Stop Motion Animation Example Projects by @sfryer (Fall 2018)

Claymation Examples:

Stop Motion How To…...

Clay Stop Motion

Drawing Examples:

Stop Motion Drawing 

This took 1009 photos and 4 hours to create, so I hope you enjoy! :)

Projects using candy:

Candy - Short Stop Motion Film

SKITTLES! (stop motion animation)

Candy Stop Motion

Stop Motion using Blocks and Manipulatives:

Tetris Attack - Stop Motion Animation

Brick: A Lego Stop Motion Animation

Paper Stop Motion:

Stop motion animation with paper!

Stop motion animation- The Twelve Tasks of Hercules

Tetris with paper

Janet Bones Planning

Janet Bones

Student Created Teaching Videos:

Malaria by Youyou Tu- by Kaitlyn Baker

Photosynthesis by Rachel and Sophia

Stop Motion How To…...