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Updated 2/2/21

Action Step



Create and populate a Diversity Equity and Inclusion Task Force

June 2018

Examine, identify, and remove problematic materials from further distribution

Fall of 2018 and ongoing

Hire an equity consultant to train the ACL Board Of Governors and related entities, including new leaders.

Fall of 2019 and ongoing

Issued a statement to acknowledge the horror of activities that harm those who have been marginalized (e.g. Rent-A-Roman, a form of mock slave auction) and admonished all JCL membership chapters to put a stop to these activities immediately.  

November 26, 2019

Please see this statement from ACL about its commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and this statement from NJCL to State Chairs about Rent-A-Roman.

Engaged the NJCL Student Officers and NJCL National Committee in examining the current NJCL Creed and Song and had discussions regarding the established procedures to make changes to them.

The student officers presented the reasons for the change at the 2020 Convention and are currently in the process of surveying members. The current NJCL Creed and Song was not used at the 2020 Convention.

Please see this document, created by the 2019-2020 NJCL Student Officers.

The NJCL Committee removed the Creed and Song from this summer’s Virtual Convention program and from the website.

June 15, 2020

Donate to organizations that lift the voices of people of color both within the Classics and outside them.

Donation to NAACP,  June 2020;

Monthly donation to Sportula, initiated June 2020

Make Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task Force a standing committee

June 20, 2020

Chair: William Lee

Members: John Bracey, Michael Howard, Woojin Kim, and Miriam Patrick

Offer sessions focusing on social justice issues in the field of Classics during the annual ACL Institute.

2020 Institute (June 22-26) and ongoing

2020 Institute Program featuring:

-Spoken Latin as Outreach and Inclusive Pedagogy, Gregory Stringer

-Building Racial Competence 1: Michael Likier, Marion Biglan, Thomas Di Giulio

-Integrating Racial Competence Session 2: Marion Biglan, Thomas Di Giulio

-Great Minds Don’t Think Alike: Neurodiversity in the Latin Classroom  (Sponsored by Excellence Through Classics), Stephanie Krause

-Keynote Address: Avery, The Spirit that Would Not Die: A Celebration of Black Education, Daron Lee Calhoun II, Avery Research Center for African American History and Culture, Charleston, South Carolina

-Salvador: Roma Negra - Classicisms, Slavery, and Race in the Brazilian Diaspora, Andrea Kouklanakis

-Celts, Genocide, and the Archaeology of Caesar's Conquest of Gaul: Ethnographic and Archaeological Approaches to the AP Caesar Syllabus, Amy Martin-Nelson

Provide alternatives to NJCL events and selections cited as problematic, and ensure that all media submissions are vetted.

June 23, 2020

Create a method for transparency to keep membership aware of ongoing changes and improvements to ACL, as well as our intentions and our actions, by regularly publishing steps, actions and reflection; by creating a place to anonymously voice concerns; and by publishing calls for nominations of committee members in all our publications.

July 2020 and ongoing

Solicit and welcome input and suggestions for further actions from current members and also non-members, both anonymously and in open meetings, that will make ACL more diverse, equitable, and inclusive.

July 2020 and ongoing

Submit feedback here or using the button on the Commitment to Change page.

Lift up members of the ACL/JCL/ETC who are of traditionally marginalized groups and promote their work, creations, and voices

Next issue of ACL Newsletter and ongoing

The NJCL Certamen Voices Project

ACL Newsletter (Summer 2020)

Include a clarification of the statement about slave auctions within the NJCL and an apology that once we recognized that slave auctions, however masked as “Rent-a-Roman,” were wrong enough to end them in our own activities, we did not immediately act to condemn them in all affiliated chapters.

Next issue of ACL Newsletter and on website

ACL Newsletter (Summer 2020)

Include an article describing the gatekeeping effect caused by the use of ability tracking in Latin, the use of ACT/SAT scores, and other elitist rhetoric

Next issue of ACL Newsletter

Create a colloquium on rape in mythology and classical representation for NJCL Convention; field expert Dr. Serena Witzke from Wesleyan will be providing the lecture.

July 15, 2020

Write brief talking points for teachers on how to talk to students about elitism and exclusion in the Classics and classical organizations, including ACL/NJCL, and the use of the Classics to support racism and white supremacy.

Fall 2020 (deadline revised)

Ask all subsidiaries and committees to review past and present practices and  identify at least one area of growth in terms of diversity, equity, and inclusion and present it to the Board of Governors by July 15th.

Announced June 23, 2020

Deadline July 15, 2020

Educate our members to take a proactive stance in promoting antiracism in their classrooms by posting to our website information on valuable resources and materials that will be updated regularly

August 2020

The NJCL Committee will reimagine the costume and oratory contests as non-gendered, non-binary, non-romantic, and possibly, non-assigned. They are to report back to us with their results.

August 31, 2020

Develop and implement an organization-wide decision-making tool focused on equity (equity lens) that lifts up our mistakes and blind spots so we may acknowledge them, repair, and grow.

Upon completion of training with our equity consultant

ACL’s equity lens is included in our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion document (published and distributed to ACL leadership November 2020)

Examine our own structures, policies, and practices through an equity lens with the support of an outside consultant so that all decision-making at ACL prioritizes equity

Upon completion of training with our equity consultant, and ongoing

Commit to examine future materials before publication within the equity lens to ensure they do not perpetuate racism and oppression.


Examine barriers that have hindered participation in events and conferences in the past and take actions to prepare a report on those barriers.

January 2021

Be accountable to a transformed culture where teachers and students who are Black, Indigenous and other People of Color can thrive in the work of ACL/JCL/ETC at all levels, including in our leadership and publications

Yearly reevaluation of our status