Featured Phrends is a service aimed at the continued growth of the Phrendly community.

Select phrends who meet the following requirements and opt-in to the program will have the opportunity to be featured in Phrendly advertising, including Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter, YouTube, and email marketing campaigns. Participation in the Featured Phrends Pilot Program is by invitation only. This is an exclusive opportunity for our top-performing phrends to gain valuable exposure and make more money. 

Participation in the Pilot will be free-of-charge. After the Pilot phase, Featured Phrends will be a paid service with fees (to be determined). If you no longer wish to participate in the program after it becomes a paid service, you can choose to opt-out prior to being charged.


As a Featured Phrend, you are part of the “welcome wagon” and will serve as an ambassador for the Phrendly brand. Featured Phrends must have an account in good standing. Like all members of the Phrendly community, you are expected to observe our Code of Conduct.

Our ads must be in line with the Phrendly brand and comply with the rules and policies of platforms we advertise on, such as Facebook. To that end, your Profile must meet the following requirements:

  1. Comply with Phrendly’s GIF and Profile Policy, specifically:
  1. GIFs that are too dark, blurry, do not contain your face, or are sexually explicit will not be accepted.
  2. Display Names, Description, and 4 Words that are sexually explicit or contain profanity will not be allowed.
  1. Contain additional photos of you uploaded to your Phrendly profile from Facebook and/or Instagram.

How it Works:

Questions or Issues:

If you have questions or issues, drop us a note at support@phrendly.com.

The fine print: By joining the Featured Phrends program, you give Phrendly permission to feature your Phrendly profile and profile GIF, and any additional photos added to your account from Facebook and Instagram in online advertisements and marketing campaigns. Your profile GIF may be used as a 3 image GIF or as individual images. Joining the Featured Phrends program is not a guarantee that your profile will be used in Phrendly advertisements or other marketing campaigns. Only those who have opted in to the Featured Phrends program can be featured.