Stop Motion Animation Example Projects by @sfryer (Fall 2018)

How to Make Stop Motion:

Great Video to show how to animate

Stop Motion How To……

Let's Get Ready to Animate!

How to Make Stop Motion

How To Make Stop Motion Animation          Great for Beginners

How to…Motion

Stop Motion | STEP1 Film-maker Lesson                 Advanced

Stop Motion App Tu

Stop-Motion App Tutorialtorial

Using the Green Screen Feature in App

How To Use Green Screen In Stop Motion Animation - Tutorial Using Stop Motion Studio Pro (Lego)

How To Stop Motion Studio Green Screen Tutorial

How to Use Green / Blue Screen Tutorial Stop Motion Studio        


Clay Stop Motion

Clay Snail Stop Motion

Baby Snake

Baby Snake Music Video

How to make a clay character

How to Create a Clay Character | Stop Motion

The worm that wouldn’t wiggle...poem

Funny children's poetry: "The worm that wouldn't wiggle" - homeschool poems for kids

Claymation movie trailer: Missing Link

MISSING LINK Official Trailer (2019) Hugh Jackman Animated Movie HD

Drawing Stop Motion Examples:

Stop Motion Drawing 

Stop Motion Drawing 

This took 1009 photos and 4 hours to create, so I hope you enjoy! :)

Candy Stop Motion:

Candy - Short Stop Motion Film

SKITTLES! (stop motion animation)

Candy Stop Motion

Blocks and Manipulative Stop Motion:

Tetris Attack - Stop Motion Animation

Brick: A Lego Stop Motion Animation

Paper Stop Motion:

Stop motion animation with paper!

Stop motion animation- The Twelve Tasks of Hercules

Tetris with paper

Janet Bones Planning

Janet Bones

Student Created Teaching Videos:

Malaria by Youyou Tu- by Kaitlyn Baker

Photosynthesis by Rachel and Sophia

Stop Motion How To……

The History of Stop motion