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Gallery of Equipments & Users-in-Charge

@ 2253 A G G Brown

Facilities for (Photo)Electrochemistry Experiments 

BioLogic VSP Potentiostat

User(s): Luisa Barrera

We have a 2-channel Biologic VSP Potentiostat for performing electrochemical experiments. One of the channels present has the option for impedance measurement

Shimadzu UV-Vis Spectrophotometer UV-2600

User(s): Luisa Barrera

The UV-2600 is a UV-Vis spectrophotometer for measuring the absorbance, transmittance and reflectance of both liquid and solid samples exposed to the UV and visible light spectrum. We also have integrating sphere attachment to measure the diffuse reflectance

QSonica Sonicator Q500

User(s): Luisa Barrera

The Q500 Sonicator transforms the input electronic power supply into mechanical vibrations of a selected amplitude.Used for electrode cleaning and to speed dissolution for various applications.

Ohaus Starter 3100M Bench Meter

User(s): Luisa Barrera

The 3100M Bench Meter is a multi-parameter bench meter that can accurately measure the solution pH, conductivity, and temperature, when using the appropriate electrode.

Accuris Instruments Analytical Balance W3100 Series

User(s): Luisa Barrera

The W3100 Series Analytical Balance is a high accuracy balance, operating off of the equilibrium principle of electronic magnetic force.

Harvard PHD UltraTM Syringe Pump

User(s): Connor Boerman,

Rohini Bala Chandran

The PHD ULTRA™ Syringe Pump series is a family of high-accuracy infusion pumps designed to control fluid flow rates and applicable for versatile technical use. The model that we have in our lab can attain flow rates in the range of pico liters/min to 250 ml/min.

Facilities for Thermal & Optical Measurements

Thermo Fisher Nicolet iS50 FTIR Spectrometer

User(s): Mike Mayer

The Nicolet iS50 is a Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectrometer. FTIR spectroscopy is a rapid, high-resolution technique to identify and characterize the spectral behavior of materials in the infrared part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The spectrometer’s high speed and precision lies in its use of an interferometer, allowing one signal to encode all infrared frequencies.

Parker Balston Spectra15 Purge Gas Generator

User(s): Mike Mayer

The Spectra15 purge gas generator takes the building air supply and prepares it for continuous purging of the FTIR spectrometer. It is capable of lowering the moisture level in the air to a dewpoint of -73°C, as well as the CO2 concentration to < 1 ppm. Both water and CO2 have strong absorption bands in the IR and therefore must be removed from the air supply.

PIKE Technologies DiffusIR DRS Accessory

User(s): Mike Mayer

The DiffusIR is an accessory for measuring the diffuse reflectance spectra of powdered samples. It is equipped with ellipsoidal mirrors that direct the incoming beam into the sample and collect the diffuse signal for detection. A standard (KBr) reflectance spectrum is used as a reference.

Note: This accessory is specifically set up for installation in a Nicolet iS50 FTIR spectrometer.

Across International TF1700 Tube Furnace

User(s): Mike Mayer, Bryan Kinzer

The TF1700 tube furnace provides the ability to heat samples up to 1700°C in a ceramic (alumina) tube with a controlled gas environment. The temperature profile can be set with a PID controller, and the temperature at the tube center is measured using a type B thermocouple.

FLIR Systems E60sc IR Camera

User(s): Mike Mayer, Bryan Kinzer

The E60sc infrared camera is a non-contact tool for measuring the temperature of a surface using its thermal radiation and surface properties. The camera’s temperature range is -20°C to 120°C.

PRUSA i3MKS3 3D Printer

User(s): Erika Brower, Luisa Barrera,

Mike Mayer

The PRUSA i3MKS3 3-D printer is a handy tool for rapid prototyping of actual and test parts made of plastics. It applies fused deposition modeling of filaments to build thermoplastic materials layer-by-layer. This current version of the printer can achieve printing speeds > 200 mm/s.