the scholar should fall at or below a certain percentile in order to qualify for the program.

Individual Education Plan is made when there is reasonable cause to suspect that a scholar may have exceptional education needs. Initial referrals can be originated by parent/guardian, school staff, or Community Health & Human Services personnel.


Report Cards

A written report card will come home with each scholar at the end of each trimester. The report card becomes part of the child’s permanent record. Report cards are issued in grades K3 through grade 8. Parents are asked to sign and return the report card envelope the first two trimesters within a week of receiving the report card. The final report card is given the last day of school and the envelope is not returned.  

Standardized Testing

The Forward Exam is administered in the Spring to all 3rd-8th grade scholars. MAP testing is used in grades K5-8. MAP testing takes place three times per year and results are shared with parents at conferences and/or sent home.


Academic, behavioral, and health records are kept on every scholar in the school. Special needs files are kept in a separate location and can be accessed by the parents/guardians or a child over the age of eighteen by contacting the school principal. Parents/guardians can make a visual inspection or arrange for photocopies of their child’s school records by contacting the school principal. A child over the age of eighteen can make a visual inspection of his/her school records or arrange for photocopies by contacting the school principal.  

The scholar, his/her parents/guardians, and professional personnel have a right to know recorded information. Catholic East Elementary School follows State and Archdiocesan guidelines governing the collection, maintenance administration, and dissemination of scholar’s records with utmost care, confidentiality and responsibility. Schools may withhold the transfer of official scholar’s records (transcript of credits) for unsatisfied financial obligations. Only those records may be withheld for the semester(s) or scholastic period in which the unsatisfied financial obligation was incurred. Health records may never be withheld.

Catholic East Elementary School will be in compliance with Archdiocesan Policies 5115, 5125 and 5125.31 concerning scholar records.


Catholic has its own website (  The website is continually being changed and updated. The website has a rolling calendar where school activities and important events are posted. Make it a “favorite” on your preferences.


If a family plans to withdraw their child from Catholic East Elementary School during the school year, the procedure stated below shall be followed.

Parents/guardian will:

A. Schedule an appointment to inform the principal of their intentions.

B. Take care of all fees, fines, and tuition payments.

        C. Complete and return the exit interview form given to them by the principal

Right To Amend

The Principal is the final recourse and reserves the right to amend the Handbook at any time.  

Parents/Guardians/Scholars/Faculty and Staff will be given prompt notice of any such changes or additions.

Please note: Policies and procedures need not be published in this handbook to be considered documented policies and procedures.

All parents/guardians and scholars must sign and return the compliance document stating that you will comply with the policies and procedures of Catholic East Elementary and the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. Failure to sign this document will result in the withdrawal of your child from Catholic East.

Parent - Scholar - Staff Covenant