CTDS Meeting Minutes: 9/12/17

In attendance: Margaret, Derek, Beth, Wendy, George, Suzanne

Old Business: Steve booked a band for the Advanced dance.

Treasurer’s Report: loss on last few dances. $143 in cash box. $1600 in savings, $240 in checking.

September Dances: The Board discussed the key situation. Suzanne thinks Chris Cantwell has sets of keys. Derek took all extra keys to make sure that all keys were accounted for.

Sept. 23: Ed & Elsie playing and Grant Yost calling; Chris Cantwell running sound; George will confirm Stephen as host. George will be Board member present. Wendy’s sister will bring cash box.

Sept. 30 Advanced Dance: ORKA playing and Tim Klein probably calling; Wendy will be Board member present; George will confirm sound and host.

Christopher’s brother Jonathan agreed to be back up host.

October Dances: confirmed bands and callers; George will confirm sound and hosts; Suzanne suggested having a Halloween contra on Oct. 28. Margaret will let Vikki know about theme for FB events.

English Country Dance: Suzanne will host ECD on 30th, not 23rd (Meetup reflects schedule). Suzanne would like to continue hosting before each dance. Suzanne will let Vikki know for FB publicity. Small class in September. Suzanne will teach ECD class at Heritage House on Sept. 26 for free - good for publicity. Long term goal: plan demonstration dance to do during regular contra dance.

Suzanne had good experience at Pinewood ECD Leaders Class.

2017/2018: Derek will confirm dates with church and the Board will discuss possible Advanced Dance dates.

Chattaboogie 2019: Derek will host committee meeting in October. Daine is working on getting Three Bears. Publicity will be key!

Tshirt design - hold off until Chris Cantwell can attend meeting

Nomination Process:

Timeline: November 11 community meeting/potluck. Add to announcement list. Add to FB. Election on January 27, 2018. Elect “Members at Large.” Margaret will let Vikki know about dates. Margaret will let George know announcements for September 23 dance!

New business:

Suzanne suggested adding a section for ECD to website. Margaret volunteered to get that started.

Next Meeting: Monday, October 9, 2017 at Ankar’s on Brainerd at 6:15 pm.