Wedding Planner

Grooms’ Name :


Brides’ Name :

Reception Director :

Photographer :

Caterer :

Location & Time of Ceremony :

Distance from Reception site :

What are your colors for the day?(This will be used for uplighting)

Number of guests expected :

Will the bridal party be introduced?

        If yes, please provide the names and order they are to be introduced below.


Parents of the Bride :

Parents of the Groom :

Ushers :


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Flower Girl

Ring Bearer

Maid/Matron of Honor

Best Man

**Bride and Groom -

Please state exactly how you would like to be introduced. (Mr & Mrs Smith, Mr & Mrs Bob Smith, etc)

Would you like special music played for the bridal party introductions?

        If yes, please provide the song/s you would like played.

Bridal Party Entrance Song

Bride and Groom Entrance Song (if different)

Wedding Planner cont.

First Dance Song :

Father/Daughter Song:

Mother/Son Song :

Garter/Bouquet Toss :



Please list below a general schedule of the following vents IF they apply to your wedding. Include ceremony schedule and music if the DJ is to provide music for the ceremony. If you are not sure how you would like the event to “flow”, please leave blank and discuss with your DJ.

Guests Arrive - Food Served—Announcement of Bridal Party—1st Dance—Father/Daughter Dance

Other Dances—Toast—Cake Cutting—Garter/Bouquet Toss—Any Special Photos

Departure of Bride & Groom—Any Other Special Event



Music/Special Requests (Play and Do not play list)