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Leaving Cert Higher Level Grade Booster Workshop - Complex Numbers
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Leaving Cert Higher Level Grade Booster Workshop

Topic: Complex Numbers

What to expect?

☑️ Intensive revision course on Complex Numbers for Leaving Cert Higher Level students

☑️ Comprehensive high quality revision notes

☑️ Student booklet, Class recording, worked solution booklet - you can work through the class at your own pace

☑️ Expert tutors with over 30 years experience of teaching leaving certificate higher level mathematics

Area of focus?

This workshop will focus on

☑️Converting from rectangular to polar form

☑️De Moivre’s Theorem

☑️Applications of De Moivre’s Theorem

☑️Finding the roots of a complex number



Date and Time?

The grade booster workshop will be available to all registered students from 9am on Sunday 28th January 2024 until the completion of the leaving cert exams.


1 hour and 15 mins

How to register?

Click below to register for this grade booster workshop